Review - Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette

I find that the things I use the most are things I take for granted and end up not doing a review for, so I thought I'd review something I use a lot, and that is the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette. (Tutorials are linked to at the bottom :) - Please check them out!)

The first thing I want to say is that yes I live in the UK, but I got a hold of this through eBay. What a lot of people might already know is that what Coastal Scents does, is they import products from China, and basically just print their name on it. Therefore, no extortionate postage prices when you buy from eBay. My personal favourite seller is jolieeeee.

Here is my 28 Neutral Palette, and as you can see - I've swatched them as well as wrote the MAC dupes that I found on YouTube :) On to the review!

Colour/Finish Range: There are a range of finishes in this palette, from matte to frosty. However, most of them are either matte or satin, which makes it so practical, and so usable. The mattes are the main distinction from other neutral palettes (i.e. UD Naked Palette). You can do classic eyes with dark lips as well as the no-make up look for work/school. The colour range isn't just amongst browns and highlights, but also ventures a bit into the pinks and the purples. And obviously there are 2 black colours that are handy to have.

Formula: In general, most colours are smooth, average pigmentation and they blend really well. However, there are a couple that are less pigmented and less smooth than the others. While I think the colours are brilliant for the price, I've seen people comment that they are a bit powdery and a bit chalky. I agree with the former, but the latter, I haven't found so much.

Packaging: Standard really, just a matte black plastic palette :) More practical size than the 88 Warm Palette I think.

Price: It depends, because different sellers sell them for different prices, but I bought mine for $16 which works out at about £10.. including shipping.

 (L: No Flash; R: Flash - Click for larger pictures :))

All in all, I think it's a brilliant palette to have. It has such a wide range for colours, ANYONE can learn how to use them, the matte colours open a whole new window to possible looks, and it saves you so much money in the long run. I think since I've bought this palette, I have bought less and less dupe eyeshadows that I don't really need. I've also been able to do classic eyes with dark lips, as well as the no-make-up look that you really can't do without a selection of matte shades.

It's by no means a replacement for MAC.. but I would still recommend it to anyone, because 1) it's cheap, 2) it gives you matte colours that are hard to find & 3) you WILL use it.

Rebuy?: Oh yes :)


Tutorials I have done with this palette..
- The Natural Brown Look
- The Brown & Purple Look 

P.S. Check out my new knit dress from New Look (left bar) :) & my baby cousins' Christmas presents..
Lololol I love having a baby in the family..


  1. The palette looks awesome :) thanks for sharing.

  2. I have heard a lot of great things about this palette. I want to purchase this or the BH cosmetics one, not too sure yet. :)


  3. ive been toying with the idea of buying a CS pallette or a cheaper alternative on ebay, but seen as youve just said that, ill have a look into it and see what else there is to offer. Thanksssss! :) x

  4. @Boutique Amelia - I'm never quite sure what BH Cosmetics is, it always looks similar to Coastal Scents.. is it its own company?

    @Steph - Hahah yeah, there's loads on there I buy brushes and stuff as well :) Followed sweetheart! :)

  5. Truely agree that CS just imports the products and prints the name on the packaging ~_~

    But this palette seems really good =D

  6. WOW where did you get that hat and gloves set from? i want a set for my cousin too 2!
    *followed* xD

  7. @Pixie D - Idk if compared to other brands you can say the quality of the shadows are great, but it's more about the selection of colours and new things you can do with them! :) Well worth your money, 100%! :)

    @Christina T - They're from H&M :) Followed you back sweetheart!

  8. I literally cannot believe how good value this is. I am going to buy one.


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