3 February 2015

Hair: Sorted.

If any of you remember much of what I ever said about hair, I'd be quite impressed because really, hair is not my forte.

Before Christmas I got my hair cut at this lovely place in Canary Wharf called Bouton de Rose (discounts available through Wahanda - winning!), and since then I've donned the layers that I'd missed sooo much. With this change came the need to adjust aka create my hair styling routine. I suppose when you feel more confident about your hair and are not constantly wanting to put it in a top knot, you actually start caring about how it looks!

Being a hair novice, despite having LOTS of it since the minute of my birth, my current 'routine' boils down to these two products..

The L'Oreal Studio Line Boost & Gloss Volume Mousse
I haven't touched a mousse since high school, but I saw a colleague using this and decided to dig mine out that I'd got in a press event a while back - definitely hit goldmine. I scrunch this into my whole hair when it's damp, first by focusing on the roots then spreading a pump along the lengths, and once you blow dry, it gives you amazing, brilliant, fantastic volume. It's not heavy, greasy or hard and it just gives you that touch of texture to jazz things up a bit alongside the volume. Quite literally fab.

The John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Agent
I initially bought this for my Gran when she visited the UK and had forgotten her haircream - bizarre. Anyway, this is great for when 1) I curl my hair 2) brush my hair and have super static or 3) all the time. When I curl my hair, I tend to brush it through and it brings it all together into nice, neat bunches without clumping or looking too fake. 2) and 3) kind of fall into the same category, in that whether it's static or generic frizz, this cream is light enough that it won't clump your hair, but it will just make sure your hair keeps its shit together. It's also super economical - a pea sized amount is enough for my whole hair!


P.S. Apologies again for the downgrade in photo quality - it's due to my new, 'mobile blogging' style! Read more about where I've been/what I've been up to in my last post.
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2 February 2015

The Beauty of Working.

So.. it's been a while.

My life has changed quite a lot in the past couple of months - I've started a new job that I love, which has brought with it, studying to become a chartered accountant, and living in Paris during the week. I'm also getting closer and closer to my wedding day.

There were some days when beauty and the thoughts about blogging was on pause. I've noticed that I don't remember the last time the end of the month provoked me to think about monthly favourites. But I also have continued to buy and try different products, and there are some press samples that I've received over the past few months that I really want to review for you guys.

It came to about mid-January when I thought: I really miss blogging. But because of how my life has changed, I don't think I'll be doing it with the same purpose as I did before. I feel like having got rid of that pressure to 'grow up' will let me be more free and independent with this blog, and I really hope that comes across. I'm also no longer a student in the most basic interpretation of the word, and the way I see products and how they play a role in my everyday life will change as well.

The best example of that is the amount of travelling that I've been doing, which is why this first post (after the long ramble that you may or may not have skipped - don't blame you at all) will be about some of the things I've been bringing to France. And because I am now travelling with my brand spanking new ASUS Transformer which, despite being a great product, has a camera that can only be described as of a 'dated' quality - my photos may not be as great but let's just pass that off as a genuine, err, example of my life? Who knows.

So these are some my favourite products that have been crossing the Channel with me, week in week out.

My go-to scent for work has been the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, which I see as quite an inoffensive and sophisticated smell that isn't sweet or floral. The Urban Decay NAKED 2 Basics has also been a staple, and it contains cool-toned matte colours that hit the nail on the head for me in terms of work looks. Their formulas are still not my favourite, but you can't beat them for great, practical palettes.

The newcomers include the Maybelline LASH Sensational Mascara and the MUFE Aqua Shadow in 28E (can you tell I've been visiting Sephora on my lunch hour?). The former has blown my mind at how it separates the lashes and gives you a full effect, and it's not so bad for curl-holding either despite not being waterproof - which, coming from me, means it'll most likely be fine for you. The MUFE Aqua Shadow DOES. NOT. BUDGE. It's also a great shade, and given I've run out of primer, this has been slathered all over my lids since last week.

I've also recently purchased the Anastasia DIPBROW Pomade in Dark Brown which I've absolutely adored for it's flexible ability to create exactly the shape and darkness you want on any given day. My DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX is a repurchase after receiving it as a press sample a few years ago. My eyelids do not like sponge tips, and this brush tip liner is super fine and and easy to use.

Lastly, I can't possibly go without mentioning my new go-to winter lipstick - the MAC Blankety. I bought it to replace my MAC Faerie Glen, and I've fallen in love with this cool-toned nudey pink shade. The Amplified formula makes it even more lush for the winter cold (and let me tell you - Paris has been FREEZING). It had been a very long time since I bought a MAC lipstick, and I got to experience that amazing feeling of a new lipstick - what is it about them that does that?!

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25 October 2014

#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bare Look #3

Here we are - the last post for my Westfield #BareFacedorBold challenge! We're finishing off with a 'bare' look, and I must say - this is probably my favourite of the lot.

Before I start this look thought, I just wanted to say that I surprised myself during this challenge at how much I enjoyed creating the Bold looks. I suppose coming up with Bare looks are like a day-to-day thing, but when it comes to a chance to really let loose and play with bright colours? Not often. So this was lots of fun, and I encourage you to dig up that lime green eyeshadow you questioned yourself about in the past - it could lead to fun and wearable looks!

Bare #3

Ultimately, I suppose this is my version of a 'cut crease' look. I like to use this technique with a variety of colours, as I love that strong contrast between the eyelids and the crease. It not only makes the eyeliner stand out beautifully, but it also makes the lashes stand out, but still being able to have that dimension using the second shade.

The gorgeous part about this look is the contrast between the stark yet warm Rice Paper and the cool-toned matteness of Copperplate. I hope you liked it!

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!

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