Do I Have An Addiction to Lip Balm?


Yep, yep I do.

Lip balm is one of those things that are so insignificant in the sense that you use them without a mirror for the single purpose of moisturizing, but it's so complicated in the sense that everyone has their taste in consistency, container and smell, and even that changes with every situation.

I actually have a justification, believe it or not, for the different uses of the above lipbalms.

*LipIce Original - Sweet, waxy, usually use in the cold.
LipIce Strawberry - Fruity, waxy, usually use inbetween spring and winter.
LipIce Sun - Waxy, perfect for summer w/ SPF.
LipIce Pink Sheen - Lipgloss, good for when I don't want to layer lip products.
*BodyShop Born Lippy in Pink Guava - Jelly-like and great for warm weather.
*Burt's Bees Original - Waxy, minty, perfect for anytime.
*Agatha Luiz De La Prada in Cherry - Sweet and fruity, waxy, tinted, perfect for when I want sweetness.
Primark LipSmacker in Fanta - Light, a bit wet, fruity.
Shiseido Therapino Oil Bar - Scentless, tasteless, oily, perfect for under dry lipstick.
2 Tubs of Vaseline (one small, one big) - Oily, good before bed.

The ones with * are my favourite, and most used. But seriously, how am I so picky? And what's even worse, I have a wishlist of other lipbalms I want.. like Burt's Bees honey-smelling one, EOS lip balm, LUSH Honey Trap and the famous pink Vaseline pot.

Is anyone with me or am I just weird?



  1. Ahahaha I am totally with you! People always find it weird how OCD I am with lipbalm...I have so many of them and I always carry at least two on me at all times otherwise I panic - maybe that's too far and a bit weird?!

  2. 100% with you on this too! Such a lip balm fan and I too want to get my hands on one of those EOS eggy things!


  3. *Raises Hands* I have a massive addiction to lipbalm...and now lipsticks...and form nowhere..blushers!!! OOPS x

  4. Haha I like to find good lipbalms, but I've only got 1 or 2 laying around. These lipbalms sound great maybe I should get more? =x

  5. I thought it wasjust me!
    every time I go shopping,I need to buy one, its a need!
    Izz xx

  6. hehe it's the 2009 pink of hearts =) one of my faves !! =)

  7. Nope not just you. Most people I know have this similar addiction, as you would have known when my sister went into full blown panic this weekend when she realized she had forgotten to bring her lip balm with her :)

  8. I LOVE lipbalms, i always take one with me :D
    Hate the feeling of try lips :)

  9. I'm also obsessed,haha.
    Must have a lipbalm with me at alllll times.

  10. You can never have too many!
    My favourite is carmex! :) xxx
    But I ALWAYS have a tin of vaseline with me haha !

    cute blog, please check out mine if you can :D ?

  11. Haha I totally understand you!I'm a huge lipbalm junkie like 10 years ago lol :) I used to use up a lipbalm per week.Nowadays my lipbalm addiction isn't this weird,but I still need tons of them lol. Maybe I also do a blogpost :D

  12. I too have an addiction to lip balm. I have been trying to find the best lip balm on the market. Besides Burt's Bees, I haven't tried the other ones on your list.

  13. oh this is the 1st time i ever see the Agatha Luiz De La Prada in Cherry on anyone's blog! I really like this lip balm.. It's a staple in my collection for when I want that sweetness on my lips.. Smells amaaazing!

  14. I have the Burt's Bee's one~ and I have EOS too. It's very very waxy, but I like it's unique's so cute. XD

  15. i only have two lipbalms! hahaha but i think i have to go find an alternative to my tried and tested Chapstick ;))

  16. Great post - I love lipbalms! I've never seen LipIce in the UK, where did you get it?

    My favourites are Korres Jasmine butter, Nivea Milk&Honey & MAC Purring Tendertone :)

  17. Oh I totally have a lip balm obsession. I'll find missing lip balms floating through old purses and pockets....and in my bed?
    Love your blog, definitely following!
    Have a great day!

  18. i love your blog.

    Please check mine out, if you like it follow me, id appreciate the support!

  19. I love Body Shop's lip balms they're amazing and the smell mmmmmmm I almost want to just eat the whole pot lol great post!

  20. Great post I think I'm going to have to copy I have a serious addiction too I'm on the quest for perfectly moisturized lips I have 3 of the eos balms my face is the medicated orange it might be tangerine but it works well and smells good also my top one now is lip moisturizer by Mac it's the best I have ever had! Lovn it!!

  21. Just got Lipice from a nearby supermarket and after using it I can confidently say that never before have I used this kind of fantastic product. Great smell, Easy to use, Cost effective and also available in 6 different ranges. For girls (or boys) looking for nice and cost effective lipbalm, recommend Lipice!!


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