FOTD: 03.09.11 - MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

Before it was gone forever, I decided to snatch up the MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick, since I loved the lipglass so much and have been thinking about this lipstick since. My rule of thumb - you KNOW you need to get something when you think about it for more than 2 weeks! :)

I just got this yesterday in the post, but I wanted to share it with you in case you are on the fence about getting it as well - it's still available on Debenhams and MAC websites :)

It's a Lustre finish, it's quite sheer but buildable, and it's also quite moisturizing. The colour is almost like a pinkish red which is very different from the lipglass, which was more like a milky red (see post here).

I am in love with MAC lipsticks in general so there's no doubt about how much I love the packaging, the vanilla smell and also the great cause that the proceeds of this lipstick goes to - the MAC Aids Fund.

And here is my face of the day :)

Not feeling very photogenic today, but I hope you like :)

Have any of you bought this? Or were you more of a Gaga girl for '10? :)



  1. It looks really nice on you. And your eyes are beautiful! x

  2. This looks so pretty! If only i wasn't on a make-up ban! :P x

  3. Pretty! I think this would be too warm for me, I'm a Gaga girl all the way! Looks great on you tho. Can't wait for my new Gaga to arrive eeee x

  4. I love it! But cannot afford MAC makeup >_<

  5. I like your rule of thumb. I totally agree and MAC lipstick is my fave. :) This color is pretty on you.

    Just started a fashion and beauty blog in SF

  6. this is one of my fav lippies! it looks stunning on you.. it's so flattering with every look i reckon

  7. I'm still sso undecided! Looks lovely on you x

  8. @Zoe - Thank you that means a lot, I've always had a love hate relationship with them lol.

    @Christina Marie - I didn't know you were! Good luck with that :)

    @Tracy D - Thanks love :)

    @Rachel - You always say that, you should give one a shot! :) Ah I'm excited for you I only ever read good reviews about it. I might wait a while for mine, just cuz I have a good nude atm :)

    @MakeupbyThess - Thank you!

    @Julianne - You should search for blogsales they are brilliant to pick up MAC :)

    @GABY - Thanks love!

    @Dale - Thanks :)

    @Delyteful Speaks - Awesome hehe yeah it's great! :)

    @Rose Espirit - I got it because it's quite sheer and easy to wear.. but it depends on each person I suppose! I'd say go for it it's lovely :)

    @Sassy - Thank you!

  9. I love this lipstick too, it's such a lovely colour! It really suits you :)

  10. One word : Gorgeous! I need this in my life :) It's look super pretty on you!xx


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