Mentions of the Week #4

This week was the first week of my Spring break, and I did go shopping once - but am still trying to save on the money front as during February and March I've gone absolutely mad! I've been wearing make-up almost everyday regardless of staying in and working on essays most of the day, just because I find it just a fun thing to do in the mornings :) Here are my weekly mentions, with a few honorary mentions thrown in :)!

 Claire's Piercing Solution - £5

Now I know this isn't jewelry perse, but this week my second piercing has been throbbing and bleeding, and this here Claire's Ear Piercing Solution has always been my trusty go-to for when my piercings ache. My piercings are supersensitive, and my body hates piercings (I've had my bellybutton reject twice!) so you know this stuff is good if it works on me :) I'd actually thrown my second bottle away cuz I thought my piercing had calmed down, but when this happened this week I instantly went out to get it :) Definitely recommend!

 Sleek Sunset Palette - £6.50

I imagine that the Sunset palette probably isn't the most popular out of the Sleek palettes, but it was my first ever Sleek palette and has been ignored for far too long after I bought my Storm palette. I turned to it the other day when I was looking at palettes to get for Thanie and I's swap, and decided to give it a shot. I've been using a lot of the pink gold and the copper :)

28 Neutral Palette - Price Varies on eBay
I did my first proper eye tutorial this week that I'm ridiculously proud of and it's made me start using the Neutral Palette because it does bring out the creative side in me, but keeping it in the wearable neutral arena :)

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - £13.50

I wouldn't be surprised if I've included it in the past, just a nice pale baby pink for me :) I'm lacking in the mid-tone pink department, so I've been turning to this baby in the meantime.

 Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - £4.99 & Barbara Daly Oil Free Foundation - £6.99

I finished my Revlon Colourstay yesterday, so I've been turning to my spring/summer mix of these 2 foundations. It gives the fullest and most natural coverage ever, although I must say sometimes it's hard to mix the exact amount to get the perfect shade, but I always get close enough :P I would recommend Barbara Daly's foundation on its own if you can find the colour - I couldn't, sadly :(

Mulberry Bayswater Imitation - £12

 Yes, okay, it's lacking in the tree logo department but I've been dreaming about a Bayswater since I got my first Mulberry. I'm not a fan of the Alexa at all - I've always been a Bayswater/Daria person. I didn't want to go with the camel because everyone has camel bags these days, and I didn't want black because that's the colour I want when I start a proper job. Chocolate brown is casual enough and suited for the 99% cold climate here. Just thought I could do with a make-shift one until I can afford the real one.. although I can see myself getting something else from them before I can afford the Bayswater! :)

St. Moriz Mousse - £3
I did my first fake tan this week! I found it very easy to do, and I found that one layer of this stuff brings me back to my usual skintone, and two layers gives me a bit of a tan. Really like it, and will definitely be reapplying when I feel the need :)

 NARS Orgasm or Deep Throat Blush - £20.50
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick - £13.50

Nope, my wants haven't changed for a couple of weeks now.. I think it's a sign :)

A drugstore haul!
Now obviously with the Project Pan going on, I will never 'waste' my allowances on a drugstore product especially because the reason why I started it in the first place was to stop splurging on whim products that I buy in the drugstore. However, I've been getting very jealous of drugstore product posts these days, as I know there are few that are really good, and am thinking of treating myself to one in May, as one of my 3 exceptions because it's my birthday month :)

What have you been liking this week guys? :)



  1. Great post as always! Glad you're liking St Mortiz! I think the Sunset palette from Sleek is actually one of the prettiest! x

  2. Ooh I really wanna try the St Moriz, will defo get some soon. Also, the Claire's ear care solution is excellent. There really is nothing else on the market that matches it. I love getting piercings lol (I know that's weird and also probably unexpected from me!) I've got three in each ear although my top one closed up so I need to get that re-done and my bellybutton one closed up too laaame. Next will be tattoos...

    I want the same NARS blush as you as weeell.

  3. That bag is such a great copy - amazing find Yu!! I'm glad you like the St Moriz - I'd have hated to recommend it and then you not like it! xx

  4. my fave drugstore product at the moment has got to be Sleek blush 'pixie pink' I have found it hard to pick up another blush since i bought it a month agoin fact i will probably be hitting pan shortly haha check it out :) and well done your p10 xxx

  5. really good post sweetie, that bag is so pretty :)

  6. @Christina Marie - Thanks for always commenting sweetheart :) Yeah, I really want the Chaos palette too but I can never find it in stock!

    @Rachel - You're right you don't seem like a piercings person! :) I really want a tragus piercing but scared cuz of my body hating piercings in the first place lol. Ooo which one? I'm torn between Orgasm and DT!

    @Georgina - Thanks George! It's from that little store next to Starbucks in the Royal Priors, supposed to shut in 2 weeks though. Haha aww I wouldn't have held it against you or anything love! :P

    @Pixielashes - Thanks! I do like the Sleek blushes, I have one but I also want that Flamingo one too :)

    @Christine - Thanks so much :)

  7. Aww I love Claires aftercare lotion, I always have a bottle. Whenever I get ill my piercings get itchy and sore and this is the one thing that makes them feel better.
    I really want creme cup lipstick, it looks lovely on everyone. Such a pretty spring colour :) x

  8. I don't know if you can get Hard Candy where you live Yu, but I am loving so much from that line. And as you know I'm a big believer that it doesn't have to be expensive to be worthwhile. I have NARS orgasm and I definitely use other blushes (drugstore included) more than I use it :)

  9. I love these posts =) I'm proud of you for sticking to your project pan, it must be so hard. I need to check out girl about town, it looks so pretty!

  10. @Gemx - Yeah I wont throw it away this time, made that mistake once! :) I highly recommend it, it seems to work on many people!

    @Tracy D - I can't, but I have some of their stuff and love them, esp the blushes! :) Haha cool but surely things other than price has a role in you reaching for other blushes? Just like I want the above two for their colours, quality and my previous experience with NARS blushes :)

    @Vida - Thanks love! It's not too bad with the 3 allowances, and I quite enjoy finishing products but I do admit sometimes I'm tempted to slip! :) It does doesn't it?! I can't wait to get it!

  11. hey im sorta new to this so please follow my blog ur post are REALY kwl thanks :) X

  12. I think I want Deep Throat more, I've already got the Orgasm Multiple and Illuminator and I'm a bit over it now! I had a look on ASOS earlier and I really like the look of Gilda now too!


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