Spot Cleaning with MAC Brush Cleaner!

When I first got the MAC brush cleaner, I was a little bit confused - how do I use this? In the end, I gathered some tips from YouTube, and found a way to use it that works great for me so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)

I know a lot of people are going to be like, why would you spend so much on a bottle of MAC's brush cleaner if you can use a baby shampoo? Well, I do use baby shampoo! But I don't have the money or the need to buy more than 1 of each brush, nor do I have the time to deep clean my brushes every night. I also started wondering if all this deep cleaning was even that great for my brushes! And for those of you who still don't think I can justify the £8.50 - honestly, I want the best for my brushes considering the amount I've spent on them, and don't want to risk it with a brush cleaner that might be cheaper but more damaging to the bristles.

Anyway, on to the 'tutorial'/review! Basically what I do, is fill a spray bottle with 50% MAC brush cleaner and 50% water - you can see the difference in colour here:

And then spray it on the bristles (not the ferrule!) against a dirty towel who has kindly dedicated his life and soul to assisting me in brush cleaning.. I wouldn't suggesting spraying the towel, because it would absorb most of the product and not transfer to the brush. This is my Sigma E35.

And then swirl it gently on the towel until bristles are clean! Remember to always go with the grain,  and spray and reswirl (?) as necessary.

So there you have it!

This dries in like a minute, and I can safely say it's been a very good addition to my vanity! I would rate this product 8/10, mainly because it's kind of hard to use, a bit impractical for foundation brushes, and also because it's not amazing in the sense that my white bristles still stain over time.

But with this method, because you dilute it with water, and you get 235mL in the first place, you get a LOT of use out of it for £8.50. Would recommend! :) Nothing but the best for those pricey brushes <3

How do you spot clean?

P.S. This post is very pink, isn't it.. lol.


  1. See I just tend to put some of the brush cleaner into the lid, dip a brush in and swirl it round on some kitchen roll. Works like a charm for the little brushes!


  2. I love this product, i use it to clean my brushes too. :) I also have one my elf Cosmetics but its not as good as this one :)

    Im having a giveaway going on at my blog, please check it out :) Xoxo Christine

  3. I usually spray a couple pumps of my brush cleaner (Lise Watier at the moment) on a folded paper towel then swipe or swirl the brush on that. I do this pretty much every time I use a brush..whether it's an eye brush, foundation, etc. Then I shampoo my brushes every few weeks. Maybe a little obsessive :)

  4. I think I'll buy this soon because I'm starting to invest in brushes and I'd rather use something a bit more gentler on them too and you gotta love the MAC :)

  5. Ooh I like these tips. I usually pour my mac brush cleanser on a paper towel... but it does seem to be a little wasteful. I love cleaning my brushes =)

  6. @Sarah - Oo that doesn't sound bad either, Idk why I didn't think of that lol!

    @Christine - Yeah I contemplated getting that one but I just figured I'll go for this one - sounds like I made the right choice! :)

    @Tracy D - I'm the same, I spot clean everyday and deep clean them once a week! :) I've never heard of Lise Watier, must be in America only!

    @Rachel - Hell yes! ;)

    @Vida - Me too, haha it's such a nice feeling to use a clean brush! :)

  7. I really need to do this because I waste so much product when I clean my brushes! It spills everywhere, haha.

  8. hi i want to buy the mac brush cleanser and i want to ask you why you do water in the spray bottle with the cleanser? i want to try it too :)


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