Major Hair Dye Fail! :(

Unless this is the first post you are reading by me, you know that I had reddish dark brown hair with highlights at the bottom. Now the only issue I had with this was that the bright highlights were really accentuating my dryness and frizziness, so I decided to go for an all over light-ish pink-based dark brown and hope my highlights would still peep through as it was way lighter than my other hairs.. I used L'Oreal Sublime Mousse in 40 Pure Dark Brown that looks like this:

Total fail by the way, if you couldn't tell by the title.

I ended up with pretty much my natural hair colour, which is black with a tint of brown:

Like, how does that even happen?

Okay I know there's the rule of going for a lighter colour when choosing, but I'm not sure if it was a really bad image on their part or if I should've known better. Here are the things I thought about the image on the box:

1) It's definitely more than a shade lighter than what I ended up with.
2) It's a very milky brown.. mine's reddish, in bright bright BRIGHT sunlight.
3) The swatches made it look like even dark hair people will end up with a bit lighter brown as on the box.

The thing that bothers me the most is not how I look, as it's my natural hair colour and I like the fact that I can wear darker eye make-up without looking overboard. It's the fact that it's spring, and I now have dark hair colour, and my highlights are gone.

I'm hoping for the colour to keep washing off in the next couple of weeks, but until then, does anyone know any miracle cure? Maybe an at-home way of highlighting?

I'm so pooped :(



  1. I love you with your natural hair color! I think it looks really pretty. At least it didn't go horribly wrong =/

  2. never trust the colour on the box :p
    i always buy really light brown and stuff cos i know it won't come out that way :p i guess tho at the end of the day you're really still predicting how it would turn out and it won't turn out great all the time :)
    I like dark hair on you though so dont' fret you can always dye it again later

  3. Your hair looks really nice dark! I've had some pretty epic ginger-tinged fails in my time dying my hair at home! :P
    Home hair dyes always seem to come out darker than they are meant to, but they do fade in the first week quite a lot. I had highlights that I dyed a dark brown over to cover them up and after a week they were showing again! :)

  4. Aww that's sad... but I actually think youyr hair looks great. I'm sceptical about those mousse hair dye, I'm not sure if I really want to try them z=

  5. I really like your hair colour. I wish I had an answer for you. My highlights were done in a salon, so even when I use an at home colour for root touch ups the highlights still come through.

  6. I think it looks nice :)
    I'm wanting to lighten my hair colour, it's too dark for my paleness but i'm scared haha, might just go to the hairdressers and fork out millions for them to do it properly haha

  7. Aaw don't be too down cos it actually looks nice - I've had numerous hair disasters over the years including my hair turning the colour of carrots (obviously that was an accident and not the intended colour lol) If you wanna go a bit lighter I think the safest thing to do is get a few highlights. My hair went carrot when I tried to bleach out my auburn hair. After that I had to go dark again and gradually step up with highlights at the hairdresser. I dunno, if you have a friend that wouldn't mind doing highlights for you then that could work? Eek. I hate it when hair dying doesn't go to plan. I've also had white-blue hair before too. SO many disasters. lol

  8. Aw, even though it did make your hair go back to its natural still looks nice. ^^ I've been kind of thinking about dying my hair..but yeah. I still don't know. :3

  9. Head and Shoulders is amazing to get rid of a failed coloration!
    (and healthy for your scalp!)
    Don't worry, you look great with darker hair ;)

  10. It looks good on you though, but I understand the bothering, I had the same as I told you before and good luck to get rid of that black colour, it will fade away though but with times :) PS : You look adorable xx

  11. Oooh i'm sure i saw a hair dye stripping product advertised the other day - on tv i think it was. Not sure how effective it is though! x

  12. Thanks everyone lol I feel loads better about it! It's also starting to wash out like some of you guys said so fingers crossed! :)

  13. loreal hair colors are always darker than shown on the packaging its so stupid :) i had the same problem :)


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