29 June 2013

Injury by Beauty.

A few weeks ago my friends and I sat discussing IPL treatments and whether they pose future health risks or not. I was personally on the sceptical side - for example, I was offered laser hair treatment for review once and turned it down precisely because of that fear!

Anyway, I was sent these survey results from First4Lawyers and having a gander through them, was surprised at who was getting hurt by beauty treatments and by which ones. While I shy away from cosmetic surgery and botox, it seems those aren't the treatments I should particularly by afraid of..

Men are more likely to suffer injuries through beauty treatments.
Seeing as most of my readers are women, I think we can all have a sigh of relief for this one. Out of the 193 people who suffered beauty-related injuries, 102 were men. 102. With UV tanning beds leading the way to injuring men, followed closely by eyebrow waxes and tints, it raises some questions doesn't it?! Whether it's because they're generally less informed or they're just generally an unlucky gender (pfft, as if..) - beauty treatments are coming after them.

Haircuts and dying are the leading cause of beauty injuries.
So I suppose the ladies' sigh of relief ends here - what are we supposed to do?! With chemicals, scissors and razors flying about I suppose it's no surprise, but always remember to do the patch tests and look out for butterfingered hairstylists and Sweeney Todd look-a-likes..?

Only 193 out of 1,500 ever got injured by a beauty treatment.
Let's end on a happy(ish) note, shall we? The survey showed that about 13 out of every 100 people had a beauty-related injury. So unless you're uber unlucky or you're the one hurting other people, I think we can rest assured that we'll survive the pre-holiday wax appointments..

There were several other interesting statistics as well - after hair cuts and dying, leg and bikini waxes were the most common sources of injury, whereas botox ranked the lowest at 2% - who, interestingly, were all men (although it really depends on how many people had even got botox out of the 193 respondents!). 

As make-up and beauty consumers, I suppose it's sometimes easy to forget the health and safety behind the industry but having been to salons and whatnot, it's a pretty big part of the industry for the professionals!

*Partnered post with First4Lawyers.
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28 June 2013

Incoming! Maybelline Baby Lips in the UK

You better believe it - they're finally coming! The Maybelline Baby Lips that took the United States by storm will be landing here in the UK from August 2013!

As you can see, the UK have been graced with six different flavours/shades with different purposes. From left to right:

HYDRATE.. a clear base with a lemon basil scent and SPF20.
MINT FRESH.. a clear base with a mint scent and SPF20.
INTENSE CARE.. a clear base with a cherry almond scent and SPF20.

PINK PUNCH.. a blue-based bright pink base with a passion fruit scent.
CHERRY ME.. a darker warmer pink base with a cherry scent.
PEACH KISS.. a sheer nude base with a peach scent.

As you can see, they've split three with SPF20 and some sort of care property and three with a tint.

I've had the opportunity of trying the Baby Lips that have been out in the United States and Japan, and I can say that the United States' and UK's formulas and packaging are very similar. In terms of formula, they're quite solid balms but absolutely melt on your lips and they're really quite slippery. However, the shades are different! So if you've read glowing reviews from the bloggers across the pond, don't you worry as you'll be getting the same deal over here :)

Although I've had the US and Japanese version for a while, I haven't used them religiously so I can't tell you as of yet how I feel about them in terms of their long-term effects but a few things I can say with conviction are their gorgeous bright packaging which clicks shut, the mouth-watering scents and the nice slip they give. My personal favourites are HYDRATE and PEACH KISS! :)

These will hit Boots and Superdrugs from August at £2.99 each.

Who's excited?!

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23 June 2013

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum

Call me a boring sod but I've always stuck with black eyeliner. Brown? Never. Navy? Once. Green? I tried. So I did wonder what was going on when I found myself wanting to try a purple liner. As with everything else though, I didn't want it to be so obvious.

One day I was invited down to Foubert's Place in London to take a look at Pixi's winter collection and was delighted to find a new addition that fit the bill. It was one of the coveted Endless Silky Eye Pen that's known to never budge and be as smooth as butter. The new shade was called Deep Plum.

Let's start with the cool bit. The thing that I love about Deep Plum is that it's not purple - it's plum. It has the brown tones that makes it natural-looking and less bold than black, but it maintains that purple tinge that makes brown eyes pop. I particularly loved this as part of a 'work look', whether it was by smudging along the lashline or sharpening it to use it as a winged liner. Both ways, it looked really natural, defined, and eye-popping.

The formula reminds me of a product that's really quite raved about across the pond, the Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil. It's super smooth, crazy pigmented and lasts an age. I think actually, that the Pixi one lasts longer and is less smudgy!

That being said, I also think it's a bit too smooth which can make it difficult to apply (I also think this about the Milani pencil and the Avon Supershock Gel Liner, which is also in a similar family). Sometimes after sharpening, the tip can break easily and it goes down quite quickly but it's nice to not have it drag across my eyelids too!

However, I get around this by using a stubby eyeshadow pencil or an angled brush and rubbing the product on it and then applying it. This lets me apply it in a thin line, and also push it into the lash line which also adds to the natural effect it has.

Ultimately though, one applied, this baby does not budge. It smudges when it first applies so you can do a smoke if you'd like, but after it dries it's not going anywhere and lasts the whole day. It also works amazingly as a primer all over your lid if you have a colour similar to the look you're doing - it makes all the eyeshadow on top stay on there for yonks! As I said, it's also super pigmented, so aside from the application, I can't fault the product at all.

There's no question that the Endless Silky Eye Pen is a winner - the colour especially is unique in the market and could make a big difference to a lot of women's make-up routines. The formula, while not completely unique, is gorgeous and I think if it wasn't in pencil form, would be much easier to use. Pixi also has a fatter eyeshadow pencil which I think must solve this problem. Either way, the brush trick works well for me and the formula, once applied, is flawless! Who knows, I may be sporting the True Teal or perhaps the Copper Glow next time around!

These pencils come in 10 different shades and retails for £11 on Pixi's website and ASOS.

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19 June 2013

Tips! Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

Who doesn't hate that sinking feeling when a raved about product fails to impress you? No one! So imagine my despair when the coveted Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel left nothing - not a mark, not a scuff on my contours when I first used it.

I blamed it on my NC35 complexion then, and hoped for paler days, which inevitably came. But alas, still nothing. That was until I watched a video by TiffanyD (that girl just keeps on giving!), and discovered that her way was a way that works for me. And since then, I've used nothing else!

Having reached for synthetic brushes all the time, I was slightly sceptical at dipping the natural-haired MAC 181SE into a cream product having heard nightmares of MAC 109 hairs floating about every other blogger's Soleil Tan de Chanel. However, it's made all the difference! While kabukis are huge outside the blogging community, I am as guilty as the next blogger to often shun them for fancier tools like buffing and stippling brushes.. on the plus side, the 181SE does NOT shed!

After I dip it in, I use a stippling motion where I want to product to be darkest. Cue straight orange line nightmares, but as soon as you do this, buff upwards and backwards and voila - glow. I find that the stippling really helps to concentrate most of the product in the necessary area and the short dense kabuki disperses the rest evenly to create a soft, glowing contour.

Now I completely understand why this product is SO raved about! It lasts for yonks, it's a nice soft warm tone, and it blends into a soft cloud of contouring pleasures! So for those who may have been in the same boat as me, I suggest you check out Tiffany's video and hopefully you'll fall head over heels like everyone else!

How do you use your Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel?
Or are you still lemming for this beauty!?

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16 June 2013

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss

Once in a while there is a product that upon first use, blows me out the water. I'm incredibly happy to report that the newly launched BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss is one of those!

It's pretty standard - a standard length, a standard doefoot applicator, clear tube with a black lid. It has a nice twist to it with a slanted top to the black lid, but otherwise, pretty standard.


I can't vouch for the lighter shades, but in the medium shade I have, it's fantastic. It's not opaque like a stain, but it's as pigmented as you'd expect a see-through based lipgloss to be.

Regarding the shade Maverick, specifically, I love it as a slightly darkened nude. It has a warm berry tone which is slightly darker and warmer than my natural lip colour, making it a darker, sophisticated but still natural lip colour. It's one of those shades I think will work for absolutely everyone and a great choice for those who need a toned down, yet defined lip.

This, I think, is what makes this product such a winner. As you can see below, the doe-foot applies so evenly and smoothly onto the lips, and creates a clean crisp line around the edges. The formula blurs out and fills in the small lines on your lips, and really 'fits' into your curves to give a perfect juicy pout. It wears like this until you have a drink etc., and the feeling is light yet smoothing, and neither sticky nor gloopy. Absolutely gorgeous, perfect finish! It also has a minty scent to it that keeps your lips feeling plump and tingly.

Overall, one of the best lipgloss formulas out there. I'm so in love with the visual effects but also the gorgeous feeling on the lips. It really does give you that confidence to be a bit of a moxie.. ;)

Have you tried the Moxie line?
What do you look for in a lipgloss?


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14 June 2013

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser SPF15

As some of you may know, I'm currently studying to be a solicitor. It's not often you see a solicitor wearing noticeable base make-up so I decided I wanted something very un-obvious and barely there, and thus justified my purchase of a tinted moisturiser a few days before my work experience.

I uhm-ed and ah-ed between several, but settled on the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser in Light to Medium. So far, I've absolutely loved it.

Perfect. Black, sleek (it's quite flat!) and easy to use. The screw top is nice and secure, but I think flip tops are slightly easier to use. Granted, it'd probably be a bit more prone to spillage in the baggage  (I had to rhyme..)!

Blendable and super easy to smooth out, and doesn't have the tacky feel that I think Laura Mercier's Oil-Free version has.

Sheer with fingers, but by stippling then blending/buffing with a brush, you get a decent amount - enough to visibly tone down any minor blemishes. The variety really appealed to me :)

Definitely the biggest selling point of the product. It's super glowy! When I first apply it, it just gives this gorgeous glow and radiance to your skin, and doesn't look too dewy, just very natural. It also seems to minimise the appearance of pores, and gives a smoother finish to your skin. Since I have dry/combination skin, it's nice and moisturising on my cheeks but it can get a bit dewy down the t-zone throughout the day. But I prefer that than it look cakey! I can highly recommend this for people with normal to dry skin! (FYI: The oil-free one was nice too when I tested it on my face in store, and I thought it had a bit more coverage than this one :))

In terms of wear, it wears really nicely and you can't actually see where it's worn - you just notice the coverage getting less and less. This is great because realistically, you can't expect the staying power of a tinted moisturiser to be great, and when it wears away nicely, you just have that ease of mind that your face isn't coming apart! Because of its packaging it's super easy to carry around too and reapply throughout the day.

All in all, I find this to be the perfect glowy natural-finish moisturiser, and a great counterpart to my MAC Studio Moisture Tint, which has a light coverage with a semi-matte finish. This one is moisturising, easy to use, comfortable and has an incredibly gorgeous finish and a perfect range of coverage. The packaging is really subtle yet stylish, and the price isn't horrendous at £28 for 50ml! Overall, an absolute winner I've been using almost everyday! :)

What's your favourite tinted moisturiser?
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7 June 2013

Maybelline The Eraser Eye

I think I speak for all us beauty lovers here in the UK when I say we get incredibly, incredibly jealous of our friends across the pond. Often times, they get collections first, they have a wider variety of drugstore brands and things are substantially cheaper on many brands.

That being said, on this occasion I am no longer green. One of the products I had specifically asked for from the lovely Jessica from Getting Cheeky, and one I've resisted raving about in hopes of it arriving in the UK - has finally arrived.

Left: Light (UK version); Right (US version)

The Instant Age Rewind, or the Erase Eye as they have decided to call it in the UK, is Maybelline's offering of a liquid undereye concealer with supposedly anti-aging properties and a really comfortable sponge-tip applicator.

I suppose the first thing to note is the packaging - I absolutely adore it. The sponge tip is so soft, fits nicely under the eye and I love how you can use every last drop with the twist mechanism on the bottle. Some might say it's unsanitary, but I'm not too fussed myself!

The formula is really good - it has high levels of pigment, it's very lightweight and never, EVER settles into fine lines (for me, anyway). It lasts me a good 6 hours or so. My mascara never transfers onto it, and it blends really well. Being a person quite prone to milia under the eyes, I know this doesn't add to it which means it probably doesn't have much oil at all.

The packaging also says it has treatment properties in it which I personally haven't really noticed. In fact, I find it dries up slightly after a while and find it slightly less comfortable than my higher end alternatives. But I suppose that's partially because I'm currently out of eye cream, and it's not really fair to ask for too much luxury from a drugstore product!

I also have pretty bad bags which means a concealer, no matter how good coverage, doesn't do the trick unless it has salmon in it. But don't get me wrong, the coverage on this is so amazing that I use it as a redness corrector, and to tone down my undereye circles for everyday - it covers about 80-90% of my horrendous bags. So if you have minor issues, this would correct it no problem. But I'm just especially sleep deprived..

Judging from my short use of the UK version (it's a bit light for me at the moment) it's very similar, if not the same, as the US version.

As far as I can tell, the UK has now got Light, Medium and Nude. Medium has been great for me between NC20-NC35. I know in the states, they have a pink based one called Neutraliser.. I think that's the one I need!

 Left: Medium (US version); Light (UK version)

So really, it's a great concealer and it ticks all the basic boxes that need to be ticked for a good concealer - coverage, lasting power, formula and packaging. So if that's what you're looking for, I can highly recommend this.

In fact, I think it's the best it can get without going that extra mile of a deserving high-end product (let's face it, lots of high end products aren't deserving of their price tags). If you're looking for a liquid concealer for multi-use of undereye and redness, or if you're looking for a drugstore one to use for touch up - this is it. If you thought the Collection 2000 one was cakey or the wrong shade, or if you found the Rimmel Wake Me Up to settle into fine lines, give this one a go. I can highly recommend it, but I suppose for personal preference, this is the perfect budget and make-up bag option for me :)

Have you been waiting for this to cross the pond?
What's your favourite undereye concealer?

This is available from Boots (in store, I can't find it online! :() and Superdrug for £7.99.

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