Wedges + Greige + Comfort = New Fav. Shoes :)

It's Wednesday and I've already gone out 2 nights this week. Usually I would've been moaning and groaning about my feet hurting and whatnot, but these babies that I purchased a week or so ago, made for the most comfortable nights out EVER (short of Pub Golf):

Wedges are in, greige is in, comfort is always in in my books.. what more could I want? You can get these from NewLook for £19.99 :)

I can see myself wearing these on nights out and day trips in the summer - I'm sure they will get their share of love, and wear and tear!

Any favourite shoes lately ladies?



  1. Omg LOVE these. Wedges are so the best shoe to wear on a night cos there's almost zero chance of falling over! New Look are actually really good for affordable shoes, I always go there for ballet flats.

  2. Sweetheart these shoes are gorgeous! May i ask how high the heel is though lovely as im 5''9 already so cant wear shoes that are too high but i love these!


  3. @Tara - Thanks :)

    @Rachel - I knowwww, and I can actually feel my feet and don't think my toes are falling off! :) I dunno why but ballet flats from NewLook are always either too big or too small for me :/

    @Sinead - They're about 3" :) Get themmmm, I'm 5'7 and my bf is freaking out that I'm his height when I wear these :P

  4. I love these! I have an obsession with strappy heels...and wedges =)

  5. wow they are lovely , nothing beats a comfy pair of high shoes :)

  6. SO CUTE! I was looking to Vogue today and saw an add for wedges. I want some~ ^^

  7. These shoes are so cute, i love them :)

  8. Great shoes ! I like.
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  9. stunning wedges!

    great blog,


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