Best Kept Secrets - Barbara Daly Oil-Free Foundation Review

"Best Kept Secrets" is something I came up with (5min ago), which is basically going to be reviews/intros to products that not a lot of people know of. One of the most viewed videos on my YouTube is "Top 5 Unknown Drugstore Products" so.. I thought people might like this too! :)

My first BKS is going to be on Barbara Daly's Oil-Free Foundation. If you guys don't know who Barbara Daly is, she is a famous make-up artist from England (Leeds to be specific) who's worked with the likes of Twiggy, Cindy Crawford as well as for politicians like Margaret Thatcher. Her make-up range is exclusive to Tesco, and can be found in larger stores.

Packaging: As you can see, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It's so sleek - the bottle is very "clinky"-sounding, frosted glass, and the logo is so.. classy! Yes, the packaging is what drew my eyes, I'm not even going to deny it. However, the surprise doesn't stop there.. this foundation is neither pour-out nor pump. It's a spatula:

And to be honest, I prefer it to pour-out or pump, because I can put this directly on my face without having the mess on the back of my hands, or a need for a palette. It's great for personal use. Also, you get 29ml which is a good amount to have before you get bored. And the size is really cute and easy to pop into your make-up bag!

Formula: I bought the 'oil-free' foundation, and there is another line with exactly the same packaging and same colour range called 'moisture' foundation. So you can pick one that suits your skin type, which immediately rules out the possibility of a too-dry face or a too-oily face (which I think is one of the reasons why Revlon Colorstay is so popular). I have quite sensitive skin, and this hasn't broken me out. I would say this oil-free range is a mattifying foundation (as opposed to say a natural/dewy finish).

Secondly, it smells like cinnamon-y soap. I know this shouldn't factor into the judgment but guys - it is YUMMY! 'Nuf said.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it blends so well, doesn't dry too quick, and sits on your face SO well. I find it to be really light on my skin and I can tell that it looks like I have less make-up on than when I used to use Revlon Colorstay, but with the same amount of coverage. I put the minimum amount of this and it has medium to full coverage. I use much much less concealer than I used to. MUCH less.

Colour Range: This is the only thing I'd say wasn't the best about this foundation. I got the darkest one, and I noticed that there was a massive gap between this one and the one lighter than this. Also, I'm a NC30-35, and it was way too yellow for me (if you guys have watched my foundation video, you know I mix it with a more pinky foundation), so it may be the case that you mix like I do or you wont find a colour :( which sucks!

Price: £6.99. I was on a budget when I was looking for this and it was £5 cheaper than the Revlon Colorstay so I was a bit skeptical, but.. never mind! :P

I love this foundation, and it's just a shame that the colour range is quite bad. That is the only thing that would put me off rebuying it, but I love my routine now so much that I wouldn't be surprised if I rebuy this alongside the other foundation that I mix it with. So..

Rebuy?: I think so! :P


P.S. I realise that some people may be skeptical of the review because I mix it with another foundation, and it might give different results than as using it on its own. However, I've applied it on its own and I've been testing it on blemishes on my hand as I wrote this so I hope you guys find that credible enough :)

P.S.S Click here for a tutorial on how I use this foundation :)


  1. Great and thorough review...Thanks!!
    Here is my blog for whenever you feeling like stoppin' by!Dont forget to join the prizegiveaway contest!Love from Greece!!!

  2. Thank you, I followed you :) Really liked your recent post about Megan Fox!

  3. great review! i don't think this is available in the US though :( i have such trouble finding drugstore foundations with enough yellow undertones in them! i have been using revlon colorstay, but i still feel my skin looks too pink in some lights. grr.

  4. Hmm I just know it's only in Tesco, and Idk if the State have Tesco :( Yeah it's really hard to find in drugstore brands and Revlon is probably the one with the most range, and MAC is so expensive!


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