Mentions of the Week #2

This week hasn't been too interesting in terms of cosmetics, I'm not sure why! I haven't been too experimental, I haven't done a lot of shopping and whatnot. But I did dye my hair last night, which didn't go according to plan (or box) at ALL, so that should be an interesting post.. lol, until then here are my weekly mentions:

Bird Pattern Scarf from Vero Moda - £14

Received courtesy of ShopALike - See post here :) Been wearing this a lot, it's light, cozy and spices up any solid tops.

Eye Product:
 28 Neutral Palette - 2nd Row, 2nd Column - bought from Ebay

At one point this colour was too light as a highlight for me, but I've been going back to it and have been loving it for a defining highlight on the brows :)

Lip Product:
Lipice Original Lipbalm - Not sure if available in stores yet.

I got this from a giveaway from Daisyloves01 and I love the vanilla smell and the thickness of it. Great sweeter alternative to my Burt's Bees :)

Face Product:
L: Hard Candy Blush in Bombshell; R: MAC MSF in Light Flush (LE)

I couldn't really put one without the other because it's the combo that I've been wearing everyday. I put Bombshell on the caved-in side of my cheek, and Light Flush on the rest.

I got Bombshell from Mandy in a swap, and Light Flush from Sinead's blogsale :) A good UK dupe for the Hard Candy blush is the Accessorize blush in the same name (and pretty much same packaging lol).

MAC Brush Cleaner - £8.50

I bought this after realising that deep cleaning them every few days may be damaging for them. So I invested in one of these for spotcleaning :) Will do a post in the near future!

Party Animal X Silver Studs - £4.99

I've been wanting a nice silver stud for my second piercing. Was a bit hesitant to get a boring ball or a clear gem, so I was ecstatic when I found this! Super cute and full of character :)

 NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Tokyo - £23.50

I swatched some of their eyeshadows in Space NK yesterday and loved them! So this one, for its colour and its name (:P) is my next want :)

Does anyone know if the NARS cream eyeshadows or even the powder eyeshadows are any good?

What have you found to deserve a mention this week? :)



  1. The scarf is gorgeous, I love things with birds on! It's like a mini monthly favourites!


  2. Aw like these posts! :) oh no hope your hair is okay! Mine didn't quite go to plan either,blimmin red hair is hard to get rid of! x

  3. There are so many Nars products I want atm! That scarf is gorgeous xx

  4. I just bought my first eyeshadow from NARS recently, I got Ashes to Ashes and I really love it. Go swatch that one, it's a beautiful taupe color with some sheen to it.

  5. I want a Nars duo so bad. This one looks beautiful!

  6. I love the scarf and the earrings, very sweet! :)

  7. @Izzy - Thank you :)

    @Sarah - Haha yeah I'm pretty bad at monthly favourites cuz I use so many different things so I might replace them with these!

    @Corrie - Aww thank you :) Yeah, so is black! All my highlights are gone as well lol, I only had them in for half a year. Not great for the price I paid!

    @Carlito86 - Same! Really want to get to know their brand :) Thanks love!

    @Tracy D - I saw that one, but I quite liked Cairo cuz Ashes to Ashes looked quite similar to Satin Taupe :) Good to hear they are good quality though!

    @Vida - Me too! I still haven't decided on this one, but the name is excellent ;P

    @tiffyama - Thanks! :)

    @Gemx - Thank youuuu :)

  8. The MAC MSF and Nars eyeshadows are on my wishlist now!


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