The Perfect Spring Nude Lip?

Nude lips are so easy yet so difficult - once you find the right one for you, it goes with anything. But that search for 'the one' is ever so hard!

This lipstick, however, has gotten lots of attention on YouTube as a good nude for a lot of people, but hasn't gotten much attention recently, so I wanted to bring it back as a suggestion for your Spring-time make up hunt :)

 Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 700

This was my first ever perfect nude, and it turns out to be the perfect Spring/Summer nude as it has a bit of a peachy tone and is quite warm. The lasting power I feel is incredible for a drugstore lippie, as it's almost like MAC lipsticks in that they are a teeny bit dry (have NO idea why they call it Moisture Renew). The packaging is so pretty and so flashy, and the lid clicks on so it'll never fall off in your bag.

The only thing people may complain about is the smell, which smells a bit like sunscreen.. but I personally quite like it :P

This is a lippie I'll probably repurchase for the rest of my life - I love it! Here are some swatches:

Wearing with a full face of make-up :)
Will you be trying out the old classic?
What's your favourite Spring-time nude? :)



  1. Ooh pretty! Whenever I go to look at the Rimmel lipsticks they always look so shimmery, but this one looks nice. I'll have to check it out =)

    I love Mac's Freckletone!

  2. Oooh I'm not sure this would suit my fair skintone, but it looks gorgeous on you! I've been wanting to try some of those Moisture Renew lipsticks for some times now.

  3. Very pretty! :) And THANKS for the feature on the picture of the day :D

    So happy for you the blog is going so well - almost 500 members!! <3 Lisa

  4. Ooo i think im gonna have to try it :)


  5. Rimmel Lipsticks are the best!
    Check out my blog

  6. This looks really nice on you, I think this nude colour is a bit warm for me but I wouldn't say no to trying it! I have so many nude lipsticks because it's always a look that works. I'm trying to branch out now :) I hate that Rimmel lipsticks are more expensive now. But I guess that's just cos their packaging is better...

  7. Great suggestion, I'm going to check it out!

  8. Oh it looks so nice! And I really like the packaging.
    Zoe xx

  9. @Vida - I forgot to say, this may actually only be available in the UK, or so I've heard :(

    @GABY - Aww shame, it's worth a try though :) I quite fancy Vintage Pink next, it's gorgeous!

    @Lisa R - Lol aww you commented! Hahaha np, was a good night <3

    @Christine - It is! :)

    @Dyna - Hahaha isn't it gorge?!

    @Giovanna. - Yay! :)

    @Emma - Hehe me too! :)

    @Amy Michelle - Have to agree with you there! :)

    @Rachel - Haha yeah it's worth a shot! I know, but they are really good quality I feel! I have a Lasting Finish one but I like this one a lot more :)

    @Tracy D - Great! :)

    @Vivienne - Glad you like! :)

    @Zoe - I know it's so unique and flashy! :)

    @Kirstyb - Thanks love :)

  10. I actually saw some of these the last time I was at my local drug store~ loving the nude color on you though. :] Next time, I'll have to pick one up for myself too. :]

  11. you have the prettiest lips! great lipstick too!

  12. @tiffyama - Definitely do, it's gorgeous! :)

    @Hazel - Aww thank you :)

  13. That's gorgeous. I love a nude lip. New follower. xx

  14. Such a gorgeous nude lipstick, it looks great on you! :) My favourite is still Faerie Glen, but I'm running low now! :S

  15. I love Nude Delight, it's one of my favourite nude lipsticks. I don't usually buy drugstore brands but Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks are great.

  16. @Ansa - Thanks for following! :)

    @Gemx - I love Faerie Glen too, I hear Blankety is a good dupe though so no worries! :)

    @MissA* - Yeah I love MAC ones, but I would consider Rimmel any day :)

  17. I really love vintage pink. It's sort of a nude pink (more pink, but still really gorgeous)
    Looks really nice on your skintone.

    take a look at my blog?

  18. This is a really pretty color on you. I'm going to have to buy it. Thanks for the post!

    I just started a new beauty blog in SF


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