30 May 2011

May Favourites 2011 & Some Blog Love :)

End of May, I have been looking forward to you so much - I have a week until I am free from my degree! Of course until I start another one in October.. but no need to think about that yet!

Hope everyone is having a great bank holiday! (I have no idea what it's for, what is it for?) I'm guessing most people aren't out considering the weather, so thought I'd pop this up in case you were wondering what I've been loving this month.. ;P

I know, that blush should be replaced by a microphone and I'm well on my way to becoming one of the Backstreet Boys.. (which I've been obsessing over this month after rediscovering my lus-.. love for them).


This month I've had some major traffic from some bloggers who have so kindly mentioned me on their blogs, so I wanted to thank them and send some love back their way, by telling you a bit about each of them - I'd know, they're some of my favourite blogs, which made the mentions 100x more 'EEP! :)'-worthy! They are pretty blogs so you may already know them, but no harm ey? :)

H's blog has, hands down, the best pictures EVER and she also has an incredible range of products that never fails to make me want to buy some for myself. Her posts are very personalized in both content and the way she writes. My favourite posts from her are posts on what she's been loving, which includes monthly favourites, but also things like colour themes and products that go with that theme. She also happens to be a hoot to talk to on Twitter!

I've been reading Corrie's blog since I started my blog - she has THE nicest hair (Cheryl Cole agrees with me), and the cutest sense of fashion that is actually practical that you can take something away from! She brings out the best of drugstore make up, and she has an IMMENSE Models Own and Barry M nail collection which I am always nagging her to do a post on.. Join me and nag her :P

I found Tiffany's blog very recently, but the posts that caught me eye were her top 5 favourites posts of each category, like blush, bronzer, etc., which helped in discovering new products. Her posts are a good blend of individual product reviews, blogger interviews and collective reviews of products with a certain theme - if you can't tell, posts w/ more than one product are my faves for some odd reason (it gives scope to compare, and let me decide which product I'll probs like best!) and Tiffany does loads of them for different 'themes'!

Vivianna's blog is another one that I've been reading since Day 1 - she is by far, my biggest enabler (and she's admitted that she loves it! Evil!) She is one of the most honest bloggers out there, and I love how personalized her blog is. It's always about how the products relate to her - i.e. things she's loved, what she uses them for, when she uses them etc., which is what I look for in a blog - anyone can do objective straight-forward reviews right? Viv is another blogger that is great fun to talk to!

So yes. Please go check them out, as I never miss a post from any of these ladies! If you want to see some of my other favourites, pop on over to the 'Blog Love' tab at the top of my page :)

Until June, I will leave you with the image that's been taking the misery out of my revision and cold/flu:

 Heidi the over-weight and cross-eyed opossum from Leipzeig Zoo, Germany.

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27 May 2011


May 26th was my birthday - and despite waking up with a soar throat and a splitting headache, I had an amazing birthday! :) I could write it out for you but it would be a bit boring, so here are some pics of the things I received and things I did :)

My birthday haul to myself - will post on products/tell you what they are in another post :)

One of the lippies from the haul, and 2 others from blogsales.. I also got a brush but I forgot to take a pic..

Eye products from the haul..

Some face products + a Sephora goodie from a friend :)

Everyone knows I love pigs.. 2 stamps from my mom, and a speaker/radio from said friend - CUTE!

A card and lovely stationary from my mom..

Birthday cards! Yes, the pig theme carries on here as well.. :P

Choccies and wine.. the middle box courtesy of the lovely Danni <3

The best gifts of the year! A trip to Berlin from my lovely boyfriend and a Kindle from my parents :)

..with the best case, ever.

The day started with a brekkie made by the boyfriend, and a lunch at the local pub with some friends. Then after a stroll around town, we went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean 4! (which, btw, are one of my favourite series, as my mom apparently knows..)

She sent me a shirt XD

I also got some jewelry from friends that I forgot to photograph (as I was wearing them LOL), but the same love goes out to them.

I had a lovely lovely birthday, and thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes via Twitter :) I got lots of private messages on Facebook from my friends, as my wall has decided to disappear.. lol.

The birthday spirit carried on until this afternoon, when I went to the BBQ hosted by a society I founded with my friend 2 years ago, where the exec had gotten me a chocolate cake and I experienced the embarrassment that is being sung happy birthday amongst a crowd of people.. :P

I love that the weather and my health had absolutely no say in the amount of fun I had! :) I'll leave you with what my mom wrote me in the card:

"21 is still an age when you are stupid. However, there are things that you can only do when you're stupid, so enjoy."

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23 May 2011

FOTD: TiffanyD's Summer Yellow Look

MakeUpbyTiffanyD is probably one of the first beauty channels that I watched, and is not only my favourite ever channel, but also the inspiration on why I started my own channel. I've learnt so many techniques and tips from her, but her tutorials are something I love to watch and then never do - mostly because she has such a different eye-shape, and she does a lot of bright looks.

But yesterday I watched her "Summer Yellow Tutorial" and I really really liked it - so I decided to give it a shot :) Here's how it turned out..

Pretty alright for the first go I think! :P And here's what I used:

Storm Sunset Palette (yellow)
ELF Brightening Eye Quad in Drama (white and dark grey)

CANMAKE Shading Powder 02
MAC Blush in Style

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 700

What do you guys think? Did I pull it off? :P

Who are your favourite YouTube gurus? :)

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21 May 2011

Review: ELF Bamboo Eyeshadow & Smudge Brushes

A few weeks ago, the lovely people from ELF sent me a few products to review - and by god I do love the brand so I was really really excited to try so many things out! :) The first of the batch are the 2 ELF bamboo brushes from the mineral line - the Smudge Brush and the All-Over Eyeshadow Brush.

The Bamboo brushes are a bit more expensive than the other ELF ranges at £5.50, which puts them at about par with other drugstore brushes - still very affordable. However, there is a very high ethical component to them, with their cruelty-free synthetic bristles, sustainable handles (very lightweight though) and recycled ferrules, which explains the difference in price from the normal range which they sell for £1.50, and Studio for £3.50. (If you haven't caught on - I do have a bit of a thing for ethics ;) )

ELF Bamboo Smudge Brush

ELF's website suggests using this to smudge colour along the eye, adding depth to the crease or highlighting the browbone. I found that while the size and shape is perfect for those (except highlighting browbone, I prefer big fluffy brushes for that), it was very difficult to use, as this brush is really stiff and the tip felt a bit harsh against the eyes for any powder products. I did use it for highlighting the inner corner, which was alright because the skin isn't as delicate there I find, and you can use it on its side.

The best way to use this product I thought was for smudging gel eyeliner. It resembles the Maybelline gel eyeliner brush (pictured bottom right corner), but it's a lot stiffer. I also tried this for concealer, and it worked fine for that as well, again, because your skin isn't as delicate on your face than around the eyes.

I'm not 100% sold on this brush - I do think it's a bit too stiff for powder around the eye, I'd stick with a a pencil brush like the MAC 219 - it's good for emollients, but don't find myself reaching for it everyday.

ELF Bamboo All-Over Eyeshadow

This brush, however, is rapidly climbing its way to being my favourite eyeshadow brush. As you can see from the pictures, it's pretty freaking fat, and is a lot more tapered than the MAC 239 and the normal line ELF eyeshadow brush (both pictured). Although I compared it to these 2 brushes for the sake of being eyeshadow brushes, the functionality is completely different.

This brush is AMAZING for less finely milled eyeshadows like MAC Lustre finishes (finally, a solution!). I can't put my finger on why, but I think it's the extra bristles that are exposed because of the tapering, which allow for more 'pick up'. I think the denseness of the brush helps too.

Extremely hard-packed eyeshadows like MAC Frost finishes and mineral eyeshadows that are pigmented but sometimes difficult to pick up colour on flat brushes, also work extremely well. The bristles are a bit stiffer, which allows for more 'scrapage' (is that a word?), but this stiffness doesn't come across as scratchy when used on the eye like the Smudge Brush.

Because it's hyoooooge (huge), it lets you apply colour faster and to a bigger area. I think the best way to describe it would be the MAC 217 in an eyeshadow brush shape - just stiffer.. if that makes sense, lol. Because of the dense-ness and fatness, it is also usable as a blending brush which makes it extremely convenient for travelling - you only need this brush, because it's also big enough to do your brow highlight, and turn it on its side, and it can slide right in your socket.

I genuinely do love this brush, I think it's so well designed - for people who have had issues with MAC Lustre finishes, TRY THIS. I am a bit sad to say that I've been reaching for this more than my MAC 239 - which I paid loads for! I also think it's worth the extra £4 to upgrade from the normal line eyeshadow brush - which I haven't used much since I got my MAC 239.


So.. that was a bit of a bipolar review, haha. I hope you guys found it helpful - needless to say, the ELF Bamboo Brushes are a great way to get around natural-haired brushes and do your bit for the environment, but they do seem to be a bit of a hit-or-miss range so I recommend checking out some other reviews too :)

Have you tried any brushes from the Bamboo range? Which are your favourite, and which do you want to try? :)


I can whole-heartedly promise that this review was completely honest, despite the things being sent to me :)
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20 May 2011

Why I Love NARS Blushers..

A few days ago, when I realised that I had just ordered my third NARS blush ever, I thought - why do I keep going back to NARS? Believe it or not, 3 is the most I have out of any brand of blushers! They're the most expensive blusher that I own and they don't have the biggest colour range ever - so why them?

So I sat down and came up with a few things (excluding packaging because I'm just cosmetics-superficial like that) that makes me go back to them:

1. Practical colours.
2. Value for money.
3. Natural finish.

Practical Colours:

Yes, there aren't a lot of colours in their range - there's about 26 powder blushes, which is nothing compared to MAC's 50 billion (a slight guestimate there). But I think their trick is in the fact that they have the practical variations of pinks, peaches, tans and mauves, with various finishes.
They don't bother with the 3 shades of mauve that are only sliiiiightly different from each other. They give you choices that are practical, and it's very easy to choose between shades because they are different enough.

Also, 26 is a lot less overwhelming than the miniature blusher staircase that MAC displays often come across as (although this has its benefits when you have something specific in mind!). I do feel that the reason why I only have 1 MAC blush is that I never know which one to choose! There's so many nuances and finishes that sometimes I'm just like - screw it.

(L: Sin, R: Orgasm)

2. Value for Money

Yes, I've just said that NARS blushers, at £20.50 a pop, are the most expensive blushers I own - but how often have you seen a NARS blusher that has hit pan? I think I've seen about 2 on the whole of YouTube and Blogger (*cough* Roseanne *cough* TiffanyD). I use the least dense blusher brush for these blushes, and tap on the product, because otherwise I'd look like a clown, which is proof to the fact that these will last you FOREVER, and that the £20.50 is an investment (that being said, you're screwed if you end up with a colour you don't like - so choose wisely!)

(Orgasm, see Sin face swatch here)

3. Natural Finish

Now, I don't own the overly glittery or the matte blushers from NARS, but I can say that Sin and Orgasm are some of the most natural blushers I own. By natural I don't mean the shade (well I do, but that's not the point here), but the finish - it doesn't cake, it's not powdery, and it doesn't defeat the purpose of me using a 'second skin' foundation. Sometimes, I find that blushers do that, by making it obvious that you've got a layer of powder on your skin. It definitely lets my skin show through, which I think is crucial for a natural look, that people often forget because there's a general stereotype that pigmented = better. 

(L: Sin, R: Orgasm)

So yes. I fully recommend NARS blushers, and think they deserve the hype that they get - especially the ones you see above there. I do love them, as they are my 2 go-to blushers for the respective colour category (mauve and pink!)

Do you like NARS blushers?
Which NARS blushers do you love, or want in the future? :)
..do you say blushers or blushes? :S Which is correct?!

Keep your eyes peeled for a post on my 3rd NARS blusher..blushes..(?) ;)

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18 May 2011

Summer Foundation: The Decision :)

After the amazing response of my Summer Foundation Dilemma post, it would be rude not to tell you all what I have decided will be my first high-end foundation. Thanks to everyone who gave a suggestion - I looked up each and everyone of them, I feel like a foundation encyclopedia now lol! Anyway, without further ado, I chose..

The Diorskin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Make Up in Shade 030 Medium Beige

I got this in the Debenham's 10% off sale for about £25.65 which I think is a good price to try a high-end foundation. It usually retails at £28.50.

The packaging isn't blowing me away - I think I'm still feeling awkward because it does not fit in with my other make-up at ALL because it's so friggin' luxurious. I'm sat here looking at it like, "..who are you, where are you from, and what are you doing here, you don't belong here!' (I've developed a habit of talking to make-up.. dear God).

Here are my expectations, drawing from reviews and the description:

- Lightweight
- Long-lasting
- Medium Coverage
- Semi Matte Finish

I've swatched it on my hand and WOW - it's so liquidy, but the coverage is there and the finish is definitely semi-matte, and nothing like what I've seen the MAC Face & Body to be like:

There seems to be no cakiness, or even a feeling that I have make-up on my hand, yet the coverage is there. It's also very velvety to the touch, and has a fragrance, which I didn't smell until I put my nose to it. And it's pretty impressive that what you see above was the tiniest pump I could have possibly done (the pump itself is very high quality and controllable), and it covered the whole back of my hand.

So far I'm preferring it to the Diorskin Nude, Dior Satin Eclat, and the NARS Sheerglow, but I won't know if I prefer it over the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua until I actually apply it.

I'm looking forward to try this out. I have to say I'm not 100% convinced yet as I have yet to get that really giddy and EEEP!-ing feeling about this product, but I think that's to be expected when your face hasn't experienced it yet!

My foundation hunt, to say the least, has been stressful! I've learnt from the lovely Delyteful Speaks (who has stuck with me through my uhm's, and ah's - bless her!) that it's very hard to pick the perfect foundation and that it can be very stressful, but it seems I've found a foundation that in theory matches what I want - here's to the start of the HG foundation hunt! :P

What is your HG foundation? :)

Remember to keep an eye out for the full review in a few weeks time! I hope it's a good one ;)

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I've Recently Been Wearing..

I looked through my posts last night and realized that I haven't been posting much about make-up - what's all that about? So I decided to show you guys a look I've been loving loving loving recently! :) My photos aren't great, but I'll do my best to describe!

On my eyes..

All over the lid, I've been wanting something skin-tone but shimmery to keep it quite nude but still polished (MAC Honesty). In the crease, I went for something not too dark to keep it natural, but something warm enough to complement the glow of the face (MAC Woodwinked). I topped it off with a satin highlight :) (Maybelline Chai Latte Quad 'Brow' Colour)

On my face & lips..

The whole point of this look is to be sunkissed, so I used a blusher/bronzer product (MAC MSF in So Ceylon), and dusted it along my cheeks so that I have enough colour to look healthy but nothing too pink/peach, and used a matte bronzer to do a very undefined 3 along the side of my face for a natural effect (CANMAKE Shading Powder).

For my lips I chose a warm nude-ish MLBB colour (MAC Warm Me Up) :)

And put together, it looks-a-summin' summin' like this:

Very neutral, fresh and bronzed :) 

These days I literally just tightline with a pencil liner (Rimmel Soft Kohl Liner in Black) and coat my lashes with a lengthening mascara (CANMAKE Gokubuto mascara) and a volumizing mascara (Maxfactor False Lash Effect). And as my project eyebrow progresses, my eyebrows are needing less and less help, but I still use something to fill in the gaps and shape where my brows haven't grown out yet (Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel).

What 'look' have you been loving recently? :)

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16 May 2011

My YTs 1st Birthday & Make Up Collection/Storage Video :)

Today's a very special day, as exactly 1 year ago today, I launched myself into this social network beauty-loving malarky, by starting my YouTube :) In all honesty I did kind of forget, so I couldn't prepare anything extravagant, but I did make a make-up collection/storage video that I have been meaning to do :)

So I just want to say a big thank you to my viewers and readers who have ever supported my YouTube channel - it's reached just over 400 in its first year, and I am very very pleased - of course it wouldn't have happened without you guys!

Anyway, enough with soppy thank you's - enjoy!

I hope that provided a few minutes of entertainment or a few minutes of distraction from revision, but if you saw anything you have questions about or want a review on, please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you! :)

For those of you who have never seen my YouTube - it's not too late, I wont be stopping anytime soon :) Here's the link!

Thank you again for all your support - couldn't do it without it! :)

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14 May 2011

05.13.11 - LUSH Bubble Bar Haul :)

I honestly believe that once you bathe with LUSH's Bubble Bars, it's REALLY hard to find anything that compares. After using my last bit of Blue Skies last week (which so far I think I can say is my favourite Bubble Bar), I stocked up on my trip to Oxford with some friends, including the lovely Danni from Ellieand :)

Oh the yellow paper goodness.

I decided to try some new Bubble Bars, as well as some old favourites. Here are the newbies to my LUSH experience:

A French Kiss - £3.95

Probably the most expensive Bubble Bar, considering it is nowhere near the size of the Comforter or Blue Skies, which may be in price more expensive at £3.99, but can be used about 4 times. For this reason, I expect this little lavender-scented bubble bar to blow me out of the water (preferably not literally).

Dorothy Bubble - £2.95

So bright, so pretty. Smells gorgeously fresh - a bit worried my water is going to turn green, but we shall see :)

And here are some old favourites:

Amandopondo - £2.50

After my review of it here, I did say I would get another one to see if the detoxing effect was really there, of it I was just extra tired that night I tried it for the first time. It's also just irresistibly cute and the smell is gorgeous lemon sweetness :)

The Comforter - £3.99

Who doesn't love the Comforter? I think in general I do prefer Blue Skies, just because it's a more refreshing smell, which is the main reason why I take baths and treat myself to LUSH Bubble Bars. But because the rest of my Bubble Bars this time were all zingy smells, I decided to go for something sweet :) And the pink is gorgeous in the bath!

So that's all I got! :) Very excited to use all these, especially because exam times are ahead and I will need all the relaxing help I can get!

What are your favourite LUSH Bubble Bars? :)

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13 May 2011

Review: Betty Hula Moisturizing Creams

A few weeks ago, the lovely people from Betty Hula sent me a few samples of their Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream and the Secret Anti-Aging Oil to review - very exciting, thanks guys!

From the beginning, I was REALLY excited to try them out because they have several ethical values that makes me really want to support them.

Firstly, all ingredients are natural, there are no chemicals used at all, and the Shea Butter they use is Grade A.
Secondly, they are handmade.
Thirdly, the ingredients are fairly traded.

For those of you who these things really aren't a concern, it's still important to realise that natural ingredients and lack of chemicals more often than not imply that they are suitable for sensitive skin :)

Like I said, they sent me samples, but here is a image on what the original packaging looks like - how cute are the tubs for the moisturizers?! Check out the website for better pics :) Anyway, on to the reviews! :)

The Secret - £15.99 for 50mL

By the nature of it being an 'anti-aging oil', I obviously couldn't really test it - it'd take years to really see if you've aged, and even if you didn't, who's to say this product's made it better, you wouldn't know what you'd look like had you not used it :P

So I kind of treated it as a serum/intense moisturizer - and I enjoyed it! The scent is something like honey-lemon, but quite refreshing and the surprising thing is that it absorbs really well into your skin and doesn't leave a film and rather feels like it would if you applied a cream lotion.

That being said, I'm not really interested in an anti-aging oil nor a serum so I probably wouldn't purchase this on my own. However, I did look up other bloggers' reviews and some pregnant ladies had said that this oil helps stretchmarks - will keep in mind for the future, I think!

Shea Butter Moisturizing Creams in Champagne & Spice and Rum & Blackcurrant - £14.99 for 120mL

There are three scents in the range - Champagne & Spice (orange), Rum & Blackcurrant (pink) or Kiwi & Lime (green). I got the former 2, and I personally prefer Champagne & Spice. They both have a very coconut-ey, rummy smell but I find that Champagne & Spice has that zingy-ness to it that makes it a bit more refreshing and not as full-on as the Rum & Blackcurrant. That one is a bit too sweet for my liking, and I didn't really sleep well with it on my hands cuz the smell lingers for a really long time - which is a good thing if you like the smell! :)

Because the samples were relatively small, I decided to really put them to the test and use these on various locations on my body that were in different degrees of emergency dryness. My hands, legs, elbows, cuticles, ankles and heels. The first 2 are usually normal but sometimes get a little bit dry, my elbows get quite dry and hard, my cuticles are constantly dry, my ankles are calloused and my heels look like they had a garlic-grater run over them cuz of my new sandals! (Yuck, I know)

For my hands and legs - a little went a really long way and blending them into big areas was so effortless. I found I only had to do this once a day, sometimes even 2 days to keep the dryness at bay. The consistency is kind of like a moussey cream, so it's not as heavy as a body butter and doesn't leave too much residue at all - definite plus points over other body butters. 

My elbows were the place where these babies worked the best. I moisturized them once every 3 or 4 days, and my elbows would be soft throughout that whole time. No more whiteness, no more thickened skin - it was literally just like the skin on the rest of my arm.

This wasn't great for my cuticles - it really didn't do much at all! No idea why, but there ya go. To be fair, they're not a cuticle cream - I just wanted to test it to see how it went.

For my ankles, this cream was okay - but let's face it, no moisturizer is going to get rid of callouses - they have to be exfoliated. That being said, this moisturizer softened them up significantly, and I could tell from the first use that they were working. However, after applying them twice a day for a few days, it never progressed, and it was just as soft as the first time I used it.

The heels were probably the second best place that they worked, as my garlic-gratered heels soon just became.. well, heels, which was pretty amazing because even the Body Shop body butters were incapable of doing this. I applied it twice a day, and again, it improved from the first use. But unlike my ankles, it kept getting better each time I used it. Really preferred this to buffing my deadskin as sometimes I find it a bit too harsh.

All in all, my expectations of the Shea Butter Moisturizers were met, and what they did to my hands/legs, elbows and especially my heels is something I really really enjoyed. Again, the consistency was very light, but the moisturizing effects were as good, if not better, than body butters, and they did not leave any nasty residues behind. I also really liked the Champagne & Spice smell, as I love the sea and the tropics and these put me in a really summery mood :)

Now of course there's the issue of a 120mL tub being £14.99, which atleast includes P&P - and because there are other products out there that moisturize my arms and legs and my elbows, the significant advantage of this product really only is the fact that they heal my heels (hehe wordplay!). I'm not 100% sure I'd pay that much for that. They are now available in Sainsburys - but I'm not sure if that means they are cheaper?

I rate the products a 8/10 - because they do what they say, they're ethical and they even heal things that others cant - it really just is the price :( You are paying for the handiwork, the natural ingredients, the fairtrade, and I love that but I just couldn't justify it. Maybe it'd be better if they had a smaller tub for a lesser price, because you really don't have to use a lot if you don't intend to use it as an all over body cream! :) (And it'd be perfect for me to just buy in the summer for my godforsaken heels :P)

Anyway, I just want to say a quick thanks to Keren and the rest of the Betty Hula team for this opportunity to try the products out - maybe one day when I'm not a poor student, I will be able to treat myself to some! :D

Have you tried any Betty Hula products? :)

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11 May 2011

A US/UK Swap with ThanieKB :)

I've done another swap! Hehehe :) This time it was with the lovely Thanie, over from the US - and she spoiled me rotten!

The things she got me are.. :)

Essie Merino Cool & Coat Azure
Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer
Hard Candy Curl Up & Dye Mascara
Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette
Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer
Hard Candy Hide & Glow Cheek Tint
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy x2!
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Dreamy
EOS lipbalms in Apple & Sweet Mint
Maybelline Natural Smokes, Amethyst Smokes & Sapphire Ice Quads
Maybelline One by One Mascara

I told you I got spoilt! Here's the video, which details a bit more about each product and what I think about them :)

Please go check Thanie's links out - her haul videos are to die for!

Thank you so much Thanie for doing this swap with me - it was so much fun to open your lovely parcel, thanks for the adorable card - and I hope you enjoy the stuff you got as well! :)

Keep an eye out on her channel by subscribing so you can see the gems of the UK that I got her ;) - lol overstatement?

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10 May 2011

Nails Inc., & In Style Magazine

I fully intended to avoid the magazine freebies this month but I couldn't help myself with the In Style offering of Nails Inc., - not because they were Nails Inc., but because of these two colours:

L: Fashion Fawn, R: Electric Teal

Fashion Fawn originally caught my eye because I thought it kind of resembled Nails Inc., London from the Boots offer from about 2 years ago, which I totally missed out on, and it's a pinkier version of Caramel from Nails Inc., which was in the Boots offer last year. It's a great taupey nude!

Electric Teal is a gorgeous deep dark teal - to be incredibly cheesy, reminds me of the seas in the Philippines. It really does play with your mind, I cannot put my finger on whether it's forest green or dark blue - very interesting colour, and I think a great classy colour for the summer that's a nice breather from the bright in-yo-face colours :)

The third colour you can get is a bright orange, which as much as it was pretty, I skipped on because I wasn't really sure if I'd wear it very often. Now that I'm looking at the pictures though, I think I would - I just dunno who to give the extra magazine to, LOL. At the same time the colour wasn't so unique that I couldn't get it from any other brand, whereas Fashion Fawn and Electric Teal I think are unique enough :)

I just applied Electric Teal, and the application was amazing. I'm usually not the biggest fan of Nails Inc., brushes or formulas, so I only ever get them when they're freebies, but I felt the formula dried faster, was a lot more opaque and very creamy. The brush also did not bug me either. Sadly it's getting a bit cloudy so I couldn't get a great pic up for you guys :(

I also really like the magazine! It's a no bullshit, straight to the point, well-balanced mag :) Can see myself getting some in the future, I just wish they had smaller sizes for my bag!

Did you pick any of the In Style Nails Inc., up? :)

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Buyer's Remorse? The Bobbi Brown Corrector.

Recently, as a kind of treat to myself after having 5 weeks of utter hell trying to finish 2 projects and a dissertation, I bit the bullet and bought the newly formulated Bobbi Brown Corrector that I've heard being raved about all over the beauty community. I know that the Concealer Kit is probably what most people would have gone for, but I still love my MAC Studio Finish, so I decided to go for the Corrector (semi in preparation for the exam studying times ahead.. woop!)

Now for £17, I did let out a bit of a wail when I saw how small this thing actually is. You get 1.4g - 1.4g, how do you even measure that? But I wasn't put off, I was just very hopeful that it will turn out to be the HG status corrector that it seems to be for many - if only for the sake of my own health, lol. So here are the results:

Without anything:

With the Corrector:

The Correcter set with blue corrective powder from the ELF Complexion Perfection Powder:

It's not the amazing disappearance that I'd hoped for - not for £17 anyway. Maybe I had too high hopes for it, or maybe I'm applying it wrong. I found that dabbing it with a flat synthetic concealer brush was the best way, and that using fingers was just close to unblendable. That being said, I've noticed that it doesn't look cakey AT ALL, and that it does not crease or wear off - brownie points?

I found this video from Bobbi Brown last night, so I'm hoping to give it a shot this morning again :)

As with the NARS Eyeshadow Duo dilemma that I had a few weeks back, I am insistent on making this fully work to the way I want it to, including possibly investing in a MAC 224 as suggested by Vivianna, because I need that brush anyway. Until then..

What do you think about the BB Correcter?
Does anyone have any tips or tricks to make this baby perform miracles?

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9 May 2011

The Summer Foundation Dilemma.. Help!

I am on the hunt for a perfect summer foundation, and I need your help! It's been a year since I started using liquid foundation, and the only ones I've bought were the Revlon Colourstay, Barbara Daly Oil Free Foundation and Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. I don't want to repurchase any of these, and am on a look out for my first high-end foundation :) Here are the contesters:

1. Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation (£29.50)

I'm currently using a sample that I got at House of Fraser, and I have to say I'm not totally blown away. The coverage is pretty light - not as light as a tinted moisturizer, but to the extent where I'm not sure if it defeats the purpose of wearing a foundation. The finish however is incredibly natural, even with the MAC MSFN on top. I want to love this foundation, but I also feel I get oilier a bit faster? It doesn't help that I'm out of my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish that usually controls my oils and blemishes. I have quite a lot of the sample left, so I will keep testing.

2. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (£31)

I tried the tiny samples that come in magazines for this and the application was a dream - it felt like a liquid mousse. That being said, it didn't really look that natural - it was quite matte. The coverage however, was perfect. But it was also 'unsettable' with my MAC MSFN, as it looked quite cakey when I did. The price also is one of the higher ones, considering you get a plastic packaging..

3. MAC Face & Body Foundation (£23.50)

I've just heard so many good things about this, and the major plus is that it's the cheapest of them all, and you get four times as much as the other foundations. That being said, I'm not sure I'm a fan of the wetness that you apparently get, and also I worry about it breaking me out as MAC foundations seem to do that to a lot of people.

Some others I've been contemplating:
- Guerlain Lingerie de Peau
- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
- MaxFactor Second Skin
- Bourjois Sleep Effect or Healthy Mix

I think you can tell that I'm looking for a light-medium coverage, mostly water-based, light-weight foundation that claims to be a 'second skin', or that you aren't wearing make-up and all that good stuff. If you have any suggestions at all, please let me know, and link me to your reviews if you have any of these or of any summer foundations you love! :)

So girlies, what is your favourite foundation for the summer? :)

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8 May 2011

I'm Ready For Summer, Are You Ready For Summer?

I am so ready for summer. Prepare yourselves for a bit of a random post, where I show you some of the things that I've changed up a bit for the up-coming season :)

I got this Laura Ashley purse for Christmas, and instantly when it hit about March, I swapped away my patent Linea zip-around purse for this floral sweetheart <3

Something fresh ought to do the trick I think! I got BodyShop's discontinued Oceanus EDT from eBay for £3 :) Some others I've been loving is Gucci's Envy Me, Cacharel's Amor Amor, and have been eyeing up Davidoff's Cool Water Woman.

I don't always bother, but for some summer days I do feel it's a necessity! This is Biore's UV Perfect Face Milk with SPF 50. Sometimes I use MAC's Prep & Prime with SPF 50, just cuz I have a sample :P

Some of you may already know, these are from the men's section Next (£13) :D (suited for my massive face).

Tinted Moisturizer:
I'm not a fan of them most days, but still think it's a necessity for those care-free, nice skin days. This is MAC's Moisture Tint in Medium Dark (£20). I also have the Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer, but am personally not a fan of the smell.

Lip Balm:
Let those waxy sweet chapsticks to rest, and bring out the light, juicy, fruity lip balms :) My favourite is Body Shop's Born Lippy in Pink Guava (£2), but I also bought one in Mango Peach which I am dying to try out :)

Out with the UGGs, and in with the sandals - these are from New Look, for £10. I do wish I had a pair that strapped around my ankles, but haven't found any that I fancy. Any suggestions?

Here I've got a braided leather bracelet with my name in Japanese engraved in it, and a pair of flower earrings from Accessorize that I got for about £6. Something more chillax and 'earthy' is nice I think! :)

What have you been changing up for the sunshine? :)

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6 May 2011

The BodyShop Haul & Giveaway Win! :)

I do love the BodyShop, most of you probably already know that, but I friggin' hate their Love Your Body card, because the rewards are so complicated and you can't actually get the reward unless you spend £10! Anyway, I did use it because I was running low on stuff and wanted to use it towards my holiday at the end of June :) Here's what I got!

Mini Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub
Mini Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel
Mini Pink Grapefruit Body Butter
Born Lippy in Mango Peach
Body Polish in Satsuma

For that I paid £13, which is a good deal BUT - I would have preferred to just buy something that's a tenner for a fiver. Needless to say I don't think I'll be renewing the card after this year, their website has amazing deals on all the time anyway!

But yes, the Pink Grapefruit range is my fave - could you tell? ;P I've already used up a full size of their body gel, and I also quite like the Satsuma range and use their body gel as well. I've got the Born Lippy in Pink Guava which is one of my favourite lip balms for the summer, and I've only got about 30% of it left so I think a back-up was in order :)

I also got some goodies in the post today after I won a giveaway over at 25FLONDON :)

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy
Cadbury's Mini Eggs (which my boyfriend has already ransacked..)
Some ramen soup.. LOL! (inside joke)

Thank you H! So yes, very happy with today's hoard-age! :)

Whilst on this shopping trip I stopped by the Dior counter and got a sneak peek of the new bronzers coming out on the 19th - AND I got to swatch them, the woman was so lovely! Very exciting :) Definitely have my eyes on Aurora - you can take a look at them here. It's definitely a lot darker in real life. The finish was matte with a few shimmers from the brown :)

I also got some samples of some foundations as I am on the hunt for my first ever high-end foundation - VERY EXCITING, AGAIN :D And, I swatched NARS's blush in Torrid - definitely on the wishlist! Very glad that I have pulled out of the make-up slump!

That being said I have calmed down in the past 6 months in that I really only ever buy things that when I'm doing my makeup, think, "I wish I had a coral blush", rather than looking at a product in a store and going "Ooo that's pretty, I'll get that!" cuz the former actually means you'll use it.. if you know what I mean. I love it, anyway, I am maturing ;P

Other than that the boyfriend and I had a lovely day in the small town, we treated ourselves to a lovely meal at Pizza Express - although, we are both itching to move to the city :)

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