25 July 2012

It Definitely IS Maybelline.

Last week, I drafted a post called: "Is there something better out there?"

This was written in the context of myself coming to the end of my most favourite-yet mascara tube,  and wondering to myself, "Do I repurchase this, or is there something else out there?"

The answer, in my case was no, Yu. There isn't.

Yep, you are looking at my current tube (which hasn't quite died), 2 new tubes and a different tube with the same formula, but not waterproof and with a different brush. Granted one of the new tubes is going to Nic, it's only because I wont shut up about it.

These are Maybelline's HyperCurl Volum' Express mascara, with the Cat Eyes version in the thinner tubes - which you may have met almost a year ago, when I purchased this very tube and fell in love. Since then, my favourite combo has been this and my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. For anyone who struggles with lashes that doesn't hold curls, or lashes you think are so short and invisible - try the combo! Granted this mascara seems to only be available in Asia, I would recommend trying to get a hold of this.

Alternatively, during the year, an "emergency" led me to purchase the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara which I think is amazing - but I find that the Maybelline just applies product smoother and easier with less clumps and mishaps, and has a sexier tube, with equally as good holding power for curls. I also find that in situations where Shu isn't there, Maybelline creates more of a curve than L'Oreal does on its own.

The lesson is this, ladies - if you're in love, don't cheat.

I'm not one to preach because I SUCK at repurchasing, and most of the time I can't keep my hands out of the cookie jar (there's a song in there somewhere ;)) - which you'll read more about if I publish the 'Is There Something Better Out There' post. But I also think this is only natural, and necessary as a beauty blogger. But then again, maybe it's a matter of stepping out of the blogger hat, and being.. well, normal? Haha.

Not gonna lie - one day, I may fancy a fling with Diorshow New Look, because I really liked it when I tried it, and the L'Oreal Telescopic will always be my next best option if I can't get back to Japan to repurchase the Maybelline. But what I'm about to say is pretty intense, brace yourselves - I think I've found the one!

Here's to holy grails, mascaras and beauty blogging.

What is your HG mascara?
What's your repurchase item? :)


P.S. I'm off back to London today - wish me luck, I've just found out I'll be crossing Paris at 4 in the morning!
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23 July 2012

At Long Last - A Perfect Corally Nude!

You know that feeling when a product is just PERFECT - no coping, no emptying-the-bank pains, no extra hassle? It's not often I know, but once in a while these products come by, and for me today it was the CANMAKE Creamy Touch Rouge in Misty Orange 02.

You may know that my lips are ridiculously pigmented, and if I use any lippy that is even slightly sheer, the colour on my lips is nothing like what it is in tube or on my hand. On top of that, many orange or coral lipsticks make me look very ashy. So when I see the popular 'orange lip' look in Japan, or the 'coral lip' look in the UK, I get very, very jealous..

But not anymore! This CANMAKE lipstick is everything I wanted from a nude coral/orange lip, as well as from a lipstick in general (can you sense a purchase-in-another-shade coming up? :P I can!). What's more is that it only cost me 700yen which is about a fiver!

As you can see, the packaging is SO sleek - I think it may be my favourite lipstick packaging yet. It's golden with a hint of rose. It's simple, smooth, and it clicks like a dream. And best of all, it doesn't attract finger prints at all! Didn't even know that was possible..

The formula.. ohhhh the formula! It's so creamy, pigmented and moisturising, and if that wasn't enough, it's very long-lasting as well.

Literally, my perfect coral nude I've been searching for! Rimmel Nude Delight might have a friend now!

This is all thanks to my new YouTube discovery HaruxNyan, who is a Japanese beauty vlogger with a serious sense of humour and make-up style. She mentioned this lippy in a haul and said how pretty it was, and I thought I'd give it a shot, thinking maybe coral/orange lipsticks in Japan would work better on me because of my colouring being similar to most of the population. I was right! I've also bought something else from her suggestion which I will hopefully show in my Japan haul once I'm back in the UK :)

So yes - I am SUCH a happy bunny after finding THE lipstick that I've been looking for for well over a year. On the car ride to the airport this evening (dropping off my dad! :( ), I was literally staring at myself in the rearview mirror for what can only be over the socially acceptable amount. It's just so nice to feel like I can finally look the way I want and do the whole warm, summer coral/orange look! :)

Anyone have similar stories? :)
What's your favourite coral/orange lippy?

I did a quick search and by the looks of things, for those of you who can't purchase CANMAKE in stores, there are two sellers on eBay, here and here who stock these lipsticks. I don't know how legitimate they are but I thought I'd share and leave it up to you if you are interested in purchasing these :)

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22 July 2012

Instagrunday #4

1. At Narita Airport to pick my dad up 2. A bit of multi-story food as you do! 3. Currently Reading - Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry 4. Lovely French dinner for joint family birthday 5. My ridiculous tan lines 6. Loving home time :) 7. Favourite mascara stock up! 8. Anti-nuclear plant reactivation protest 9. My footwear of choice atm :)

Just a few snaps from my time back in Japan - I'm loving being back and with my family, but realising my time here is ending as my dad leaves tomorrow, and me on Wednesday!

Most of the time, my day consists of going to a Starbucks to do dissertation work and walking around shops, and doing a spot of interning work then catching up with blog stuff and job searching in bed! Definitely not the chillest summer I've had, but these things must be done :)

Hope you are all having an excellent week! What's been your highlight?

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20 July 2012

Jk Clarins Lip Perfector, You're Pretty Cool

I'm not a lipgloss girl, neither am I a lipstick girl. I'm just not a lip person. But I somehow submitted to the hype around the Clarins Lip Perfector about a year ago, and to be honest I wasn't that enthused.

However, in the midst of the re-hype of it and the No7 dupe this year, I whacked mine out and.. well, fell in love.

I'm not sure what it is about it - maybe it's everything! I adore the packaging, as I find wands a bit hit-and-miss quite literally, and often end up painting the general vicinity of my lips instead of my actual lips. I love the spongey bit (yes it's unsanitary, I know), and I love how you can squeeze the last drop from the tube when the time comes.

I like the consistency also, because it's moisturizing, smooth and it has a nice glide aspect to it, rather than gloopy or sticky. It quite easily replaces a liquidy lip balmWhen I stepped on my 12hr plane ride to find my Carmex MIA, I panicked - which is why I hesitantly reached for this, which in my eyes, was still a gloss at the time. And I'm happy to say I was very content with my lips' moisture levels during the whole flight :P! (However, it was spurting everywhere from changing air pressures after take-off so be warned, holiday goers :P)

The only thing is the colour. I know there are 3 choices - Rose Shimmer 01, Apricot Shimmer 02 and Nude Shimmer 03. But none of them are shimmery for one! And I genuinely don't think the shade really makes too big of a difference, as they're quite lightly pigmented. It probably doesn't help that my lips are super pigmented, but I thought I'd throw that in there :) I usually apply this with the intention of slightly toning down my natural lip colour in a peachy way.. 

And one more thing I forgot to mention - it smells like burnt sugar! OM NOM NOM-age.

So to much of my surprise - the Rimmel Moisture Renew has been pushed aside for the time being, especially since I've been wearing no make-up at all (shock horror!). I'm very pleased with this Lip Perfector, and really happy I tried it again :) Although - I would recommend trying to find it for cheaper like in Escentuals for £12.80 as the RRP of £16 is quite hefty. That being said, these have a lifespan of 36 months (lol can be good or bad), and can be found in Debenhams if you want to use your Beauty Club Card points! :)

Do you have the Clarins Lip Perfector or the No7 dupe?
What are your thoughts?

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18 July 2012

Review & Application: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua & Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a bit of an impulsive splurge early June on Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. Since then, I don't actually think I've worn another foundation! I apply this with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - but there's a separate review on that through the link. Anyway, I thought it was about time to give this baby a review and a video to go with it so you can see how it applies - I hope it helps! :)

Let's start with a complete love-hate relationship! I bought this because I wanted something that I could carry around with me but with buildable coverage so I can touch up my foundation. The packaging is so small, simple, light and sturdy so it's perfect for that. However, it's so sturdy that it's hard to squeeze to get the product out! Which means unless you've just shaken the product (which is a must-do each time), you'll struggle. So I place it upside down when I'm applying so I wont have a nightmare for the next dollop!

I think 'aqua' may be a bit misleading when it comes to the consistency (it's obviously true that it's a water-based formula), because it's not MAC Face & Body-watery - the finish makes it look like it was a creamier foundation, but lightweight and so easy to blend!

So it's great for combo skin as the water-base really hydrates the parts you need it, but the creaminess still gives you a natural, non-dewy finish. Oily/combo people will still need to prime and set, because it doesn't have much oil control of its own. I've also heard a lot of normal/dry skintype people really love it, like Fleur from Fleur de Force. So really - I think anyone could use this foundation, but oilier skintypes may not be the most suitable.

Top: Diorskin Forever Bottom: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - both was about the same amount, you can see Chanel spreads easier.

The coverage is a very natural, light-medium buildable coverage. With fingers, this could be a few steps up from a tinted moisturizer, and with a brush, it can be smack dab in the middle of light and medium. As I show in the video below, you can stipple it to build coverage on certain areas, which is great for touch ups on the go. Lots of options on how you can use this for different levels of coverage, which is great :)

It very much lets your skin show through, which is why I called it an 'easy-going' foundation - the description on the bottle of a "skin perfecting make-up" is the perfect wording really! It's nothing so industrial or high coverage, but not so light that it wont cover much up - it just mildly works on whatever issues you may have on your skin.

Lasting Power
I wouldn't say it's incredibly long-wearing but it's not bad either. I always prime and set, and it'll last me a full working day, but I'll have to blot/blend where it's gathered a bit maybe once or twice depending on my moisturizer. On days where I haven't primed or set it, it doesn't last very long maybe 4 to 6 hours on my combination skin, but it's great for just popping out because it's quick and natural-looking. That being said, I've heard that this slides off some people within a few hours - so you may have to go with your instincts!

To me, it has that 'second skin' that and a semi-matte/dewy finish that really mimics the skin. It's just incredibly natural-looking, both in finish and coverage. It can end up dewy sometimes, but with enough buffing, it turns into a semi-dewy/matte finish.

See for yourself! :)

So overall, this is a great everyday foundation, especially in the summer but also for the winter for those who like a natural coverage/finish year-round. Like I said, "skin perfecting foundation" really sums it up because it just seems to touch up on areas where you need it, and leaves you with the second skin effect! As I said in the video, it's such an easy-going foundation in every way - it's easy to apply, it's a casual/laid-back amount of coverage and finish, and the packaging is very simple and easy too. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

This foundation is available from any Chanel counter for around £32 - I usually go for Debenham's to get me some Beauty Club Card points! :)

Have you tried the Vitalumiere Aqua?
What are your feelings on it?

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16 July 2012

Sh*t, She's Found the Self-Timer Button..

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC42
Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Glow Enhancing Powder in 002 Sunlight

No7 Beautiful Brows in Black
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Prelude
Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in True Black
Maybelling Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 700 Nude Delight

*Snappity snap snap* I went, when I finally found a great place to position my camera while I played with the self-timer button! :P I realise you can't see the eyeshadow at all - but I was too excited to be wearing make-up for the first time in a week that I had to do some FOTDs! Maybe once I experiment more with the lovely quad (of whose formula I have completely fallen in love with, thanks to Lisasz09!) I'll have a few eye looks to show you :) In the meantime, enjoy my messy childhood room background!

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14 July 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It's an odd brush really - is it just me that sees a massive, fat, eyeshadow brush? Rest assured though, it IS a foundation brush and a very good one at that!

I'd bought this because I had wanted something to apply my Cover FX with. The Expert Face brush is a very similar shape to the expensive goat hair brush from Cover FX for a third of the price - so I ordered one from Beauty Chamber with the 10% off discount code BEAUTYZOMBIE (not sure if it works anymore).

I'll kick off by saying that it is my favourite foundation brush, because it has some serious moves. You can both 'paint' like a traditional foundation brush, and 'buff' afterwards, and if you're so inclined, it's even open to some 'stippling'! With these three moves, you've got a LOT of foundations that would work with this brush! The painting motion really helps to maintain coverage, and it also helps to spread foundation more evenly than dragging and swirling foundations around. The buffing is the best way to smooth out foundation, and stippling motions are great for even distribution and more coverage!

On that note however, I've realised that this brush is never really as good as the best way to apply a particular foundation. For example, the best way to apply Diorskin Forever for me, is with my fingers, and while the Expert Face brush applies it very well - it's never as perfect. Similarly, I love the finish of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua with my fingers, but I don't like the low coverage. This brush gives me more coverage, but not as smooth of a finish.

It just seems to work well with all foundations - but never the best! It's the dreaded, "I really like you.. but as a friend" scenario from your teenager years.. or the one where someone says that to you, and you go home, listen to sad (and terribly written) songs, look out windows and truly believe your life is over. Nope, definitely didn't do THAT when I was 13..

I also have a love-hate relationship with the size. I love it because it fits perfectly on my temples, my eyelids, under the eyes and even around the crevices of my nose. The slightly tapered bit also makes a great slant to place foundation on, so you don't have to use plates or your hands to pour out product. But I also dislike it, because with its density and small size, my hand can get a bit achey if I'm feeling blend-happy! If it were just a bit bigger and slightly less dense, it may have been ideal!

So I do really love this brush - it's just really easy, and it's great at applying ALL foundations because of the multiple ways you can use this. It's a no brainer in the morning and for travel. But again, you don't get your perfect finish everyday. After a long while of using just this, this does get me frustrated sometimes. But just reaching for ONE brush that gives you maybe not the best, but 2nd best result is what you need sometimes - especially during busy days!

I think this brush is definitely one of a kind, and worth a shot if you're curious and I'd never put anyone off it because it's so handy to have. I doubt most people will have something that can do as much as this does!

What do you make of the RT Expert Face brush?
I wonder if I can try powder foundation with it next.. or maybe even blusher?

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12 July 2012

Making Decisions: Cod Liver Oil & Supplements

I hate medicines. Not because of their taste or because I'm lazy, but because doing a degree in sociology and taking a course on the sociology of health and illness means you know a lot more about the pharmaceutical industry than you wish you knew. So unless under special conditions - I don't trust medicines.

Supplements, it took me a while to realise, are slightly different (although, I imagine, manufactured by similar people). They fall under something people may call CAMs - Complementary and/or Alternative Medicines. This includes things like acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and things you typically wouldn't see in a hospital (they are starting to merge in some places but that's another essay I don't care to write about).

So when I read Caroline's blog on the effects on the skin by eating salmon (which I lurrrrve), I bit the bullet. Cod liver oil is meant to be good for many things - skin, hair, nails, bones, the heart - it's one of those skeptically universally good things. For me, I was looking for more the skin and if it felt like it, the heart benefits. As you may know, I have hormonal spots on my chin that never go away. Aside from actually eating salmon everyday, this seemed like the next best solution.

The effects were beyond what I expected - they were better than any skin care regime I'd tried (bar maybe the first 2 months of Liz Earle which then went downhill from there), and I felt my both normal and under-the-skin spots disappear, and my skin was brighter and more radiant.

What's even more, was that every day that I forgot to take one, I could feel my skin going back to the way it was.

The good? I seem to finally have found something that isn't so harsh and full of crap that actually works for my hormonal spots. Or have I?

The bad? I still worry about the health concerns - fish these days have high levels of radiation and mercury, especially those caught near the UK and Norway. And what is the other stuff in the ingredients list? Also, as the missed days shows, it's still not really a remedy. And finally, I'm forgetful.

The two bags you see behind the Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil are pomegranate elixir tablets from DHC and Docosahexaenoic Acid & Eicosapentaenoic Acid tablets - I only typed it out to sound smart haha, I think that's just scientific for 'fish oil'. The latter have less synthetic ingredients and hopefully more responsibly caught fish, I assume, only because they were handed down from the ex-hippy of a mother (who has recently taken a liking to Royal Jelly tablets). These I hope to try after my cod liver oil finishes.

But my question is this - are these supplements worth it? What are all the other things listed in the ingredients? Would it be healthier to make the effort to change your diet?

Perhaps you could ask the same questions about skincare products in general. But as you click away thinking, "Mentalist." or "Hmm I might have a shot!" or "I need to enlighten her." (please do, btw) - I'll be mulling away to myself, staring at the bags and bottles for an answer. I probably wont get any, at which point will turn to my good friend Google for some good old research.

Do you take supplements?
Does anyone know the answer to my questions? :P

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10 July 2012

Wahanda & Beauty Direction Spa

June was one of those months. It was one of those months where everything that could possibly go wrong seemed to go wrong, and what was worse was that it seemed to be the same for my other half - which meant the massage we booked on the 29th, courtesy of the lovely people at Wahanda, was a very, VERY, welcomed treat.

Image from Ray Morris-Hill

The photograph you see is 75 Wilton Road in Victoria, London, where a hairdressers called Znips is. However, if you pootle in and go down the stairs, what you encounter is a white, slightly dingy room with sofas, a table with magazines, sinks, television, a mini fridge, lockers and a tanning booth. Odd, but nothing too dodgy. It's clean, well-lit and tidy enough.

You'd be greeted by two staff members dressed in black - for us they were incredibly friendly, both on the phone and in person. Although, they were pretty bad at answering the phone, which meant it took me an age and a half to book a slot. So don't expect to book for this weekend - both because they're hard to get a hold of, but also because they seem to be very popular and heavily booked. However, they do ring you back if they notice you've called them many times, and they also email you back. So once you get them on the phone, they're incredibly friendly - even when you're lost and don't know that you're meant to go into Znips.

Anyway, so you follow one of the staff into the spa room - and oh my, how the ambience changes. The wallpapers are black damask, and two massage beds were stationed in the centre. The lights were dimmed, and you could hear soft healing music being played in the corner. The room did have other bits in it - like a nail salon booth and some facial products, but they were kept in the shade, and the room was tidy and spacious enough. We were left on our own to fill out a health form, get down to our underwear and lay on the bed.

Image from Beauty Direction

We were in for a 55min Swedish full body massage with a free glass of bubbly each, which came to £55 for the two of us (the masseuse just kindly asked for the voucher after the treatment). I think they may include the 'getting ready' time in their treatment though, so do be careful and get there early! When we left the massage, I asked my boyfriend if he'd do it again. He said he would, and I have to say I agree.

First of all, I just felt really really comfortable. I didn't feel like I was in my underwear in front of strangers (albeit under towels), or uncomfortable that these strangers were touching me, and I liked that they asked whether we wanted our feet and stomach done. I had to say no to the tummy, as did Ben, but I was okay for the feet - Ben, not so much (he's a bit ticklish). They also asked if the pressure was strong enough after the first minute or so, which meant the majority was done in the pressure that's suitable for you. The massage oil they used was also not too heavily scented, but a lovely, inoffensive herbal-smelling one. 

The massage itself was really nicely done. I found it to be nothing intensive, but firm enough to be relaxing and gentle enough to be calming. It's not a treatment, but really a massage in its purest sense. I've also always had a problem back, so when I noticed my masseuse focusing on the knots by my shoulder blade, I felt assured that she knew what she was doing. 

After the massage, Ben and I had our bubbly in the waiting room. Again, not the best ambience, and it would've been nice to have the bubbly inside the treatment room - either during the massage or maybe after.

But most importantly, when we left, we felt like we were walking on clouds. We were without a strain in our body, and the rest of the day was spent feeling rather dazed, sleepy and floopy (if that's a word..). I definitely felt 100x better than when I walked in - just lighter on my feet, more relaxed around my joints, and it became so obvious how tensed up I was before the massage. The effects are something we later agreed we'd have paid the full-price for, and I would fully recommend it to my friends, and anyone looking for an affordable, but effective de-stressing massage.

Beauty Direction is by no means a day-spa feel, where everything around you is so obviously placed as an attempt to make you relaxed, and words like "SOUL", "MIND" and "HOLISTIC" is constantly spinning in your head. It could've been, minus the other equipment in there, the waiting room, or peoples' steps you could sometimes hear from the hair salon upstairs - but I don't think that's what Beauty Direction is about. Ironically, I think this kind of 'down to earth'-ness, where not everything is so 'neat' and 'perfect', actually makes this place more accessible, welcoming and easy-going than a day spa. This is a massage parlour for your everyday needs. It's one of those places you could go once a month to wash away your built-up stress. It really is a massage in the midst of everyday life - which is what you need sometimes, rather than an up-market, 'big deal' spa.

I have also really come to rate Wahanda's voucher buying services - they deliver their vouchers promptly, they give adequate time before the vouchers expire, and their search machine is very detailed and can help you find things in your area, price range, and treatment necessary. I've been back on the site several times since purchasing this voucher, and while I haven't bought anything of yet, I can't really imagine going straight to a salon anymore. I also trust Wahanda more than Groupon for things like hair cuts, massages and facials, just because Wahanda has a pretty transparent review system, a wide range of choice, and the fact that it specializes in beauty makes me feel like it's more suitable and well-chosen (i.e. not just a random salon that offered Groupon a deal).

 So Ben and I both loved Beauty Direction, and intend on going back there some time (although I'm slightly tempted to give other places a try, now that I know how enjoyable it can be - any suggestions?). Like I said before, the place was great and down-to-earth, the effects were just brilliant, and I just can't fault it for the price. I will definitely be recommending the salon, the voucher and Wahanda to others :)

If you are interested in this specific deal, here's the link to Beauty Direction's Wahanda page.

Have you ever had a full body massage?
Where's your favourite massage parlour?


*£50 Wahanda voucher received for consideration - the extra £5 was paid for with my own money.
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9 July 2012

'Tis the Season to be Nude!

Maybe not in the most liberal sense, but I've personally been very happy being nude all summer - if we're talking about make up!

My lip product of choice will come as no surprise - the Rimmel Moisture Renew (my 2nd tube!). Let me quickly recap on my love for it for some of my newer readers - it's basically my perfect nude, leaning a bit peach and perfect for pigmented lips and medium skintones. I've recently discovered that it's almost exactly like MAC Shy Girl, but with a sun lotion smell and much less prone to melting - and a fiver cheaper.

For my eyes, I often do a wash of something shimmery and nude, but sometimes I just keep it bare and whack on some MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot with some of my face powder dusted on top - simples!

The cheeks have been graced with one of my newer acquisitions - the Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in 002 Sunlight (post here!). To me this is the subtlest form of blush and bronzer - it slightly contours, yet still adds a slight flush of blush. I know I've said many blushes give me 'the most natural flush', but I suppose what I meant was that they can be made to look natural - I'm guessing I'm not the only person that doesn't turn florescent on a day-to-day basis. For that genuinely, no make-up, natural look, this is a great product.

I'm not really sure why I've shunned colour from my routine, because summer's meant to be all about the brights? Don't get me wrong, I've brought Revlon Pink Pop lipgloss and MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick here with me - but my hand just isn't gravitating that way! We'll see how the rest of summer goes anyway :)

Any one else walking around nude?
Lol, I need to stop before I start driving traffic from pervs.

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8 July 2012

While I've Been Away..

There are multiple reasons why I've been absent recently (none of which I'll bore you with) but ultimately I've been rushed off my feet to a great extent. And I do quite literally mean that, as I'm currently in Japan! A highly unplanned but necessary trip, so that'll probably explain my unsociably timed tweets..

Anyway I have a few updates - one of which is probably the reason why you clicked on this post - I've been Chanel-ing quite vehemently! Early June I made a sneaky purchase of a Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and at Duty Free I couldn't help but grab this lovely quad for a bargain price of £30 (I use 'bargain' in the most relative sense humanly possible).

As you may know from my wishlist post, I've been wanting a quad for quite a while now, so I've been a very happy owner of Prelude for a few days (Misty Eyes got written off after seeing it in person). That being said I haven't had a chance to try it - the consequences of living under the roof of a woman who does not see the point of beauty products (who wouldn't if they look about 10yrs younger than their age right?) But shall keep you updated in the future if anyone asks :)

Now the second thing you may have noticed is my blog has had a bit of a facelift! As much as I loved that personal blog-feel, I've been wanting to expand into something more like a magazine, making room for more researched and informative features with certain themes. I do love telling you guys about what I think about products, but I think it's time I added another level to this baby.

As a consequent to the facelift, I've had to switch to Disqus again, as this template that I got doesn't accommodate for the direct 'reply' feature that Blogger brought in recently. This means all my comments between the time I initially quit Disqus and now has been deleted - if you ever need to reference them or I never got to respond to yours, please let me know and I'll do so right away. I've also yet to figure out how to sort out my labels efficiently on this layout, and more generally, how the navigation bar above works!

So please do bear with me, and I do hope you like my new idea and layout. While I have no intention yet of straying from the idea too much, any feedback is more than welcome. Anything you don't think feels right or that you adore/would adore will be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, that's about it really. Many thanks for all your support, and I hope you like where I'm hoping to take this blog :)

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