30 January 2011

January 2011 Favourites :)

Seriously, was it just me that felt like January was REALLY long? Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I've only bought 1 make-up item this month.. Ah!

* ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink - Never used to like this! But I'm a bit paler than when I bought it and it gives me a nice, natural, everyday flush :) Lovely! Makes me want to venture more into the world of pink blushes <3 Any suggestions ladies?

* MAC Patina Eyeshadow - You know I love this shadow. Amazing for all of the lid, a nice twist to a typical matte beige everyday look :) Has been a go-to for days where I have no idea what to wear. (See swatches here and FOTD here).

* MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - A month ago I was iffy about this, now I love it. My go-to lipstick this month for a natural pink lip, goes with absolutely anything! I've gone a shade darker than a month ago and it looks lush now :) (See swatches here).

* Charles Worthington Moisture-Seal Shampoo/Conditioner - I did not realise how much Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends was weighing my hair down until I tried this. My hair is so much lighter, softer, bouncier and moist-er (?) than it used to be. Only issue = you use a LOT of this product, and the full size isn't the cheapest of hair products! Eek.

* Aussie Dual Personality Volume & Gloss Hairspray - Such a good everyday lift to your hair, the right amount of oomph! Love that it doesn't get crackly or sticky. It has made me venture into Aussie this month with other products!

* St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackheads Control Apricot Scrub - No more scratching off skin, more like polishing skin! I feel like I have brand new skin everytime I use this, and it's gentle enough to use every other day. Don't feel the blackheads going, but still an amazing exfoliator :)

I know it's short and sweet, but we all get bombarded with favourites this time of the month so I thought that might be better! Hope you guys enjoyed, and lemme know if you want more in-depth review on anything :)

Have any of you tried any of these products? And what has been your monthly favourite? :)


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28 January 2011

Picking Up Some Essentials..

I've been running out on many things - moisturizers, deodorants etc., so it was about time I plopped myself on a bus to town to pick up some necessities.

L to R: BOTANICS Instant Glow Tinted Moisturizer, Night Shift Moisture Cream, Day Shift Moisture Cream
I was in dire need of a day and night moisturizer so I went to Boots to take a look. Botanics won me over with their good reputation for the make-up remover and the 3 for 2 offer. So I picked up these 3. I LOVE the jars, they are visually pleasing, sturdy, and I wont have to cut up tubes to use up every last drop! They all smell very light, subtle and fresh so I'm very excited to try them out :)

I picked the tinted moisturizer just because it's something I've never had and the rest of the Botanics range were things I have from another brand :)

Tinted moisturizer: £4.59, both creams: £5.10 = £10.20 for the 3 :) Available at Boots.

I also went in wanting to try a new Aussie product, because I have fallen in LOVE with their shampoo & conditioner. Again on offer in Boots, you can get 2 Aussie products (from shampoo, conditioner or 2-in-1 products) for £6. I didn't have anything else I needed so I got this for £4.69. However, if you are wanting a shampoo & conditioner, pop over to Superdrug instead cuz they have a £1 off each which actually works out cheaper :)

On the right is Sally Hansen's Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot Oil. This was £4.07, and hopefully will cure me of my eternally dry cuticles and nail beds. They are a nightmare, and I often have bandaids on my fingers because they hurt :( So hopefully this will work, because Sally Hansen has an amaaaazing reputation!

This is my HG deodorant, if there is such a thing. These are from Bodyshop, and the one on the left is the actual casing that you can get for £4 - obvs comes with 1 cartridge. The one pictured is the roll-on one, but there is also a stick one too. I'll do a more in-depth review on these, but I bought myself the cartridge that's on the right today for £3 - very eco-friendly and cost-effective. Amazing quality, let's put it that way for now :).

Other than that, I was VERY disappointed by the local H&M, as everything I had hoped to buy online was not in the store. I walked out with yoga pants, a V-neck white t-shirt, and a dust roller. Not too exciting, but these yoga pants are so comfortable.. *wiggles in seat*.

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25 January 2011

Review - Eyeko London Lips!

Without ever actually directly buying these babies, I've accumulated 3 of the Eyeko London Lips, and thought it was time to do a little review and swatch fest for you guys :) The idea of having 1 product in multiple colours is exciting haha.. for me, anyway.

Left - Portobello: A rosey pink with a golden sheen and shimmers.

Center - Shoreditch: Creamy red. Matte.

Right - Knightsbridge: Pale pink with very small silver shimmers.

Packaging: It's super cute. It has little icons of London stamped, but beneath that, it's just your standard tube - although, it does feel quite sturdy. The only complaint is that the hole that the product comes out of is way too small and it gets tedious to apply. This makes me always take some on my finger first, and then apply it, which defeats the whole purpose of the ease of a tube applicator.

Formula: Very thick and sticky, but not crazy gooey. Hard to smear, which becomes a problem with the tube formula, as it's even harder to smear with that plastic tip applicator. Also, I can't imagine wearing these over lipsticks - I feel like the application would wipe the lipstick off. However, I will give it to them that it creates a very smooth-looking and pretty finish!

Scent: Very sugar sweet! I could see how some people may not like this.

Staying Power: Average, at best.

Pigmentation: They're all quite sheer. I don't feel that the colours you expect by looking at the tube actually shows on your lips, especially if your lips are as pigmented as mine. Creates a temptation to put more gloss on in hopes of better pigmentation, but the formula makes you want to take it off because it's too much.

 Top to Bottom: Knightsbridge, Shoreditch, Portobello.

Price: £6.50. I personally think it is a bit expensive for what they are.

All in all, they are pretty average lipglosses which are more on the thick side. I think they are overpriced, but if you can get your hands on them for cheaper, and don't mind sheer lipglosses, I would give them a shot.

You can get these from Eyeko's Website, and if you fancy it, please enter my Ambassador Code E9977 with your purchase for a free gift if you spend £15 or more :)


*I purchased Knightsbridge through Eyeko's Surprise Gift Set with my own money (therefore not for the full price), received Shoreditch as a free gift from Eyeko, and received Portobello from a giveaway. None of this has influenced what I have said about the product.
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24 January 2011

What's In My Make Up Bag?

As a student who lives on campus, I'm not often properly out of the house for that long, but I still keep my make-up bag ready to go by my make-shift vanity.

This is my make-up bag from Laura Ashely and I fell in LOVE with it when I saw it. It's the perfect size, pretty pattern, the zipper charms are flowers, and the bottom 2 zippers actually open a place for brushes, including a plastic flap that protects the bristles (to a certain extent). It came with a small round mirror trimmed with the same fabric.

I like to keep products in there that I can use no matter what I'm wearing that day. So here are the contents:

- ELF Complexion Perfection Powder
- CANMAKE Eyebrow Kit
- Eyeko Magic Bronzer in Miami (I think)
- Eyeko Cheeky Colour in Glow Getter
- Eyeko London Lips in Knightsbridge
- Hard Candy Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Peace
- Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in Black
- Bodyshop Hemp Hand Cream sample
- MUJI Toner in an atomizer
- Versace perfume
- Eyelash curlers
- Some blotting sheets

And I usually stuff in a Denman's portable brush - the ones that are round, and you kinda squeeze the brush out :P Love them. I think out of the list I usually only use the eyeliner, blotting sheets and lip product. And usually I stuff my lip product that I used that day in my pocket so not really out of this make-up bag! :P I enjoy filling my make-up bag though lol..

What do you think is your make-up bag essentials? :)

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22 January 2011

MAC Eyeshadow Overview - Honesty

I received a lot of comments on my previous MAC Eyeshadow Overview post, so I've decided to do another one :) This one is on Honesty, which was my second MAC eyeshadow and it is a Lustre finish.

This is what Honesty looks like in the pan, and I would say it's like a very very light taupey beige with copper glitters.

As you can see below, when you take it on your finger it's still the same colour.

However, when you actually swatch it after this, or apply it on your eyelid with a brush, it suddenly has some kind of copper-ish bronze-ish tint to it which made my heart sink.. just a little bit.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a slight change in colour, which is a bit more dramatic in person. It looks a lot bronzier on my eye and it may partially be my skintone that changes it (NC30-35), but it definitely doesn't look like what it does when you swatch it on your finger or in the pan.

I'm wondering if it's something like Club, where the more you blend, the different the colour? Cuz you do see slight copperish glitters even in the pot. This is something I think should be noted when speaking about this eyeshadow!

The consistency is something that I quite like. I find it very soft, creamy and the fall out actually doesn't bother me cuz there's not a lot as far as I can tell.

However, being a Lustre it still is less cohesive than other eyeshadows, meaning a fluffy brush probably isn't the way to go with this as it would eat it up. It's more of a 'packing' eyeshadow than it is a 'sweeping' if that makes sense at all!

Lisasz09 did a video comparing Honesty to All That Glitters, but I don't think All That Glitters is very coppery? So maybe they aren't that comparable? But I don't think it's a must-have like ATG is said to be. I think it's more of a niche colour if you collect MAC, or if you just like 'special' or 'cool' eyeshadows.

I'm quite happy that I already have this, as if I were to go to MAC now, I would've completely ignored it, just because no one talks about it. Idk if that even makes sense, but I quite like the fact that it's a product of my naivety - like I gave it a chance because I didn't "know better" - but maybe I did, that I chose things because I thought they looked pretty, not because everyone talks about it.


50th post :)
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21 January 2011

What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

Since my make-up ban, I've started to take more interest in nail polishes (clever me!), and I've been buying LOTS.

I just saw this on my Facebook feed and thought that it was worth sharing. It's like a psychoanalysis of what nailpolish colour you are wearing.These things are quite attractive, but when it comes to the one that relates to you, you either totally agree to it (or you want to believe you're what they say you are ;P) or you're like.. "this is crap".

I currently have on my newly bought Caramel by Nails Inc., from their Diet Coke offer from Boots..

So I am apparently earthly and energetic. And I'm thinking.. this is a bit crap. What do they say about your nailpolish? :)

Your Nail Polish Color Palette

Fire-Engine Red: You're sassy, self-assured, and not afraid to be dramatic. Bright red is a bold, look-at-me color that is a symbol for passion, fire, and confidence. You love the spotlight, and you take charge of situations.
Hot Pink: You're spunky and energetic. Pink is a color that is associated specifically with women, and hot pink lets you show your spunk and spice.
Pale Pink: Painting your nails pale pink is a subtle expression. You are likely quiet, or at least you don't want to stand out, and youthful. Pale pink is not significantly different from the color of your nails (if you're caucasian), but you still want to show your soft side.
Black: Painting your nails black is a classic symbol of anti-establishment. It doesn't mean you are depressed or going goth, but it's a way of rebelling against the norm and showing some of the darkness in your personality.
Navy Blue: This is a color of sophistication and authority. Wearing this color on your nails tells people to listen up, because you're in charge.
Aqua (Light) Blue: You're showing the youthful and calm side of your personality when you paint your nails a light blue. Aqua is a cool color, a nonchalant color.
French Manicure: You are glamorous and professional. You don't need a whole new color; your nails look good as they are, and you simply emphasize and define yourself.
Magenta: A combination of the reds, pinks, and purples, magenta is feminine but not flashy. You are vibrant and youthful, but you don't need to be the center of attention at all times.
Orange: This color is bright and vibrant, for people who want attention drawn to them. It also symbolizes autumn and the changing seasons: a time of brightness and change.
Dark Brown: A dark and rich color, this shade of brown indicates boldness and authority. You like your nails like you like your men. Just kidding.
Maroon: Maroon is a warm color, a combo of red and purple, retaining the authority of red and the confidence of purple. It's a mature, sophisticated color that, when worn on your nails, invites respect.
Coffee-Colored: You are earthy and energetic. Tan and light brown are earth tones, cool colors that bring you closer to Mother Nature.
Green: This color invokes images of vigor and the environment. Going "green" in your nail polish exudes earthiness and spunk.
Deep Purple: Purple is the color of royalty. Wearing it on your nails shows you have a confident personality, and you're not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
Lavender: You are graceful and collected. A combination of pink and purple, lavender is feminine and confident without the youthfulness of pure pink.
(All from http://hubpages.com)

So girls, what have you got on your nails today, and are you feeling what they tell you you're feeling? ;P

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FOTN: 01.21.11 - New Fake Lashes!

Last night was a big night, as it was my society's first social at our new sponsor's venue. We had free champagne, so many people were there and it was lovely! Obviously excited at our success, I was in the mood for some effort to get dressed up  - which totally went down the drain, I ended up just wearing a nice top, jeans and heels but hey, it was cold.

But I DID put an effort into make-up. It's a given actually. Here's what I wore:

- Mixed Rimmel Lasting Finish in 201 Classic Beige with Barbara Daly Oil Free Foundation in Honey
- Bourjois Powder in Meil Dore
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Sand
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
- MAC MSF in Smooth Merge
- CANMAKE Shading Powder

- Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer
- MAC Patina
- NYX Gypsy
- MAC Beauty Marked
- Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in Black
- Aika Maikawa Lashes in Pure
- Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel

- MAC Warm Me Up lipstick

Aussie Dual Personality Volume + Gloss Hairspray

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20 January 2011

Review - MAC Cream Colour Bases

Out of all the things I have from MAC, I think the Cream Colour Base is the only non-"cult" product, which is kinda funny because this is up there with lipsticks and concealer from MAC for me!

I have the colour in Hush, which is a peach with a golden sheen in the pot, but when swatched, it's a very subtle light peach sheen.

The Packaging: Standard MAC, very similar to blushes just a lot smaller. You get 3.2g.. I think. My sticker's ripped.

The only issue is that it is quite pricey for what you get, as I've had this for about a month and I've already got a significant dent. But honestly, I think it's worth it.

The Purpose: These are multi-purpose cremes, and due to the range of colour, can be used for different things. There are darker ones i.e. Virgin Isle which are more of a creme blush, but this one and ones like Shell and Pearl, are usually meant for highlight. Some CCB's you can use on your eyes or lips, but this you have to check on the instructions as some CCB's aren't recommended for anything other than your face.

The Formula: Amazing. This is nowhere near as slippery and wet as the creme blushes, and are more like paintpots, just a little bit drier. It's the right consistency to just take on your finger and pat on as highlight. It lasts for ages, and makes your blush last for a very long time as well.

The Highlighting Colours: Shell and Pearl are more white-based colours which are excellent for highlighting for pale to medium skin tones. They are also more versatile because you can use them as eyeshadow bases and any colour will work on them. Same with blush, any colour blush will work with these 2 on the cheeks.

Hush, on the other hand, being a more peachy pink colour when applied, is an excellent highlight for everyone, maybe except for the palest of the palest. Medium skin-tone people are perfect for Hush, as it is so so subtle yet beautiful. However, it's less versatile in terms of the eyeshadow and blush that you can use for it. It looks amazing with my NARS Sin, which is more of a purply pink mauve, but not that great with my MAC Style which is more coral, because it contrasts with the pink of the CCB. It has more limitations than Shell and Pearl, but also has the advantage of being extremely day-wearable, subtle and elegant. Not that I'm biased..

I think the rest of the colours are less suited for highlight but I may be wrong.. these 3 are the ones that I considered, looked-up and spoke to the MA about the most :)

L: Swatched R: Blended Out
The Result: Amazing. It changes highlighting from a shimmery/glittery mess to an actual and easy accentuation of features. It's not overpowering, it's natural, and perfect for everyday wear. I know it's expensive and I know it runs out faster than other products but god, it's worth it. A definite rebuy.

Have any of you guys tried CCBs? If so, which one and how do you like it?

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18 January 2011

My Lipgloss Collection :)

My best friend at uni got me into lipglosses in early 2010, and I had probably.. 1 or 2 before I met her. Now I have 20. Here is what she has done to me..

As you can see I tend to stay on the lighter side of the spectrum but I do have the odd darker ones. I tend to try different glosses, but buy multiples of the ones I really love - as shown by the ELF ones and the CANMAKE ones. I think my favourite application is either a tube or a doefoot, but probs the tube because it's easy to finish it all up! So here they all are, separated into applicators. I've put a * next to my go-to ones!

L to R:
Eyeko London Lips in Portobello, Shoreditch and Knightsbridge
Essence Glossy Lipbalm in Toffee Frappuchino
*ELF Super Glossy Lipshine in Pink Kiss, Juiced Berry and Candlelight

L to R:
L'Oreal GlamShine Crystals in 301 Coral Strass
Maybelline MNY mygloss in (something)
Collection 2000 Hotlights in Glimmer
*BodyShop Love Gloss in 17
MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam Cyndi
ELF Mineral Lipgloss in Sorority Girl
*NYX Lip Gloss in Sweet Heart
H&M Lipgloss in Coco in Aruba
MaxFactor Vibrant Curve Effect Lipgloss in Vibrant

L to R:
Bourjois Effet 3D Cosmic in 29
CANMAKE Nudy Glow Lipgloss in 04
*CANMAKE Nudy Glow Lipgloss in 02 (the one in my 150 Follower Giveaway!)
*CANMAKE Nudy Glos Lipgloss in 06

So there you have it. Thanks Lisa, I hope you're proud of yourself.

I love her to bits really. What are some of your favourite lipglosses? Lemme know if you want reviews on any of these! :)

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17 January 2011

Giveaway Loot from ChrissyDee1011 & TSaundersbeauty :)

I've never really won many draws in my life (except for a pair of Lillix tickets back when I was 13 lol) so I was really chuffed when I won 2 giveaways in the space of a month! :) So just to show you guys and introduce you to the lovely ladies who have spoilt me, here is a pic of what they spoilt me with!

Sorry for the clutter in the background lol <3
The first giveaway I won was from Chrissy from Chrissy Dee Ten Eleven, and she got me the Sleek Sparkle Palette that you see up there. I haven't used it yet but the colours look soooo party-perfect - lovely! AND she put in 2 Fizzers.. eek! <3 Thank you so much Chrissy :)

The second giveaway was from Terri from TSaundersbeauty, and she had a bit of a surprise planned so I had no idea what was getting - but I was really pleased! She sent me a bottle of bubble bath from Soap & Glory, a missguided nailpolish in MissBehave, a Barry M Nail polish in Cyan Blue, 2 Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner pens in Navy and Purple, and Eyeko's London Lips in Portobello. How generous is she? Thank you so much Terri! :)

Have you guys won any giveaways recently? :)

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16 January 2011

The Project 15 Pan: Product 2!

I've finished my second product today, and it is the BodyShop Seaweed Series Mattifying Day Cream:

I know it's the tester tub, but I'm not going to bother with sizes as I just want to be able to decrease the number of stuff I have :) That being said, I'm starting to realise how hard this project is going to be, as I still haven't finished a single make-up product. Urgh! Anyway, on to the mini-review.

A lot of sources seem to imply that this product is the most popular out of the Seaweed Series, but I couldn't tell you why. It's not that I don't like it, but it is incredibly average in my eyes and overpriced for what you get.

The consistency is unique, first for the purpose and generally lovely, as it's somewhere between a gel and a cream, which is perfect for people with oily/combination skin. However, I didn't see this to be suitable for me for several reasons, despite having combination skin.

First, it's not moisturizing enough for these winter months. But more importantly, I feel like it kinda sits on my face and I'm waiting for it to 'dry' rather than waiting for it to 'absorb'. I felt like I was smearing a layer of defensive barrier or something lol! Because of this, I also didn't feel comfortable using this as a base for my foundation because I felt like I was using my face as a mixing surface.. lol. Not cool.

Obviously by the name, it's supposed to be a mattifying cream. It's not. It does a good job of controlling the oil but I wouldn't go as far to say it's a mattifying cream.

For £9, Idk if this is the result I would want. In fact, it's not. I'd much rather invest in Nivea, or something more cream-based. As you can tell it's possibly party my personal choice, as I've never really liked putting gel on my face, but I think my argument still stands that it's not the best of moisturizers, unless you just want something that controls the oil to a moderate level.

I love this range, and I use their face wash and toner everyday, they smell so fresh and lovely but this product - it just wasn't rebuy material for me! :)

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15 January 2011

You can hate face wipes..?

I always get random face wipes from wherever I am at the time I remember I need some, and I never really bother about where they are from or anything like that. I've used ASDA, NIVEA, BodyShop, Boots, Superdrug and they were all great. Not sure if it was pure naivety from always 'accidentally' getting good ones, but I'm surprised that for the first time, I've stumbled across one that is just.. disgraceful.

These are the Cucumber Fragrance Essential Face Wipes from Superdrug. I am 99% sure they redesigned the packaging, as I'm pretty sure I've used their Cucumber face wipes before.. I think it used to be all light green.

While I'll credit them for a prettier packaging, their wipes have gone way down in my books. They smell nice, but they're kinda sticky and drag, the wipe is scratchy and they just kinda move your make up more than they remove it. Eye make-up removal is impossible with these. Not only do you turn into Ms. Raccoon-eyes, you seriously feel like you're damaging the delicate skin around your eyes.

I've got a new pack from Boot's Vitamin E range, and have been using these to clean my fingers after I apply foundation/concealer/primer.

Has anyone else come across bad wipes? Lemme know before I randomly pick one up again, my naivety is done! :P

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Collective MAC Haul! - Champale, Viva Glam, Blog Sale, etc.,

During December, before my Project Pan, I found myself on the MAC website at exactly the right times for a free shipping despite the time difference - twice. And so I ordered a few things, I picked up a few bits from a blog sale and then the Cham Pale collection came out (this I bought in January as my monthly treat :P) so.. here it all is :)

* Paint Pot in Vintage Selection (LE - Cham Pale)
* Lipstick in Warm Me Up (LE - Warm & Cozy; Got this from the lovely Charlie!)
* Lipglass in Viva Glam Cyndi (LE - Viva Glam; Specific post here)
* Eyeshadow in Patina (FOTD post here)
* MSF in Smooth Merge (LE - Colour Craft; Got this from the lovely Sinead!)

So apparently I like my share of LE items.. ANYWAY! Here are the swatches - I've learnt from my last MAC Haul post :)

Smooth Merge - Bottom, middle, top, everything.
L: Paint Pot in Vintage Selection; R: Eyeshadow in Patina
L: Lipstick in Warm Me Up; R: Lipglass in Viva Glam Cyndi
So far I've worn everything except the lipstick and I love them all :) The Warm Me Up is a bit of a My Lips but Better colour - just a shade lighter which I absolutely love!

Smooth Merge is something I have to get used to, as I've never had an MSF before (except the MSF Natural), and it's not something that is wearable in the day because it's so shimmery! - Is this an excuse to get the Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF? I THINK SO.

I've worn Vintage Selection twice in the space of less than a week, and I love love love it! However, it's a lot more glittery when you apply on your eyes than when you swatch it (I think it looks more pearly when swatched), which is something I wasn't ready for, but have gotten used to. It's amazing with Satin Taupe in the crease :) I've always wanted Soft Ochre as a base after I use up my primers, and this intro to Paint Pots has made me want it more!

For what I think about Patina & the Cyndi lipglass, go check out this post & this post :)

Have you guys used any of these products? Tips or tricks anyone? :)

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13 January 2011

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass Lovin'!

I've finally found a wearable red lip! I was ecstatic when I tried this on after I got it in the post, and I'm already lusting after the lipstick (finding loopholes in my P15P exceptions already!).

If you don't know about MAC's Viva Glam collection, they are basically a range in which 100% of the profits go to MAC's Aids Fund. Every year they release a limited edition version designed by celebrities, and in Feb. 2010, there was Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper. In August, they released the lipglosses.

I got the Cyndi lipglass because I don't own a MAC lipglass and I thought, if I was going to get one I should get a colour I don't have and super plus if the profits go to charity.

I've tried MAC lipglasses before, and I found them to be incredibly sticky, but bearably so (I know some would disagree!). This one, I feel is hardly sticky. I feel like it's about average, but the staying power is insane. The pigmentation is insane. It feels like a liquid lipstick more than anything.

The colour is a bit darker than what you see above, it's what I can only describe as a milky red, which is a wee bit on the warmer side. It has literally micro-micro shimmer, so micro that it's pretty much matte. And for me (NC30-35), it's an incredibly wearable red. In fact, it's the only red I've felt comfortable in, and it makes me want to..

..pose <3

Would definitely recommend giving this Lipglass a chance, even if you aren't a fan of MAC's Lipglasses as I'm feeling pretty confident the formula is very different. It's also gone after February 2011, so go go go! :)

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The Project 15 Pan: Product 1!

So I finally finished one product out of my Project 15 Pan (P15P) and it turned out to be my Nivea Soft which is now in 3 pieces..

I know it's not 'make-up' but since I want to start using up all my beauty products as well, I've allowed myself 5 beauty products out of my 15. As promised, I intend to do a mini-review for each product I finish, so here goes :)

Packaging: I'll stick with the tubs from now on. It was nice to carry around when I was travelling and whatnot, but I would only ever get a tiny tube for travelling after this because this was a b*tch to get the last drops out of (hence the multi-decapitation).

Formula: Amazing. It's a middle-ground product, which I am always a fan of. The smell is never offensive, it's quite neutral and is a good change from the other fruity or floral smells that I have. It's also good because you can use it on your face and you don't have a strong smell. I love how it's not too thick or not too thin, so you feel at ease when you use it on your body or on your face. It's multi-functional in terms of you can apply it on your face, body and hands and appropriate for any situation in terms of the smell.

Rebuy: I already have a back-up! :)

14 more to go!

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12 January 2011

FOTD: 01.12.10 - MAC Patina

Recently I got all the MAC orders that I made during December (minus a lipstick I bought from a blogsale), and one of them was the eyeshadow Patina. It was the first colour that I bought out of reputation rather than the actual colour, and I was a little afraid. Now, I'm just intrigued. It's such a strange colour!

Anyway, here is the look I did today:

All over lid - Patina; Outer corner - Tempting

The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's like a gold-ish grey-ish beige-ish colour.. it's so strange! I know I will probably end up loving it, as it is the most similar to my lid colour and makes for a great all over lid colour.. but it's just so strange! Anyway, I want to do a proper post on it one day after I use it quite a bit so until then, here is my FOTD :)

- Revlon ColourStay in 04 Sand Beige
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in 03 Sand
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
- CANMAKE Shading Powder
- CANMAKE Highlighting Powder
- NARS Sin Blush
- E.L.F Complexion Perfection Powder
- MUJI Light Toning Water

- Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer
- 28 Neutral Palette Row 3 Column 2
- MAC Patina
- MAC Tempting
- Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner
- Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Black
- MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara
- Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel

- MAC Creme Cup


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11 January 2011

Review - The Brush Guards

Brushes are probably one of the most expensive cosmetic products you'll ever buy, and it came as such a surprise when I found out that only one company has thought to create a product to protect these babies. Anyway, I decided to invest in some, considering they are quite cheap and they seem very useful.

The main uses for the Brush Guards are to protect them during travelling or washing. I haven't travelled with them just yet, but I did use them for a wash and pictures will be below :)

I purchased the Variety Pack which comes with 6 guards - 1 big one, 2 medium ones, 2 small ones and 1 tiny one, and including shipping, it cost me about £5.50. Bargain!

So here is how I used them. After I washed the brushes, I stuck on the appropriate Brush Guard, and then dried them upside down in a cup.

As you can tell, this is a major plus, in that you can dry them in a way you KNOW that the water wont get down in the ferrule and ruin your brush. Can't do it without these!

The picture on the left is right after I washed the brush and put the Brush Guard on, and the right is how it came out. The Duo-Fibre brush was a bit disappointing as it did not dry completely overnight. I'm not sure if it has to do with the ventilation of the Brush Guard, as it usually dries fine on its own. However, the other brushes I did this with (which are all smaller) dried completely fine.

The second thing I noticed was that you really need to get the size of your Brush Guard right to make sure it doesn't make your brush shape strange. I had this issue with my Sigma Large Flush Brush E50, but it was fine after I wiggled it about on the back of my hand a few times. Of course for most brushes, like my Sigma E35, the result was actually less splay-ey than usual after a wash:

The third thing I noticed was that the bristles seemed a lot softer than usual. I'm not sure if the Brush Guard had anything to do with it but they seemed REALLY soft.

So would I recommend these? Yeah, I would. Especially if you travel a lot, and also cuz they are cheap and they give you a sense of ease because your brushes wont splay. However, I'm not sure they are a necessity if you don't travel, if you already have a travel brush kit, or if you don't have pricey brushes that you are insistent on keeping for 5 to 10 years. I'm personally glad that I bought them, as I really am keen on taking care of my small collection of expensive brushes.

Also, I would recommend the Variety Pack for starters, as you really have no idea what size your brush would be suited for and whatnot. I think after this pack, if I were to get some more as time goes on, I would probably stick with this pack because there are some brushes that I have no fear of splaying (eyeliner brush, stiff shader brushes etc.,) and I don't have a massive collection of small brushes or big brushes.

Hope that helped! You can purchase these from Diane and Malcolm here.

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10 January 2011

O.P.I 'Tickle My France-y' :)

I am back in England now, and en route I did a shop at the Duty Free in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, and got myself my second O.P.I, which turned out to be Tickle My France-y :) (Was so slow to realise what the name was a twist to.. embarassing).

I know it's SO similar to Dulce de Leche in the bottle but it's actually quite different on the nails. While Dulce de Leche (see post here) is very warm and beige pink, Tickle My France-y is more lavender-grey, cool and a lot more paler.

I really like this polish, but again feel like I got it at the wrong time of year. I can't seem to find my perfect winter time dirty pink colour! Seasons aside though, I absolutely love this colour and can see myself reaching for this very often. As with my first O.P.I, not disappointed with the pigmentation, application or the drying process at all - I can't go back now! :)

Any of you guys have this colour? :)

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6 January 2011

MAC Eyeshadow Overview - Beauty Marked

I'm not sure about you, but I love deliberating over which MAC eyeshadow to get next, and because of this I wanna do focused posts on specific colours that I have, to give suggestions to people looking for a new MAC eyeshadow. I know when I first gained interest in them, I wanted in depth stuff about specific colours to make sure I got the perfect ones, because these babies aren't cheap!

So.. I'm going to start with my first ever MAC eyeshadow, which was Beauty Marked :)

This is a Velvet finish eyeshadow, and in the pan, it looks like a matte black with magenta glitter. However, when you apply it with a brush, you will find that it's just a hardly pigmented matte black and the glitter is unnoticeable when applied on the eye. It's also not the creamiest of consistencies.

For this reason, I usually use this as a black to deepen my outer-V, as it's really easy to control how much goes on, cuz it's semi-pigmented on the right brush - like a dense crease/pencil brush (shader brushes eat this stuff up for some reason!). It's weird cuz when you take it on your finger, it's crazy pigmented, but it won't transfer onto anything else..

BUT BUT BUT BUT! The best part about Beauty Marked is that it has an AMAZING effect when foiled. Foiling means to use the eyeshadow wet, and to do this, you take some product on your brush and spray your brush with either water or a setting spray (view a post about those here), and then apply them to your eyes. Here is the difference:

(L - Dry; R - Wet)
The picture doesn't do it justice as it looks a bit brown here, but it's actually a magenta metallic sheen over black.

As you can see, while you can use it dry either in the daytime to deepen your crease and in the nighttime you can totally transform this into a metallic and very unique colour. It works really well as an eyeliner when it's wet, and it will add that extra bit of special-ness you can't get with just a plain black liner. But you wont get an eyeliner of this colour dry.. it's way too sheer!

This is great if you want a multi-functional version of a plain black, if you don't mind it being not very pigmented. The only thing I don't like about it, is how difficult it is to get the colour on the brush to apply onto a surface.. the product seems to disappear, unless it's a dense crease brush.

Do any of you guys have Beauty Marked? :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and lemme know if you would be interested in more posts like these on specific colours! :)

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3 January 2011

My First 2 Blog Awards.. EVER!

Last night was pretty eventful in my little blog world, as I got first two blog awards in one evening!

The "Rules":
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award.

The rules are the same for each blog award, so I will just have one..

"7 Things About Myself"
Hm, my name tag's upside down..
(No I don't usually wear name tags out LOL this was from one of my society's taster socials..
Had to properly educate the Freshers on a night out! :P)

1) I'm a Third Culture kid, which basically means I've grown up moving all over the world, attending international schools. I grew up in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Venezuela, the Philippines, Japan, and now the UK :)

2) I love to sing and write songs. I learnt the piano when I was 7, the guitar when I was 13, and to use synthesizers when I was 15, and I've taken singing classes in pop, classical and jazz. Result? Check it out here :)

3) I'm a bit strange in that I hate rom-coms.. except Love Actually & The Bridge Jones films. Otherwise, I don't watch a film unless it has some sort of an explosion, guns or a car chase. My favourite movies? Snatch, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Lucky Number Slevin, Red, you get the idea.

4) I'm in my last year at uni studying Sociology, and hoping to go on to postgraduate studies this fall. I haven't heard back from anywhere yet though.. ergh.

5) My favourite animals are pigs. They are pink, they snort and have swirly tails - what's not to love? And, they taste amazing.

6) I have an amazing other half, his name is Ben, and he is just lovely! (Even if he watches Glee.)

7) I'm probably one of the tallest Asian girls I know.. I'm 5'7.

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I'll start off with the award I got first, from the lovely Communicating Beauty! Thank you so much for this award, and it'll obviously mean a lot to me as the first award everrrr :)

10 Questions:

1. Why did you create this blog?
I'd been making YouTube videos since May, and at the time, it had appealed more to me than blogs. Getting bored of the abundance of horrible quality videos, realising I really only liked a few YouTubers, and my lack of time as a final year student made me decide to venture blogside. It is a much nicer environment than YouTube. I think I've had more fun and success with my blog in the past 2 months than I've ever had with YouTube! :)

2. What kind of blog do you follow?
Beauty blogs, and most of the time I look for UK ones, just because it's so much easier to relate to the writers and get stuff that they show you :)

3. Favorite Makeup Brand
MAC. This might be biased, as I am just coming down from a MAC hype lol.

4. Favorite Clothing Brand
H&M hands down :)

5. Your Indispensable Makeup Product

6. Your Favorite Color
Purple & pink, but this doesn't really apply to clothing or make-up.. LOL, am I the only one like that? I just like 'stuff' that are purple & pink.. (I say that, my shirt up there is purple.. lol life).

7. Your Favourite Perfume
Envy Me by Gucci at the moment. But some other favourites are Inspire by Christina Aguilera and Romance by Ralph Lauren.

8. Your Favorite Film
Named a few up there :)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Australia. Mainly because it's the only continent I've never been to besides Antarctica, but also because of all the crazy different animals, and I love scuba diving so the Great Barrier Reef would be AMAZING!

10. Are you a Cat or Dog person?
Dog :) I've mentally adopted Ben's Westies.

7 Blogs that I pass this award to:
1. Mandy @ DazzleLikeGlitter
2. Vida @ P.S. It's Vida
3. Stina @ Cheeky's Beauty Blog
4. Deborah @ Debdobdoornob
5. Emma @ EmmaLouiseHoworth
6. Laura @ Laura's Blog
7. Georgina @ Make Up Wishes

The Stylish Blogger Award!

The second blog award was from Brittany, who I've been getting to know recently and she is such a laugh! Thank you sweetheart! Definitely go follow her :)

7 Blogs that I pass this award to:
1. Jelena @ Make Up For Everyone
2. Corrie @ Dizzybrunette3
3. Danni & Maria @ Frills N Spills
4. Aoife @ Fashion Turn to the Right
5. Illustrious Love
6. Leanne Marie
7. Rachel @ Elsie & Clara

So there you have it! :) I know the rules say blogs that you've "recently discovered" but it's kinda difficult to figure out who I've started following when, and how long 'recently' really is! Anyway, I hope you take the time through click through some of these lovely ladies as they are all excellent!

Have a great day everyone :)

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2 January 2011

FOTD: 01.02.10 - The No Make Up Look

Hi everyone,

So since I've been with my family, I've been sticking to the very basic, no make-up look. This is also to use up some of the eyeshadows in my 28 Neutral Palette.. I wasn't very good at smiling today (lol how sad!), so apologies for the emo look.

- Revlon ColourStay in Sand Beige 04
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Sand 03
- E.L.F Complexion Perfection Powder
- MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush
- NARS Blush in Sin
- CANMAKE Shading Powder in 02
- MUJI Light Moisture Toning Water

- Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer
- 28 Neutral Palette (Column 2 Row 2, Column 2 Row 3, Column 5 Row 2, Column 4 Row 4)
- Rimmel Soft Eye Kohl in Black
- MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black
- Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel

- MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup

I was going to show you guys horridly hilarious pics of my mom and I waiting for my dad to get ready on New Year's Eve.. but.. they were just too horrid.. lol <3. (EDIT: I've put it on my 'Pic of the Day' on the left handside.. so no one can click on it and blow it up! :P Yeah yeah, I'd always wanted to put it up, it's just too hilarious to not! Thank Aoife for that! :P)

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