I've Joined the Fake Tan Bandwagon!

As a naturally NC30-NC35 person and after having lived in the tropics most of my life I never even thought about fake tan. After moving to England, I can say I feel differently. A few weeks ago I realised for the first time how pale my arms and legs had gotten over time and decided to jump on the bandwagon that is the fake tan wagon.

I bought the Solait tanning mitt for £3 at Superdrug, and got the St. Moriz mousse off a blogsale. To be honest I was expecting a complete disaster cuz I can be quite durrrrr, but I was amazed at how smoothly everything went! (Aside from my initial shock that the foam was grey-ish..)

The tanning mitt made everything so easy, I don't have any streaks and it's easy to blend out edges even a few moments after you've applied it. Also, the reality is that in a natural tan, nothing is ever very precise so there's no actual need to be precise like around the hands and feet.

Also, I found it didn't transfer onto my clothes so I could sleep in it and wash it off in the morning. That being said the smell did bother me a bit. It's not a bad smell, just.. strange.

After two layers of this stuff my skin is back to the normal colour that it was before I moved here, and I love it. My boyfriend was quite worried that I would turn orange and become one of those scary orange people walking around town but to both our surprise it's literally my natural skin colour.

I would've liked to say that I left the hand untanned on purpose to show you guys, but the reality is that I'm an airhead and forgot to tan the hand :P Atleast you can see the effect and how natural the tan looks? Lol..

I applied one layer of my fake tan on Friday, and it hadn't worn out before I wanted to add another layer to bring it to the colour above. Taking the advice of many bloggers, I exfoliated and moisturized before I applied the tan and I'm sure that helped the staying power too!

Anyway, I can safely say that these two goodies will always be in my beauty collection as it's a great pick-me-up. I feel more confident already now that I feel like I'm my usual skin colour! Definitely worth the hype, and would encourage people who have always toyed with the idea to go for it - it's dead easy! :)

Do you fake tan? When did you first jump on the bandwagon?



  1. St Moritz is a great product!! Though I don't like the smell :(

  2. I love St Moriz dark as well!! gives you an even more darker and deeper tan. xx

  3. Yes! Fake tanning is the future. I love it, the whole process. I don't want to be orange but I feel so much better once I've got some colour. And obviously it's so much healthier to do it this way without the risk of cancer from a sun bed! I haven't tried the st moriz yet but it's definitely on my shopping to get in the near future! I like the L'oreal sublime range and Xen Tan. If St Moriz measures up though I'll obviously stick with the cheaper option! Looks great on you :)

  4. Ahh St Moriz is amazing for the price!
    Just can't go wrong :D
    Plus I quite like the biscuity smell.
    I only started using fake tan last year when I came back from abroad and I didn't want to loose my tan ^^

  5. great post!!!

  6. it looks so natural on you honey! i fake it every wk : ) fake bake beyond bronze is my fave xxx

  7. Oh St. Moriz! I really want to try that but I can't find any company that ships to my country :(

    It looks amazig on you.

  8. never tried this but I really want to, it looks so good! :)

    I'm having a mini giveaway if you wanna check it out! :) xx

  9. @Elizabeth - I'm torn about it lol, it's not a bad smell I just.. prefer not to constantly have to smell it I suppose lol!

    @Steph xox - Oo yeah I've seen you tweeting about that one, that one might save me using 2 layers of this actually! Maybe should switch after this one is done :)

    @Charli - LOL love it! :)

    @Rachel - I didn't know you fake tanned too! All these people fake-tanning, I had no idea lol. I don't think I could spend more than St Moriz to be honest, I actually have no complaints at all :)

    @Harriet - I think I'll be the same, I'm actually hoping to tan before I get there so the first few days by the pool isn't embarassing lol!

    @Lorena - Thanks love!

    @Miss Jones - Aww thanks babe! Ooo haven't tried that, is that the one that's quite pricey?

    @Rambling Rose - Thank you! Whereabouts are you? You should look through blogsales maybe, that's where I got mine :)

    @Hannah - Definitely recommend, it's like £3 or something anywhere :) Thanks love will take a look!

  10. Lol yeah, I've been conserving my supplies though because I can't afford to keep buying it so that's probably why you didn't know - I'm so pale at the moment I look ill! I get into a routine in the summer so I keep it for about four-five months :) I love it. Maybe when I can afford it I'll keep it all year round!

  11. I tried this for the first time last night and like you, I thought it would go horribly wrong. But it went great and I was happy with the result :)



  12. Everyone is raving about this product..I think I am the only person in blogsville not to have tried it.. but I will now!

  13. Great blog, great product! I love your post! You are a great writer! Please follow my blog, http://styleitgirl.blogspot.com/

  14. @Rachel - You most definitely do not look ill! Like I said earlier you have such porcelain pretty skin! Would definitely recommend St Moriz, I have no idea what Xen Tan is like, but it seems like a lot of people like St Moriz anyway :) Could be a more affordable alternative!

    @Terri - Haha I'm close to getting addicted, are you the same?

    @BritishBeautyBlogger - It's great would definitely recommend, and it's so cheap! :)

    @Style It - Thanks :)

  15. I've never used fake tan before, but my legs will definitely need it this summer!

    I've heard a lot about St Moriz & have seen it sold for something like £3, so I'll be giving it a go!

  16. I found this amazing fake tan product last year and I havent looked back. Everyone always asks what I use expecting me to say an expensive brand. The only bad thing about using this product is when I go to sleep I wake up with a white diamond shape where the fold of my elbow is because Iv slept funny and it rubs off.

    Love your blog.


    LOVE. X

  17. First thing I'll buy during my next ldn trip => ST MORITZ.
    It looks so natural :) Great review as I was worried it would looks theonlywayisessexesque :)


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