31 July 2013

Post-Exam Wishlist

Gone are the days when a Louis V graced my wishlist collages.. because let's face it, that's just not happening any time soon. But as I smoulder my brain with the past 6 months' worth of studying I've done, the thought of a treat at the end isn't all that bad a motivation! Here's what's been on my wishlist recently..

As you may know - massive fan of Lisasz09 here. She raved about this brush's predecessor, the Coastal Scents 518, and so naturally I've been permanently intrigued. I do like my MAC 187 but sometimes I feel like it's a bit too flimsy to buff, so this has been on my wishlist for that precise reason!

I raved about this almost a year ago when my skin was as dry as nuts.. and although my skin isn't that dry anymore, I still miss the effects! This is a foundation I recommend to anyone suffering from dry skin and so far, everyone seems to like it!

NARS Fairy's Kiss Palette
A new release from NARS in the near future, this palette really drew me in! I'm not sure if it's the purple hues but the natural tones that make it seem like a useable palette. Having missed out on the Pleasures of Paris palette a few years ago, maybe I'm hoping this is the one I wont miss out on!

While having a gander through CutEcosmetics, this rainbow brush collection with shiny handles and soft-looking bristles caught my eye.. I mean, how could it not. So affordable and with really unique designs that are lacking from the mainstream market, I'm really hoping to try a few out in the future!

On a bit of a brush roll (no pun intended), if I say so myself. I saw this set on Luce Stephensons' blog post (here) and I couldn't believe my eyes! I've been wanting the Sigma Make Me Up sets since they came out in 2011 or something, but have never been able to face handing over the cash, so these seem like a great alternative - they look practically the same! 

The Exercise Stuffs
Me? Exercise? I know. Believe it or not, I do enjoy my occasional jog and I adore football. But with studying time constraints and feeling bad for my downstairs neighbours if I attempt to do the Core Rhythms or 30 Day Shred DVDs again, I turned to what many bloggers do - Blogilates. I've purchased my mat (from this seller), and I've got old yoga pants that I bought because they were comfy (not because I did yoga) - but it'd be nice to have these cool Adidas ones, non?

Along comes to problem of - how do I fund these purchases, but I'm hoping my post-exam freedom would allow for some time to sell my stuff online and a massive flat clear-out!

What's on your wishlist these days?


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27 July 2013

Eye Care, Yu Cares, Do You Care for Eye Care?

Please excuse the title - there's not much inspiration floating about on a glum grey day after weeks of glorious sunshine!

Anyway, I'm attempting to decipher eye care (who would've known). As with the rest of my face, I have a combination of contradicting problems under my eyes - on one hand, I looove that lovely, hydrated, plump feeling. On the other hand, I have had milia for as long as I can remember. Those are little harmless bumps filled with keratin, which means I can't put anything too heavy under there.

To add on top of it, I spend most of my time sleep deprived and it shows under my eyes. With all these first world problems piling up on me, I've found a few things has helped. Here's my eye care feature!

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
This is my little treat for when my eyes are feeling exceptionally knackered. They are little disposable pads for under your eyes, and as I keep these in the fridge, they offer the most refreshing and cooling effect. I also find that they hydrate and soften under the eyes so it's a bit like a quick-fix treatment. However, I find them quite expensive for what they are, but they're a nice treat to have in hand!

Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack
My most recent purchase, I went a few months without an eye cream after I finished my tub of Origins Eye Doctor. I love that stuff but unfortunately the purse strings are being tightened and I wanted to find a gel in hopes that it wont effect my milia too much (it hasn't made too big of a difference, actually). This is advertised as a cooling, de-puffing gel yet it's also called 'hydragel' despite making no reference to hydration whatsoever. However, the price was affordable and I loved the texture.

So far, I'm finding it to be the perfect amount of hydration to soften the skin and make it comfortable. It creates a really nice base for make-up too. I don't find it extremely cooling, but I'd put it in my fridge if I weren't so forgetful and I imagine the effects will be magnified. I don't get too much puffiness to be honest, so I couldn't tell you but I do feel like when I use it religiously, my dark circles aren't as dark.. but then again, last night I mistook them for eyeliner..

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator
As with most beauty bloggers who find an incomprehensible skin problem, I turned to the Beauty Mouth and came across a cheat-sheet on milia. One of the tips was to use an exfoliating toner underneath the eyes. I used to have a La Roche Posay astringent one which was absolutely brutal, so I turned to my little sample of the Clarins one that has been raved about endlessly. I haven't seen drastic effects yet but I do think when I use it continuously that my milia does subside, especially in combination with my Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack. My skin's generally quite tough, so I'm hoping to purchase the slightly stronger Pixi Glow Tonic in the near future when this sample runs out and see how it goes! At the moment though, this toner is doing its job well and many people seem to adore it!

So that's my little arsenal that's taking on my odd eye situation. Have you suffered from milia and dryness? Let me know your tips!


*Partnered post with John Lewis.
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26 July 2013

My Glow Face

I don't know about you, but I am in full swing with this whole summer make up thing, and I am officially embracing the glow! I do prefer my medium-coverage foundations at times, but I've been all over the tinted moisturisers and the creams and liquids recently. These were my favourites..

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer in Light to Medium

The Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser (review here) has been my favourite in the past couple of weeks. It creates the most glorious natural glow, minimises your pores and has the perfect light-medium coverage for everyday.

The Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser one is a new one for me, and is a true tinted moisturiser in the sense that it just adds a tint to your face and slightly tones down any minor imperfections. This one is super moisturising and sets into a natural-dewy finish - great for good skin days and errands!

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

Not that this has a dewy finish to it but it just blends so seemlessly and naturally, and the shade is ever so subtle. Everything seems to come together to create a gorgeous glow and dimension to your complexion. Read my review here.

The Body Shop Lightening Touch 02

Sometimes I love this, and sometimes I just don't really care. But recently, it's been love. I like applying this on my brown bone, round my eyes and on my cheek bone in a bit of a 'C' shape and it just, KAPOW! Glow. Affordable, snazzy packaging and long-lasting, I imagine this is a great alternative before you invest in the YSL Touche Eclat.

Stila Convertible Colour in Rose

Not the most popular shade in the range, but Stila's Convertible Colours are popular for a reason. Unlike many cream blushers that create solid colours, this creates more of a tint you'd expect from a liquid, but without the mess and with more pigment. I chose Rose because of the natural red flush - it goes with the no-make up look, and adds a pop of colour if you're going for a beach babe glow!

Real Techniques Contour Brush

When it comes to liquid or cream cheek products, this is the only brush I'll reach for. This is the perfect size for the area, and has a nice rounded-tapered point for precision but a fat denseness that's great for blending and buffing. It's probably my favourite brush in the set!

What are your favourite glow-givers?

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22 July 2013

Overview: CoverFX Foundations

Well I thought I knew quite a lot about CoverFX, but little did I know what Derek Selby, Director of Artistry and Education, had in store for us when we went to visit the counters at House of Fraser, Oxford Street. Balancing a gorgeous strawberry juice in one hand, and hastily scribbled every word he uttered in my notepad pushed up against my forearm. Ever wondered what Cover FX foundations are all about? Well here's your low down!

The Background

Hailing from Canada, this range is famous for its coverage as it originally emerged from a clinic which provided these products to cover skin conditions. Because of their backgrounds, their coverage is immense and the ingredients are chosen very carefully. The coverage was designed to cover burns and other skin conditions, but a certain Angelina Jolie uses it to cover her tattoos.. and let's face it, if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me! All of their products today do not contain any talc, oils, parabens, fragrances nor are they tested on animals.

The other stand-out feature about CoverFX is the range of shades. Firstly, they have three undertones - golden, pink and neutral, and they are all based on people's actual skintones - which is apparently quite rare in the industry! In fact, back in their clinical days, they used to custom mix the shades for each patient using a palette of red, white, yellow and black pigments. So you can rest assured that no one's blind folded themselves and stuck a pointer at a color wheel!

This is all great, but unless you get the right brightness of your undertone it's all a bit useless. CoverFX have actively ensured that the gap between two shades are as minimal as possible. You can have a look at my swatches below yourself!

And unlike MAC, the shade names are all the same across all formulas. So a G40 in my powder foundation is the same as the G40 in my cream foundation. You can read about my MAC experience of something similar here.

Powder in G40, Cream in G40, Liquid in G50.

Now on to the products. When it comes to foundations, you've got three choices - powder, cream and liquid. The powder and cream contain 32% pigmentation and the liquid contains 16%. Considering the average foundation contains about 8%, you're talking lots and lots of pigmentation.The other common features across the products is definitely the staying power - these babies do NOT budge, and is highly recommended for water-related events and photoshoots for make-up artists!

My personal favourite probably is the Total Cover Cream Foundation (£34), mostly because it's quite unique in the market. It gives a natural dewy finish, with a medium to full coverage depending on how you apply it. Because of its staying power, even with combination skin, I'm not worried about it wearing away or looking too oily because you sweat through the product! So you dab, and your foundation is as good as new. It's a bit difficult to use though, in that it's not too easy to blend (much better than the old formulas in the silver packaging though!), but with the right tools it can give you amazing results. I recommend stiff buffing brushes like the Sigma Sigmax range or a flat sponge if you want medium/full coverage or CoverFX's designated brush for buildable coverage which I'll talk more about below..

I quite like the Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation (£33) one as well - it's not as blendable as some other high end liquid foundations I've tried but it has the longevity and colour match that you wont find anywhere else. If you're a liquid foundation lover, and looking for solid performance over packaging and ease of use, this is a great one to try. It's probably the most natural out of the three, and provides a medium coverage and lovely dewy finish that doesn't break down with oils even for combo skinned girls like me! This I've found applies nicely with anything!

The Pressed Mineral Foundation (£31) one is the least unique in the sense that it's quite similar to the MAC Studio Fix Powder which I adore. However, it goes that extra step with the same selling points as the rest of the range in that it has a wider colour range and better staying power. I like it on its own, but I also like dusting it over my foundation for that extra coverage and matte finish on a particularly bad skin day!

The brushes from CoverFX are unique. They're created from synthetic fibres so they're vegetarian friendly, but they've gone a step further and used a patented technology which mimics the surface of a natural hair. So you have the best of both worlds!

The one you see above is the Cream Foundation Brush, and it helps to apply the cream lightly. Derek advises using this so you can build coverage up slowly as you go. They also have the Powder Brush which is one of my favourite brushes of all time - it's used to press on powder, rather than dust which is really unique (another Derek trick there!). I've also found it really suited to contouring and buffing on powder foundation! They also have a really cool buffing brush for liquid foundation that I think will provide great coverage!

Overall, you can't really go wrong with CoverFX if you're looking for coverage, longevity and shade range. I really trust its clinical expertise and the stripped-back, down to earth attitude of the brand. Sure it lacks the gold detailing of YSL and the dreamy blending of Dior products, but if you're looking for a no-nonsense, end-result and utility-focused brand - CoverFX is a great place to start. You do pay a bit more and it's slightly harder to use than other high-end brands, but there's not much else like it on the market at all!

CoverFX is available at Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser in the UK.

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21 July 2013

Christmas at Harvey Nichols

"Christmas already?!" I hear you say? It does get earlier every year in the commercial world, but hey, the thought might cool you down? Tell me you don't miss the freezing air and warm atmosphere while you wonder if the water bottle you just downed is now secreting through your pores..

A few weeks ago I walked through Mayfair feeling substantially underdressed and made my way to the Harvey Nichols' Christmas press day. And yes, it was lovely to be in an air-conditioned room and appreciate fairy lights and the displays of cinnamon-flavoured food (yes I was tempted to pretend to be a food blogger so I could nibble on the tasters pensively..) whilst gandering through some glorious Christmas collections. Here are a few of my favourites that I plan on occasionally vehemently waving in front of my boyfriend's face in the weeks leading up to the holidays..


I always thought Penhaligon's was a bit of an 'old' brand, but after smelling some of their scents at this event, I was very impressed! This year's Christmas collection is themed around Victorian bird cages, and feature gorgeous tins that are destined for much more than just cookie tins! They have really good deals with body lotion/perfume duos, and the two smaller tins in the front include four of the most popular scents from the brand. They're pricey perfumes but they're ingredients are all natural and some of them are real gems!


Benefit was one of the few brands I've bought Christmas specials from, and those were the sets of three boxed blushes - I have the Powda Wowza (reviewed here) from 2 years ago, which is a trio of Hoola, Coralista and Bella Bamba. I couldn't have made a better combo myself!

Unfortunately, Benefit have stopped these and started stackable tins stuffed with some of their best selling products. They're keeping on their lipgloss set tradition, as well as their make-up palettes - this year's is called Groovy Kind-a Love, with four neutral powder eyeshadows, a pink duo blusher, They're Real mascara, Benetint and a Porefessional.

In addition, Benefit are bringing out a new perfume called Noelle, which has a much sweeter, heavier and caramel-y tone which is very different from the rest - very suitable for the winter season!


Bareminerals have a singular offering on the make-up front this year, and that's the palette you see above. The eyeshadows are useable shades and super smooth, and you get a blusher, bronzer and two lip colours. Although the contents look fantastic and it'd be a great gift as it would be really handy for anyone, I've got to say I'm not a massive fan of the shiny, zip-up packaging.

However, I'm very excited for the brush sets - these are SUPER soft, reasonably firm and very different from their mainline brushes. Both sets have a good range of brushes that can do your whole face with. I love the addition of the buffing brushes on both sets which would work beautifully with bronzer and foundation alike, and the eye brushes are just stunning! They were all trimmed really nicely, and there was not a single sign of fraying. Be excited, fellow brush lovers!

Along with the collection comes two tinted lipbalms, which apparently has been released before and due to its popularity, brought back.


I've saved the best for last. The Lancome collection really blew it out the water - it's the one I thought was really Christmassy yet simple. It remained linked to the brand's identity and played on the brand's strengths. Whilst drooling over these beauties, I also caught a waft of Lancome's La Vie Est Belle perfume.. Gor. geois. (Pronounced 'gorgwah')

Swarovski-crusted lipstick, anyone?

Sparkly and furiously festive shades - both for the bold lovers and the nude afficionados.

I could not get over this beauty - the packaging is disgustingly gorgeous! Cue googly glowing bushbaby eyes. The Hypnose Star Mascara itself is actually pretty good as well as far as I can tell from the mini I got from a magazine before. It adds loads of volume, separates nicely but lacks a little curl-hold for my stubborn lashes, but it'd be enough for most people.

Very similar to the Chanel Illusion d'Ombres, I'm absolutely loving these - the formula is so soft and blendable. I love the Lancome emblem on the lid, and the colour selection is quite different from Chanel's.

Phwoarrrrrr. The lovely light pink frost of this highlighter is spot on for festivities - beware those who get attracted to pretty-looking make-up - this stuff is lethal.

Other brands I saw were Laura Mercier, Yves Saint Laurent and Burt's Bees - some of these collections are available at Harvey Nichols as early as September! Whether you're a keen Christmas-gift shopper or you're in a mood for a pick-me-up, Christmas at Harvey Nichols should be very, very exciting this year!

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15 July 2013

Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream

A month or so ago I came across this fantastic website, KC Beautique. KC Beautique sells Korean beauty products for incredibly affordable prices in the UK, and includes brands like Etude House, SkinFood and Missha. I've had the opportunity to try a product I had never heard of before - the Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream and I felt if only for eye candy (trust me it's more than that), I had to show you guys this beautifully packaged moisturiser..

Who wouldn't want this on your dressing table? Besides being hard to travel with, the packaging is great.. it's so cute! It's a screw-on lid and it's basically a tub inside a gorgeous apple-shaped ball. Some people might be bothered with the unsanitary nature of a tub, but it comes with a spatula for those concerned :)

The formula is very unique - it's like a gel texture with a slight gooey-ness of honey, but once you put it on it feels almost like a silicone-based primer. For this reason, I quite like using it under my make-up. I feel like my foundation has something to cling on to!

When I read some reviews, many said this product was too oily - I found it the opposite! I found it didn't hydrate too much, so instead of using it in the evenings, as I said above, I used it under my make-up during the day. Although I have combination skin, I found that this product didn't make my skin oilier nor drier - in fact, I'd say it lacked a tad bit of hydration for my liking to call it a moisturiser.

Instead, I'd say it was a fantastic primer to put over your usual moisturiser! This is because I find it really smooths out my skin, and lets foundation glide on beautifully. It sinks in very quickly when you rub it into your skin, and gives you a silky finish which reminds me almost of the Laura Mercier primers.

Another property is to increase elasticity to your skin. I'm not so sure about this! I think it's really good as a primer so that's how I use it! I would recommend it as an alternative to those who don't like that thick silicone-feel but don't want anything too moisturising and liquidy!

Needless to say - a very unique product. Perhaps not what it says on the tin, but I've really been enjoying it!

Google-ing some reviews though, it seems that the sister - the Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massaging Peel Cream is also a winner product - an exfoliating wash-off mask with AHA which is also stocked in KC Beautique.. intriguing!

The Tony Moly Red Appletox is available from KC Beautique for £10.. currently on sale for £8!

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13 July 2013

From Dry to Oily: Face Oils.

I love oils. I use them to remove my make-up, after the shower on my legs and on my face. It's a growing trend that I think will gain more and more traction from various companies that are currently still clinging to the creams for its hydration offerings. With a lot of consumers being enthralled by essential oils and becoming more and more aware of the gunk that can be in creams (and even oils to be fair), I think oil will increasingly pervade beauty in the future - quite frankly the Garnier Olia hair dye took me by surprise!

Anyway, back to face oils specifically. I've tried a few myself and thought I'd give you a bit of an overview of my experience with a product that is taking the skincare world by storm, after having been quite controversial only a few years ago.

Bodhi Neroli Luce (£12/£32 - now on offer for £28.80)
Bodhi's most recent face oil offering, this is targeted towards the combination-skinned. As with all Bodhi products, the ingredients come from all around the world and are used in a pure form that will not irritate sensitive skin.When it comes to ingredients, Bodhi is a brand I can trust.

Being combination-skinned, I was quite excited for this product but strangely enough, it didn't quite work its magic for me personally. I think it's more suited to those who lean towards the oily combination skin, as the ingredients are meant to balance your oils. As I have dehydrated skin and more normal/combination skin, this product didn't provide quite enough hydration. So if you struggle from oiliness, this is a good one to try.

Bodhi Desert Rose (£12/£56 - will soon be available for 15ml/£32)
Fortunately, Bodhi has another offering for people like me! This is Bodhi's first creation, and is for the dehydrated and dry. I like to use this in the evenings and I absolutely revel in the gorgeous, calming and genuine rose scent. I've found a lot of my skincare has rose in it because of its hydrating properties and Desert Rose contains such concentrated levels of rose oil that it really does its job by penetrating the skin and hydrating from within. It also smoothes over any dry patches, and the consistency is so soft and blendable that it's a dream to massage over the face after a long day.

The other element of this face oil I love is how it brightens my face. I always think I look a bit more glowy in the mornings :)

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (RRP £30 - available for £24)
Perhaps the longest-running facial oil and most established amongst the commercial brands, the Clarins Treatment Oil in Lotus was a major favourite back in my oily skinned days. This helped so much in balancing it, because it contains ingredients that penetrate the layers of your skin and tell your oil glands to chillax ;)

It really helped to reduce the redness in my acne-scarring as well, more so than any of the other face oils. It helped to even out my skintone and make my face look brighter. Unfortunately for me, as my skin-type has changed, this has been less and less used, so I would absolutely (and have always) recommend it to people who have oily-combination skin.

Sanctuary Therapists Secret Facial Oil (£17.50)
The Sanctuary's offering of facial oil is for the seriously dry-skinned. The skincare line isn't targetted for my age range nor skintype, and has more of a focus on anti-aging. So I suppose it's only normal that I found the oil a bit too much - I woke up with a light oily residue on my skin. However, I think people with dryness on their skin will appreciate this product because I felt it worked on the surface of the skin more so than the other oils. I can also vouch for the consistency too. Out of the four, this definitely had the most blendability.

Unfortunately, there's not too much more I can say because I only have one face (I know - whaaa'?!) and it's not super dry or aging, but I was impressed that they used pure oils, it's parabens-free and has ingredients that are renowned for certain properties like jojoba for moisture, rosehip seed oil for replenishing and frankincense for calming.. instead of other drugstore products that seem to like to print random plants on their packaging and hope for the best! As I said above, I think it's a good place to start for those who suffer from incredibly dry skin.

The two I can really vouch for are the Bodhi Desert Rose and Clarins Lotus Oil - the former for dehydrated skin and the latter for combination/oily skin, purely because at the time of use, I had the skintype the products were tailored for. While the review of the other two products probably aren't the most credible you will find on the internet, the range of face oils available is only proof to the fact that the market is catching on to the trend!

So definitely have a look around for one that does what you need it to, because long gone are the days where oils are only for the dry-skinned.

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8 July 2013

A Mask For All Occasions

As most of you probably know, my skin is a little extremely bipolar - most of the time it's normal/combination and dehydrated, but other times it can get incredibly oily down the t-zone and at other times, it can be super dry around my cheeks, and even right where I'm oily! So let's just say I've been on both sides of the fence!

Now when it comes to masks, there are usually very defined purposes - to unclog pores, to infuse hydration, to dry out spots, etc., etc., But what about us combination-skinned gals? I've recently found a mask that is PERFECT for us.. a mask for all occasions, if you'd like!

The Elemis Freshskin masks come in a box with 6 sachets - 3 Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask and 3 Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask.

The Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask is mud-like and really helps to draw out impurities in your skin. In my experience, my skin feels much softer and my pores look smaller and cleaner.There are lots of masks out there that claim to do this, and this one definitely does what it says on the tin - but I do know that there are others out there that have similar effects.

The Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask, on the other hand, really surprised me. It feels like a really thick moisturiser, and leaves the most amazing feeling skin. You're talking smoothness, hydration, plumpness and coolness. Although I use a mixture of hydrating products, this always makes the biggest difference - I have no more dry patches and my skin feels really healthy. I don't use hydrating masks very often, but this one surpassed my expectations and I'm not sure I could expect any more from a mask!

The sachets come with an extremely generous 7ml, and even with a massive face like mine I'm sometimes left wondering where I should layer up the most product! I also featured this in my Girls' Night In post, because it's perfect for when there's several people involved as everyone has different skintypes (and some of us are blessed with both on one face..)

As with the rest of the Elemis FreshSkin range, these masks are relatively affordable at RRP £15 a box - which works out at just over £2 a sachet, and is available from Elemis, department stores like Debenham's and online at FeelUnique for even cheaper at £9.75.

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7 July 2013

*Let's CatchYuUp*: Recent Favourites!

So I haven't made a video in a while. And as much as I wanted to do a June favourites, I felt like we needed a bit of a catch-up you and me, so instead I made a video on the products I've been loving over the last two or three months. Of course there are more things that I've loved during that time, but I think these are the consistent few, as well as some that I'm all over at the moment.. enjoy!

Click the picture to go to YouTube :)

What are your recent favourites?

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6 July 2013

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick

The first time I used the BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick, my heart melted along with the lipstick's formula, and while I've already had a bit of a rave about the BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss, I felt you guys had to know about the lipsticks as well!

Fly High, Make Your Move

I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging. I love that it's metal and the high class gloss that comes with it. The slanted top is also quite classy and unique.

What do I dislike? Well the slidey thing is innovative but it's a little bit fidgety to figure out. It's virtually impossible to pull down the silver knob with your thumb because it's already so low on the tube and your palm will keep the main bullet from coming out. So you have to hold it upside down, and push the knob up with your thumb and take the tube out with your other hand. Once you get used to it, it's actually quite cool but I also thought it was a strange innovation to make!

However, it's really secure and the knob doesn't move very easily (another reason why pushing down with the tube upright is quite difficult) so you don't have the worry of lipstick getting smushed all over your bag!

As with the lipgloss, this is what blew me away! It is super smooth and very pigmented but not crazy soft like the MAC Amplified Finishes. Those, sometimes, I feel gets all over the place because the formula just melts so easily. This has a nice balance. It's soft enough to fill in all the fine lines and deposit a solid colour on your lips, but it's also hard enough to stay where it's put. Once it's on, it actually feels more like a hard lipbalm, like Burt's Bees!

I've got to say, I'm not a massive fan of the smell - it's that powdery lipstick smell, but I can deal! :)

I'm a big fan of the finish. It's got a natural amount of gloss and shine that adds dimension to your lips, but it's not wet-looking or glossy. I think it's quite classy and perfect for any occasion! It's funny because with the lipbalm feeling when you've actually got it on, you'd expect something more soft-matte!

I suppose what I'm trying to say really is that it looks nicer than it feels, if that makes sense? It looks so soft and natural glossy, but feels harder and like it'll last longer. I suppose that's a good thing - because it looks like an Amplied Finish but it doesn't get all over the place and won't transfer everywhere!

Fly High, Make Your Move

Here's a "Before & After" of Make Your Move! I think these swatches are more representative of the actual colour than the swatches above!

So overall, I'm very impressed with these. I think the biggest selling point for me was the formula, which is different from many other lipsticks. I do think the lipgloss still outshines the lipstick in the sense that the lipgloss is more comfortable on the lips as well as looking super!

For me the image this lipstick presents is kind of like in the Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier group of natural-looking, feature-enhancing products but with a wider range of colours (as you can see above!0, so if you're a fan of those kinds of ideas I'd definitely give these a go! :)

These retail at £16 from BareMinerals, but you can get them also for £13.60 at FeelUnique.

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