Review: LUSH Amandopondo!

Recently, I've been going through a LUSH addiction and last week when I went to visit Birmingham, I picked up a few things, including the Amandopondo bubble bar. This one has caught my eye several times but I'd always passed over it. This time, knowing how stressed I was going to be over Spring Break, its lemon-ey fresh scent caught my attention.

Now I know it's not Spring Break yet, but I busted this out after standing in the cold fundraising for 3hrs!

"Lemon oil and rose absolute to inspire new beginnings - If your New Year's resolution is to forgive and forget, then hop in the bath with one of these creamy white cakes. Sweet orange, lemon and rose oils ease a troubled mind and worried heart. Fans of our Ring of Roses soap will love Amandopondo's familiar fragrance, perfect for new beginnings."

The good news is, I 100% agree on the easing of the "troubled mind and worried heart bit". The smell of lemon is so subtle, fresh, inoffensive and calming and it really does feel like a full-body, internal & external detox.

The bad news is, I did not smell the orange, nor did I smell the rose, until I scrummaged around the bath for 5min looking for the rose and brought it to my nose.

Now I paid £2.50 for this, and while I adore the subtle and modest smell and the calming effect - I'm not quite sure it's worth the dosh for one bath. Why?

First, because it's not that bubbly. It has less bubble than 1/4 of a Comforter bubble bar.

Second, because there's no special colour - just a clean greenish blue bath that happens in some baths without anything in it.

Third, because the rose doesn't do anything and you could probably get the smell in a massive bottle in a drugstore for £2.

As you can see, it's nothing special.

I do, however, really really want to emphasize the detox effect this bath had on me. I don't know if it's because I was extra-tired and just needed any old bath or if it was the Amandopondo's magic, but due to this, I am tempted to try it one more time, just to see. So I probably will rebuy in the near future.

So in conclusion, I'd probably say go for it if you're stressed and you need a treat. Otherwise, this isn't for your everyday bath.

Anybody else tried this? Am I being too critical? :P



  1. I totally love Lush products - ideal treats!


  2. Haha I love how you had to scrummage for the rose! It sounds excellent in terms of the detoxing effect but I guess £2.50 for a one use thing is a little pricey. Saying that, I'm not one to really shy away from things just because they cost a bit more lol But you totally expect the bath to look a bit more exciting at least - like bright pink with loads of floating petals! That's what I would want anyway...

  3. This is my favourite! It's for those times I just can't decide what to use and go with my never-fail scent. Is your water sort of hard? I've heard of people upping the bubbles by adding a little bit of baking soda to the water to soften it

  4. I bought this a month ago and it's still sitting in my cabinet... I love the scent :)

  5. @Kirsti x - I do like them, I'm just not sure about this specific one in relation to the cost :)

    @Rachel - Yeah that would've been nice actually! The inner petals were actually brown when I picked all the petals.. was not visually pleasant, but it did smell nice if you really put your nose to it? :/

    @silver-aria - What do you mean by hard water? Hmm, I don't really have any baking soda but that's interesting, thanks for the tip! :)

    @MissA* - Yeah the smell is gorgeous I wouldn't disagree with that! :)


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