29 February 2012

February (Leap Year!) Favourites

So I tweeted last night saying I might not do a favourites, but when I realised it was leap year, I was like.. as if I'm going to wait til 2016 to have a leap year post!

"But Yu!" you might ask, "why weren't you going to do a favourites?" (lol I'm so cringe sometimes). Because, my lovely readers, I've just been so busy that I've literally been slapping on whatever the hell I feel like, and because I've been rotating eyeshadows everyday, I haven't developed many favourites in that either. That being said, I had one very firm favourite and a few others I've been loving so I thought I'd do that - ALL IN THE NAME OF LEAP YEAR!

Yes, a handcream. This is the L'Occitane Hand Cream that I've been using for a good few months now and have absolutely adored from the start to the end. I slathered this on my hands when it first started getting cold and dry, I use this on my cuticles for a temporary fix, and I even used it on my face when it was incredibly dry in Australia (and my nose was peeling - not fun). In my honest opinion, this is a thicker, sweeter smelling, posher alternative to the Nivea Soft. So if you like the Nivea Soft, but think it's a bit too thin, or want to treat yourself - this is the one to go for. As you can see, I've already bought a back up!

Now these are the bits and bobs that have impressed me in the latter half-ish of the month..

1. Bourjois Healthymix Serum Foundation
(First time I've ever noticed smaller pores resulting from a product, and it softens the look of the skin, and has evening-out sort of coverage. Tbh, only worn twice :P)

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 03
(My new favourite pink nude - absolutely gorgeous pigmentation, softness and lasting power. Great suggestion by the lovely Lisa.)

3. Stila Convertible Colour in Rose
(I'll just shush and give you a link.)

4. ELF Complexion Perfection Powder
(This has the flaw of giving you a slightly lighter finish than you bargained for, but by god it gives you the softest looking skin EVER! Review here - although it's been that long I'm slightly afraid I'll disagree with myself now lol.)

5. MAC 130
(I'm hoping to do a review on this brush, but it's my go-to now for loose and cream blushers. It gives such a gorgeous, perfect finish, it's so incredibly handy, practical, and multi-tasking!)

6. MUA Great Lips Lip Balm*
(Somehow, I love this so much more than the Sleek Pout Polishes. This one has enough pigmentation to naturally nude out my lips, it's surprisingly not sticky, the artificial vanilla scent isn't as sickly as Sleek's, and it surprisingly strangely moisturizes.. nothing like a balm though, more like if a creamy lipgloss and a balm had a baby!)

Top to Bottom: MUA Lip Balm, Stila Convertible Colour, Rimmel Lasting Finish.

Sorry for the lack of video guys, but there was no way I was going to find time to do one :( I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway, and please bare with me while I attempt to complete my degree and come out the other end still sane (or as sane as I was before :P).

Have you tried any of these goodies? :)
What was your favourite for the month?
Any girls proposing today? ;P

*MUA Lip Balm received for consideration.
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27 February 2012

Review: ELF Mineral Eyeshadows and Blush

As you guys may know, I'm a bit of a nervous wreck around loose products. My balance is good, my hand eye coordination is good but there's just something about loose powders that make me.. nervous.

But I thought I'd give these a shot anyway! These are some of the products from ELF's mineral line. From the far back is the Caffeinated and Golden eyeshadow and Rose blush.

Top to Bottom: Rose, Caffeinated and Golden.

As you can see, you can't fault the pigmentation - they are absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the blusher shade, as it looks like such a natural flush, and the sheen on the eyeshadows are just phenomenal!

My least favourite was Caffeinated, as I found it was a struggle to blend. I put my brush down and dragged, but most of the product seemed to stay where the brush hit the skin, and no matter how much I pulled down, it wouldn't budge and it ended up in me adding more product on. I think you can see that the right half of the swatch is very faint.

Golden is a pretty standard gold, very sheeny and gorgeous! It was also not too much of a pain to blend, just a bit of fall out really but the staying power was great if used on top of a base like MAC's Soft Ochre Paint Pot.

Rose - now this one is a true winner! The shade is so natural, the finish is so soft! But the problem with this one is that you really need the right brush. I found that the MAC 109 laid down too much product and didn't blend well, and I found that a typical powder brush was the same. The best brush, I found, was the MAC 130 - a short, duo-fibre brush, which picked up enough product evenly (as it's flat) and the bristles were soft enough to blend it. This gave an astonishing finish - shot the blush up to "never used" to one I reach for quite often now!

The staying power, pigmentation and colour is unquestionable, they're great! And for £3/£3.50, it seems the only thing I'd say is to have the right brush for the blush and prepare for fall-out with the eyeshadows. So I'd say if you like loose products you would love these - they are great value for money, and very high quality. That being said, if you are a nervous wreck around loose powders like me, these will be no different from most other experiences - but the key seems to be in the brushes :)

Do you like loose powder products?
How do you feel about the ELF mineral line? :)

You can buy these from the ELF Cosmetics UK site (or the US site): eyeshadows from here, and the blushers from here.

*Received for consideration.
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22 February 2012

A Bit of a Treat :)

I've got my first internship! No, it's not beauty-related so I wont go on about it, but the same day I heard back, I was meant to meet Emma at Westfield. Now Emma, if you know her, LOVES to make people buy stuff :P So of course, I walked away from the place a happy owner of..

The Stila Convertible Color in Rose

I'd been made aware of this by my favourite enabler, Anna, and saw her pop it out one time at dinner and I couldn't help but notice how pretty and sleek the packaging was, and how useful it would be to live in my make-up bag, as a cheek & lip duo! I'd been looking for a dark rosey shade so I thought this would be perfect :)

It's pulling a bit orangey in the photo above (I do hate not being home during sunlight!), but it's more rosey than anything. On my cheeks it turns a nice medium rose, and on my lips it gives such a nice, natural pigmented tint. I know those two words sound slightly oxymoronic, but it's like you can see your lips through the product, but it's pigmented enough to make a difference. This shade especially compliments and adds a slight pinkness to my already pigmented rose-coloured lips :) The texture is glossy but not sticky, and it's strange because it does feel slightly wet, but it feels drying.. this is good in the sense that the pigment lasts a long time, but for those of you who don't like dry lip products, lip balm may be good to use with it :)

As for a cheek colour, I could not believe the staying power! I have never seen anything last so long! I applied my foundation and popped some of this on (which, btw, is so blendable and easy with your fingers - even more of a make-up bag item) and powdered with a translucent powder. When I got home 8 hours later, I kid you not, it hadn't budged or worn. Incredible! I'm also glad I chose a shade that is quite universal to any look I could be wearing, so it really does work living in my make-up bag. That being said, it's just so gorgeous that it's a bit of a waste to reserve it for top-ups so I think it might actually start living in my vanity anyway! :)

I also love that the packaging is very cute, sleek, has a mirror inside, subtle and colour-coded! It's just so user-friendly in all ways possible - packaging, utility, shades - it's crazy!

I'm not gonna lie guys - I want another shade. Lillium and Peony also looked gorgeous!
You can get these from ASOS for £16, or from Boots stores that stock Stila.

Have you tried these babies before? :)

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21 February 2012

What Beauty Boxes Should Be Like..

In the past couple of months, I've had my share of beauty boxes, and out of the 10 or so that I've tried, I've never had a resounding, neverending excitement about a box. My reaction was almost always like, "Hmm, interesting" or "Ooo that'd be nice to try", and this was often after an initial excitement after viewing spoilers, only to feel a bit average when actually getting the products.

I'm not going to lie, I like getting these boxes - I get Glossyboxes and Jolieboxes sent for consideration, and I like getting to try stuff inside. But would I be happy to pay for any of the boxes I've gotten so far? Nope. I even stopped subscribing to Feel Unique after 2 months. But this month - a miracle happened. My ideal box was plopped in my pigeon box, and it was from the veterans of UK beauty boxes, Glossybox. This is what I got:

*Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser
*Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel
*Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Treatment Oil
*BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
*BECCA Beach Tint Watermelon

Why is it my ideal box? Here are a few reasons..

1. Variety.
This box had a good mix of your everyday items, and items you wouldn't really buy very often, and I think a mix is important. It's important to throw things in like shower gels, which are easy to use up and fun to try. But it's also important to put in something different, like a hand sanitizer, make up (and in a useable shade!) or a hair treatment oil that we may not already have, or we go through slowly, which means we haven't had any variety in our routine for a while. I think this keeps it interesting and practical at the same time.

2. Affordability.
Looking through my little information paper, all full-sized products are under £30. Now getting a £90 oil is lovely and like a luxury, but realistically am I REALLY going to go out and get another one? I think keeping things under the £50 mark atleast makes products worth 'trying' in the purest form of the meaning!

3. Interest.
I thought the brands they chose this time were impeccable. Ranging from brands we've heard of, but that hasn't really hit "cult" status yet, like BECCA and BM Beauty, to brands I have never even seen before like Dr Bronner and Como Shambhala. When I opened the box it was a mix of, "OMG I've always wanted to try them!" and "Ooo, what is THAT?!" Now this may be subject to a bit of bias, as BECCA and BM Beauty have always been on the top of my list of brands I'm curious about.. but I think they have a similar presence in many bloggers' minds.

4. Novelty.
This kind of falls under all the categories, like new brands, new types of products, new formulas etc., and I think it's important to have a consistent "wow" factor in all the products. People don't want to know that they'll get another moisturizer this month, and we get bored of getting things from the same brands from different beauty box companies. I felt like this box was novel in every possible way!

Now rewind a month back, and if someone had asked me what my ideal box would be, I couldn't have told them. But I think dissecting why I got so excited about this box, that these 4 things sum it all up. It was just a well-balanced, new and different collection of products that made it fun to read through everything, and find out what they were about! Whether you'll get on with the products is never really up to the boxes - but I think choosing a great combination of products to stir interest is hard, if not harder, than just choosing out a product that may work on a random person. So no doubt about it - 5 stars and a huge pat on the back to Glossybox! :)

Edit: That being said, I've been alerted to some of the other boxes that have been received and they are far from impressive. This is a continuing sad fact about beauty boxes that I've definitely been on the receiving end of before, and it's always frustrating and sometimes even slightly offensive? I just want to emphasize that the views I wrote was based on the box I received, and am in no way endorsing the difference in quality of boxes - that is probably the next step that Glossybox, and many other boxes, need to work on - and quick!

What did you think about Glossybox this month?
Have you had your ideal box come through yet? :)


P.S. Apparently they are bringing out a mystery box next month - I'm usually not one to go for hypes (like Glossybox's Christmas or Valentine's boxes) as I always find myself disappointed, but this sounds a bit intriguing! They're releasing some details on Friday here. I do hope they keep up the standards in next month's box too!

*Received for consideration.
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16 February 2012

Perfect Nude, I Heart U

Nude is one of the most confusing description of a colour, ever! What is nude for me, may not be nude for you, and what you consider nude may be very different to what I would say is nude.. Now most of you probably know I've found my perfect nude lipstick (whatever that means lol), and while I have a few favourite nude nail polishes, one has recently entered the ranks - and at only £2.

This is I <3 U from the recent Love Hearts collection from MUA. I wasn't keen on this when I first saw it, because I was like "Oh, the token nude, the typical nude, the everyone-goes-for-it nude." It's not often I admit I'm wrong (I am stubborn, but not enough to admit I'm not stubborn :P), but I was incredibly wrong.

Isn't it just the most gorgeous nude? It's a pinky-peach nude, with a strong milky undertone which makes it both elegant, pretty and cute at the same time. Although I'm medium skin-toned, I can imagine this working for most other skintones, as it's quite neutral in tone and it's not so pale that it would pull white on darker skintones.

Most of the time when I can't stop staring at my nails, it's because there's something glittery or in-your-face on them - rarely has a nude been able to do that, so major kudos to MUA for this gorgeous shade!

It wouldn't be a Let's MakeYuUp review without some whinging (not gonna lie :P), and for £2 there's not much whinging that's worth while. But I will forewarn that the picture above was with 4 coats, and layers were only applicable after the previous layer was completely dry. As the brush is round and kind of brittle, the application was quite streaky. That being said, because the formula is incredibly thin, layers dry incredibly fast, it's not a problem if you overload your brush with product so as to avoid too much contact between the nail and the brush, and even with 4 layers, it really doesn't feel or look that heavy.

To be honest with you, for £2 and such a gorgeous colour I wouldn't think twice to run out and get this (I'd get a back-up if cheaper nailpolishes didn't have a history of major clumpage). It's a gorgeous, romantic, cute and fun shade that will never get old :)

What's your favourite nude polish?
Some other favourites of mine include OPI Dulce de Leche and OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy :)

*Received for consideration.
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15 February 2012

Make Up, Personality and Being a Blogger.

Eyeshadows have been my favourite things to buy since day one. I used to love playing with an Elizabeth Arden set from Duty Free that my mom gave me (she wears NO make up), and it hasn't died since! So as you can imagine I've accumulated a whole bunch of eyeshadows, and besides my MAC palette and UD Naked Palette, they've all been a left a little unloved..

So I've set myself a task to ignore my MAC palette and UD Naked Palette until I've worn atleast one colour from every palette, and every single eyeshadow I own.

I'm not going to lie - I haven't enjoyed the looks that I've been wearing recently, and I wonder - is it because I just don't like the colours anymore, is it a mental block because I know there's a reason why I don't wear them regularly, or is it because they're not what I'm into right now (and I'll wear them when I'm looking for that kind of colour)?

I find make-up really shows what kind of person you are. I've always been a bit of a bipolar when it comes to "goods", in that I love minimalist, chill-ed out, an immaterial lifestyle - but I also love STUFF, especially when it's pretty or it's meaningful in anyway. In reality, I really want to be a "non-blogger" kind of girl, where I just have a two or three choices, I use products up, and move on to new things but I've long gone past the point of making that possible any time soon. I also think though, that for me, make-up is like clothes - I like wearing things that express what I want to look like that day, and I think the power of make-up to change your face is amazing, and that's what I like doing.

So does that make it acceptable to have such a huge range of choice, even if they're all things you'll use one day? As a blogger, and make-up being my hobby, surely I'm "allowed" to have more than the average Joe (or Josephine, lol)? If bloggers had a collection of 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushers and 2 foundations - will blogging really be that fun?

These days I've been aiming to find the middle ground. Until yesterday, I hadn't wanted or bought make-up for a month, because I just didn't need or want anything - then I went mental and bought 2 lipsticks (although they were 2 I've wanted for ages), and suddenly I want 2 blushers as well! Is that a balance? Is that good enough? Make-up is so not as superficial as everyone makes it out to be - but it may also not be as deep as I make it out to be ;P

I think this is something that crosses every blogger's mind at one point, so I thought I would open it up for inputs and discussions from everyone else - I'm not gonna lie, I didn't write this post to make a point, or to give tips - I'm as lost as anyone really! :) At the moment, I'm thinking of going with how I am now - if I really want something, get it. If not, don't - and don't think too much into it!

So.. what about you? :)

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14 February 2012

My Valentine's Lipstick..

Valentine's is a funny day. It's an excuse to confess your love to an unsuspecting crush, it's another day gone by that you don't have an other half, or it's a day to celebrate your relationship with all the couples around the world. It's a holiday that really divides opinion if you think about it - it's like Christmas, but more emotional, less religious and less potential for political incorrectness. Anyway, I digress.

Last year I showed you my Valentine's Day nails, and this year I thought I'd share with you the gorgeous baby pink lipstick that I'll be wearing tonight!

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Bikini Pink 08

And would you believe, it was an early Valentine's Day present from the boy :)
He did, however, end the gift-giving with something along the lines of, "Don't get used to it." :P

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? :)
I'm off for dinner and some Michael McIntyre with my better half!


P.S. Thank you so much to all 1,305 readers out there! :) I've been absolutely over the moon because of it, thank you! :)
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13 February 2012

Review: The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder

I love powder - it's like a finishing touch that sometimes can make or break your make up, and really adjust your foundation (or skin)'s look! My search for the perfect powder is nowhere near the end - but I'm not exactly sick of looking either. This time, I tested out The Balm's Sexy Mama Translucent Powder.

The packaging is cute. It has a little cardboard sleeve, and comes in a little magnetized book-style cardboard case with a cute vintage illustration on it. It's definitely a different take on cosmetics packaging which is different and fun (a bit Benefit-esque at the least). The size is tiny, slim and because it's made with cardboard, it's incredibly light so perfect for on the go!

That being said, I found that the cardboard had some downs. When my brush would graze over the rims after picking up some powder, it would stain the cardboard and I'm guessing with continued use, the edge would soon be skin-toned stained. I know some people may not like the fact that the corners will start wearing after a while as well!

I also love that it has a mirror (any designer who designs powder that doesn't have a mirror should be fired *cough* MAC MSFN *cough*), which definitely adds to the on-the-go status of this product!

The product itself was really unique, and would be perfect for people with certain needs. I'll divide the evaluation in two parts - the "translucent" claim and the "anti-shine" claim.

Most of the powders I've tried that claim to be translucent, aren't, but this came close. The shade in the pan looks too light for me, yet I never found that it translated on my skin. It gave no additional coverage and I quite liked that because sometimes topping up with pigmented powders can add to the cake. That being said, I always noticed a slight cast of ashyness when I was done powdering my whole face - probably due to the pink tones of the powder. But it wasn't so "in your face" enough for me to completely write it off, or for me to throw it out - I am a bit of a scrutinizer in general anyway, so take that for what you will! :P

For me, this powder prolonged the oil from coming out for an hour or so (I have an incredibly oily t-zone!), but it also maintained the look I had pre-powder. So basically - this is truly an anti-shine, preventative powder, rather than a mattifying powder. I used to think they were the same thing, but it's not. This powder will leave your skin looking the way it was, but add a little barrier so your oil wont come through as fast. I would say that this "barrier" would be great for averagely/minimally oily skinned people and would be perfect for people who don't like the matte look or people who always blot before they powder :)

Sexy Mama is a great innovation in the sense that it uniquely targets a certain demand in the market, that isn't widely fulfilled - a powder that won't mattify, that is translucent, but will still control the oil. So if that sounds up your street - look no further! But for those of us who it doesn't - I'm a bit too oily and yellow-toned - our search continues! ;)

You can get The Balm Sexy Mama Powder at a discount from Find Me A Gift.co.uk for £12.99 :)


*Received for consideration.
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9 February 2012

Event: MUA & Love Hearts

Last night I tubed my way to Piccadilly Station to the MUA's launch event for their Love Hearts collection. The last time I had Love Hearts was three Valentine's ago (when I bought them for the boyfriend, said boyfriend fell asleep, I got hungry and.. well.. oops.), so I was quite excited to be surrounded by them as well as to peruse the new collection!

A few cheeky cocktails with Anna, Corrie & Laura beforehand ;)

How cute are the names?

Sam did my nails for me! :)

There were loads of fun things about the event - the crapload of Love Hearts, jammy syrupy juices from jam jars, the venue, as well as a nail bar to try out some of the shades! Aisling and I got ours done, and I picked the pastel yellow shade from the collection. The picture makes them look a lot brighter, but they remind me a lot of eggs.. lol! It's not exactly pastel and it's not exactly white-less.. a bit awkward, in a sense but it also makes it a hard to dupe shade. However, I found that even with 2 coats, the formula kinda sank in to my ridges, which usually doesn't happen with other varnishes!

We were sent home with a really heavy goodie bag - the culprit of which I found out was a huge amount of Love Hearts! Get. In. My favourite of the ones they sent me was this CUTE limited edition tin I took to uni today ;) That is going to be the cutest storage mechanism after I'm done :P

As you can see, the goodie bag consisted of some of the new Love Hearts Collection as well as some of their new releases, like their Nail Quake glitter shatter polishes, Out There Plumping lip glosses and 3 in 1 Extreme Contour Eyeliner.

I swatched the 3-in-1 Extreme Contour Eyeliner on my hand, and they were very soft, but sheer in texture and had almost a wet finish - I imagine they'd make great bases for eyeshadow, but not quite sure they wouldn't crease if left on their own with such a thin consistency! The shades I got were Gun Metal, a dark silver, and Smoked Plum - both of which are GORGEOUS. I thought I wouldn't like these, but I'm REALLY eager to try them because the shades are wearable, packaging is sturdy and high-end looking, and the formula seems really easy to use!
The Love Hearts nail polishes - the shades are ADORABLE. I honestly could not pick a favourite out of the line because they are all lovely. But I do think you may need 3 coats which is a bit much - but I suppose it really isn't for £2! The 2 I got were U ROK which is a purpley shade and I <3 U (I think they missed a Y somewhere, what do you think ;P) which is a nude - both right up my street!

I haven't had the chance to use the others, but the Out There lipglosses look absolutely gorgeous. A bit long in size, but slim and easy to carry. They look pigmented and I love doe-foot applicators so I was very happy it wasn't a brush ;P I got the shades Candy Pink and Sienna - both of which are gorgeous, and since I'm trying to get back into lipglosses, I'll be using these quite a bit. The Nail Quakes I got were Shattered Ice and Gold - a bit over done in the market in terms of concept and shade, but they have other shades like blue, green and pink which I think are funner and newer :) I know everyone was really excited about the Lip Balms, but the fact that the packaging is exactly in the shape of Sleek's Pout Polishes, down to the little lip at the bottom rim of the clear part, and the smell is vaguely similar - it makes me wonder if I'll like them, as it seems it may have been made by the same manufacturer? Either way, I'll be giving Hot Lips and Great Lips a whirl :)

I'm going to be honest, MUA is not a brand I often turn to. I use their clear gel mascara for my brows when I go out, and have their duochrome purple eyeshadow for nights out, and that's about it! But I do think they are good quality for the price, and find a lot of their single eyeshadows, powders and blushers visually appealing! Hopefully these will open my eyes up more, and urge me to try those 3 some time :)

What do you think about the Love Hearts range? :)
Will you be picking anything up?

Thank you so much to the MUA team for a wonderful night and all the lovely goodies! :)


*Goodie bag received for consideration.
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8 February 2012

January Empties 2012

In an ideal world, I would get all these monthly posts crammed at the end of the month but alas - life happens. So here are the products that I used up in January (I didn't cheat and include December's - well proud!)

1. Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo
2. Dior Oil Cleanser
3. Arbonne FC5 Hand Cream*
4. Phyto Conditioner for Coloured Hair*
5. LUSH Happy Hippy
6. Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic*
7. MUJI Toner in Moist
8. Bourjois Compact Powder
9. Yojiya Blotting Sheets (not pictured.. forgot :P)

If you wanna see brief reviews and whether I'd repurchase or not repurchase, have a watch of the video (in HD ;))!

How are your empties going (if you're attempting them)?
I'm worried I wont finish anything this month cuz I've finished everything that was close to being done! :P


*Received for consideration.
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5 February 2012

Foundation Collection Video

As you may know, foundations is one of my favourite things to research and one of my favourite things to try so I though it was only appropriate for me to do a collection video! :) Since I recorded this I've sold a few things, so I did have to chop it up a bit so I hope the flow's not too bad. Here it is anyway!

Are any of your favourites in there? :)
Let me know if you want any in depth reviews on any of the bases!


P.S. Here's the link to the Diorskin Forever review and a link to a Missha BB Cream review :)

*The Missha BB Cream was received for consideration.
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4 February 2012

Haul: Marshmallow Blends

Recently I've been enjoying the wonder that is anti-globalization - or independent shops ;). And one site that I've had my eye on since its birth is Marshmallow Blends, that's run by a fellow beauty blogger, Nicoletta. All the goodies are handmade by her, which I still can't get my head around! She's incredibly talented, and the fact that she's a beauty blogger assures me that she's tried and tested and knows what's good and what's not.

So I treated myself to a pretty big haul after one of the worst weeks ever, and I was SO excited when it came. A cubic cardboard box was stuffed with hot pink tissue paper and these 5 gorgeous items and 2 lovely samples..

1. Blackberry and Vanilla Lotion Bar
2. Strawberry and Champagne Lip Butter (sample)
3. Chocolate Orange Mini Massage Bar (sample)
4. Brown Sugar & Fig Body Butter
5. Caramel Cupcake Body Scrub
6. Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Scrub Cubes
7. Bakewell Tart Massage Bar

Look into my eyes, and tell me that isn't a bundle of joy.

I've given some of the goodies a go - the Bakewell Tart Massage Bar, is one I used to give myself a foot massage. It melts so easily, and it's not overly greasy or 'wet' and much less messy than massage oils. It surprisingly seeps into your skin well, and you're not feeling like you can't touch anything for ages afterwards. I also like how it's wrapped and shaped, cuz I literally just open the top and rub it on by holding where it's still wrapped, so I don't have to hold it directly and risk melting and misshaping it. And I can wrap it back up when I'm done! I really look forward to giving myself a proper pampering with it tonight!

I also used the Blackberry and Vanilla Lotion Bar. I found that it wasn't too different from the massage bar just a bit thicker in consistency, but a lot more moisturizing than your average liquid lotion. I used it on my elbows, heels, knees and cuticles rather than all over my body and was really surprised at how well it worked on my cuticles! My cuticles are so dry, flakey and disgusting, and these made them look normal and moisturized. The product was easily melted with my fingers, which was both a good and a bad thing - the plastic bag packaging made it a bit hard to get out without ruining the gorgeous shape, and the lack of a foil like the massage bar, means you have to use your bare hands to apply it which also misshaped it a bit. I'm also not quite sure where to store it. But the formula is divine - no question about it! :)

My favourite so far is undoubtedly the Caramel Cupcake Body Scrub. Oh, my, goodness - I have NEVER smelt anything SO gorgeous in my life. Prior to this, the LUSH Cupcake mask was, to me, the most delicious smelling beauty product, and this completely blew it out of the water. I could not help but, "PHWOARRR" "MMMM" and "NOM NOM NOM" in the shower, as I felt like I was bathing in Werther's Originals. The scrub itself is really dense and packed hard. I found that you need a lot of product, but that it gets the job done and my favourite part was that it doesn't leave anything greasy at all - which is my make or break point with body scrubs! This is a MASSIVE win and something I hope to repurchase over and over!

So how much did these cost me? The 5 goodies together cost me just under £24, plus shipping which is £3. I think you would struggle to beat that, even in the likes of Boots and Superdrug for something so yummy-licious, original and good quality. The next on my list is definitely the massage oil candles - I can't burn candles right now because of rules at my halls, but as soon as I move out, these are on my list! I've seen these sold by expensive brands for well over £20, and think it's amazing that Nicoletta's made it more affordable. I hear she is venturing into body soaps, and I'm hoping that one day she'll do masks too.. (totally trying to put thoughts in her head :P).

The personal touch of being handmade and hand-wrapped adds to the experience of buying from Marshmallow Blends - not to mention, that Nicoletta's an absolute babe! Like I said above, beauty bloggers are probably some of the most experienced and critical people when it comes to beauty products, so I'd trust a beauty blogger's products over a drugstore company's anyday! I really enjoyed hauling from Marshmallow Blends - the scents are so yum (her choices are unique and mouth-watering, and they deliver through in the actual product), the products really high quality, and all very affordable - would definitely repurchase myself, and recommend it for some pampering treats :)

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