30 November 2010

Review - Ted Baker Girliest Convenience Vanity Set

Since Ted Baker is a really popular brand, and there are loads of other gift sets that include products from this vanity set, I thought I'd do a review :).. especially for those wondering what to get people (or themselves) for Christmas! This set is like.. the almighty Ted Baker gift set that is available at Boots, and at the moment it's included in the 3 for 2 Christmas deal. But there are sets down to £10 with mini-sizes that would be perfect for stocking-fillers or friends :) The video on it will be attached at the end.

The products included are as follows:
  • Heavenly Cleansing Body Wash 300ml 
    • Lathers so nicely, a lot goes a long way, leaves you smelling gorge :)
  • Divine Relaxing Bath Soak 300ml 
    • Doesn't bubble up too great, you need to use a lot, packaging isn't easy to get a lot out of.
  • Heavenly Rich Body Souffle 250ml 
    • Light moisturisation, soaks into skin, love the smell!
  • Divine Moisturising Body Lotion 300ml 
    • Light moisturisation, awkward amount comes out with one pump (too much for just hands, not enough for body), not rich enough for coarse areas.
  • Heavenly Fragrance Body Spray 150ml
  • Divine Fragranced Body Spray 150ml 
    • Both Body Sprays have a light amount of fragrance, not as fragranced as perfumes so kind of dies away unless topping up either the Souffle or the Lotion with respective smells.
  • Divine Scented Candle 
    • Never used, doesn't really smell like the other Divine items :S
Scents: The Divine & Heavenly are distinctions of not only the colour of the case (dark and light respectively), but also the scent. Divine is more of a sugary sweet smell, while Heavenly is more of a fresh smell with a bit of a lemon-y tint. My preference is definitely the Heavenly :)

Packaging: The only complaint about the packaging would be the Body Lotion & Bath Soak as mentioned above. Otherwise, the design is suitable for the products, and aesthetically, they are so pretty, I love swirly patterns :)

The Vanity: I LOVE IT! The pattern is obviously a personal taste thing, but I personally find it very pretty, neutral, and appropriate for all age groups. There is a little pouch inside as well as rubber bands to keep items in place (see video), and these confuse me because they're not the right size for the products that come with the gift set.. so I'm guessing it's meant for use with other things :) Can't wait to travel with this one day!

Price: £40 - pricey, but there are other little gift sets that include mini versions of some of these products for as little as £10. These will give you the chance to try them out before you get full sizes/get them as gifts/stocking-fillers for other people :)

Rebuy? Well, not the whole set lol but I would rebuy the Body Wash for sure, and the other things don't jump off the page but I do like them, so I may! :)

I've also tried the Invigorating Sugar Scrub and that is my favourite exfoliator of all time! Definitely recommend :) The smell is from the Divine range.

What are your favourite 3 for 2's at Boots or Ted Baker products? :) Has anyone tried the make-up from them?


P.S. Thank you to my darling boyfriend from getting me this set :) LOOOOOVE <3

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28 November 2010

Review - Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette

I find that the things I use the most are things I take for granted and end up not doing a review for, so I thought I'd review something I use a lot, and that is the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette. (Tutorials are linked to at the bottom :) - Please check them out!)

The first thing I want to say is that yes I live in the UK, but I got a hold of this through eBay. What a lot of people might already know is that what Coastal Scents does, is they import products from China, and basically just print their name on it. Therefore, no extortionate postage prices when you buy from eBay. My personal favourite seller is jolieeeee.

Here is my 28 Neutral Palette, and as you can see - I've swatched them as well as wrote the MAC dupes that I found on YouTube :) On to the review!

Colour/Finish Range: There are a range of finishes in this palette, from matte to frosty. However, most of them are either matte or satin, which makes it so practical, and so usable. The mattes are the main distinction from other neutral palettes (i.e. UD Naked Palette). You can do classic eyes with dark lips as well as the no-make up look for work/school. The colour range isn't just amongst browns and highlights, but also ventures a bit into the pinks and the purples. And obviously there are 2 black colours that are handy to have.

Formula: In general, most colours are smooth, average pigmentation and they blend really well. However, there are a couple that are less pigmented and less smooth than the others. While I think the colours are brilliant for the price, I've seen people comment that they are a bit powdery and a bit chalky. I agree with the former, but the latter, I haven't found so much.

Packaging: Standard really, just a matte black plastic palette :) More practical size than the 88 Warm Palette I think.

Price: It depends, because different sellers sell them for different prices, but I bought mine for $16 which works out at about £10.. including shipping.

 (L: No Flash; R: Flash - Click for larger pictures :))

All in all, I think it's a brilliant palette to have. It has such a wide range for colours, ANYONE can learn how to use them, the matte colours open a whole new window to possible looks, and it saves you so much money in the long run. I think since I've bought this palette, I have bought less and less dupe eyeshadows that I don't really need. I've also been able to do classic eyes with dark lips, as well as the no-make-up look that you really can't do without a selection of matte shades.

It's by no means a replacement for MAC.. but I would still recommend it to anyone, because 1) it's cheap, 2) it gives you matte colours that are hard to find & 3) you WILL use it.

Rebuy?: Oh yes :)


Tutorials I have done with this palette..
- The Natural Brown Look
- The Brown & Purple Look 

P.S. Check out my new knit dress from New Look (left bar) :) & my baby cousins' Christmas presents..
Lololol I love having a baby in the family..
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27 November 2010

Snow! & November Favourites :)

Hi everyone - hope all your Black Friday shopping has been brilliant (who else ordered from Sigma? :)) and that if you are from the States, that you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a surprise! Pretty!

But on to this morning's post.. :) (because I have a sneaky feeling I'll make another one today.. lol)

It's the end of the month and Idk about blog-side, but on YouTube, it's when my subscriptions get flooded with monthly favourites. So naturally, I made a video which will be attached at the end of the post. Here is the general overview:
My November Favourites were..
- Nails Inc., in Jermyn Street - beautiful dirty plum, great for winter, dries fast which is always a plus!
- Bourjois Effet 3D Cosmic Lipgloss in No. 29 - makes your lips look a bit lighter due to infinite small sparkles - yum :)
- BodyShop Love Gloss in No. 17 - passion fruit smell, yellow cancels out some redness in your lips, making them a bit lighter and a bit pinker but natural :)
- Lipgloss by H&M in Coco Kiss in Aruba - nice candy smell, pink brown sparkles that has a similar effect to the Bourjois lipgloss, except with a pinky/browny tone. Gorge.
- Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan No. 39  - a pinky, browny, tanny, sparkly (lol) all over lid colour - gooorgeous.
- Sleek Storm Palette, top left colour - beige-y gold - great all over lid colour :)
- ELF Elements Palette - handy for storing MAC e/s for cheaper & great for travel, especially when mixed in with MAC e/s and ELF elements for eyes, face, lips, etc., Massive mirror and a slot for your applicators! (and an easy way to drool over pretty colours all in one place)
- Sleek Blush in Flushed No. 935 - WHA-BAM red. But when applied lightly, very natural blush for me :) LOVE!

As I say in the video, monthly favourites have been difficult for me because my new storage allows me to see everything I have and therefore I've been using lots and lots - there isn't a few products that I've used ALL the time. So.. needless to say, they're not the typical 'favourites' that you see out there, in terms of why they are chosen, but they are still re-discovered or lovely products :)

So, what are some of your November favourites? :)


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25 November 2010

Best Kept Secrets - Barbara Daly Oil-Free Foundation Review

"Best Kept Secrets" is something I came up with (5min ago), which is basically going to be reviews/intros to products that not a lot of people know of. One of the most viewed videos on my YouTube is "Top 5 Unknown Drugstore Products" so.. I thought people might like this too! :)

My first BKS is going to be on Barbara Daly's Oil-Free Foundation. If you guys don't know who Barbara Daly is, she is a famous make-up artist from England (Leeds to be specific) who's worked with the likes of Twiggy, Cindy Crawford as well as for politicians like Margaret Thatcher. Her make-up range is exclusive to Tesco, and can be found in larger stores.

Packaging: As you can see, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It's so sleek - the bottle is very "clinky"-sounding, frosted glass, and the logo is so.. classy! Yes, the packaging is what drew my eyes, I'm not even going to deny it. However, the surprise doesn't stop there.. this foundation is neither pour-out nor pump. It's a spatula:

And to be honest, I prefer it to pour-out or pump, because I can put this directly on my face without having the mess on the back of my hands, or a need for a palette. It's great for personal use. Also, you get 29ml which is a good amount to have before you get bored. And the size is really cute and easy to pop into your make-up bag!

Formula: I bought the 'oil-free' foundation, and there is another line with exactly the same packaging and same colour range called 'moisture' foundation. So you can pick one that suits your skin type, which immediately rules out the possibility of a too-dry face or a too-oily face (which I think is one of the reasons why Revlon Colorstay is so popular). I have quite sensitive skin, and this hasn't broken me out. I would say this oil-free range is a mattifying foundation (as opposed to say a natural/dewy finish).

Secondly, it smells like cinnamon-y soap. I know this shouldn't factor into the judgment but guys - it is YUMMY! 'Nuf said.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it blends so well, doesn't dry too quick, and sits on your face SO well. I find it to be really light on my skin and I can tell that it looks like I have less make-up on than when I used to use Revlon Colorstay, but with the same amount of coverage. I put the minimum amount of this and it has medium to full coverage. I use much much less concealer than I used to. MUCH less.

Colour Range: This is the only thing I'd say wasn't the best about this foundation. I got the darkest one, and I noticed that there was a massive gap between this one and the one lighter than this. Also, I'm a NC30-35, and it was way too yellow for me (if you guys have watched my foundation video, you know I mix it with a more pinky foundation), so it may be the case that you mix like I do or you wont find a colour :( which sucks!

Price: £6.99. I was on a budget when I was looking for this and it was £5 cheaper than the Revlon Colorstay so I was a bit skeptical, but.. never mind! :P

I love this foundation, and it's just a shame that the colour range is quite bad. That is the only thing that would put me off rebuying it, but I love my routine now so much that I wouldn't be surprised if I rebuy this alongside the other foundation that I mix it with. So..

Rebuy?: I think so! :P


P.S. I realise that some people may be skeptical of the review because I mix it with another foundation, and it might give different results than as using it on its own. However, I've applied it on its own and I've been testing it on blemishes on my hand as I wrote this so I hope you guys find that credible enough :)

P.S.S Click here for a tutorial on how I use this foundation :)
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24 November 2010

Blogsale Lipstick Purchase & Boots 3 for 2 :)

I can't believe it's still a month to go before Christmas and I'm doing my Christmas shopping!

So yesterday I went into town before my friend's surprise 21st (see left for cake candle-lighting disaster) to grab a few gifts, and decided on Boots' 3 for 2. Seeing as I was there to get gifts for 2 people, I decided to treat myself to the third free gift :)

And earlier that day, a post had arrived from ViviannaDoesMakeup, with my first ever MAC lippie, Faerie Glen from the Tartan Tales collection :) To my surprise, she'd also included a 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Nudist Peach which was so sweet of her. I've fallen in love with both of them, and thought I'd include them in my semi-haul post along with my treat from aforementioned gift-buying session! :)

So here they are:
I felt like there have been quite good reviews about this Umberto Giannini's Big Hair line, so I thought I'd give it a shot since I'm cursed with flat hair.. It's technically £10 for a mousse and a hairspray, and both are designed to give you, well, big hair (well done, Yu). The packaging is gorgeous, and the illustration is so pretty! And as far as I can tell, they are both full-sized, and, they smell GOOOOORGE! Definitely want to do a review on this soon :)
 And here are the lippies! The 17 one is quite sheer and kind of gives a peachy tint to my lips which is great for a lazy day :) It's quite moisturey and lovely! And the MAC one is just oh so gorgeous. The colour is something that I've been looking for for a while, it's like a pinky nude, but it doesn't wash me out at all. A great pink sister to my Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight. The consistency is really smooth, and at some point I feel like it dries a little bit but I think that helps the staying power..maybe? I have crazy pigmented lips and wasn't sure if a Lustre finish would be pigmented enough, and it was :) Yay! This being my farewell to my MAC lippie v-card, I've been exposed to the lovely smell and the gorgeous feel of the packaging of MAC lippies :) (which makes me want more.. eek!)
 (L: swatches of 17 Nudist Peach & MAC Faerie Glen; R: MAC Faerie Glen on lips!)

Anyway, I've been on a crazy shopping hype..
- Boots was sold out of Benefit's Her Name Was Glowla - PAIN! Will be persistent in search.
- Glitzy Glam customized make-up bag.. hehehe. Tempting!

Tonight, I'm heading off to the Birmingham Christmas Market with mine and Lisa's society - should be good fun (especially after a night at a Chinese all you can eat! Prepare for fat chunky Yu!)

What is No. 1 on your Christmas wishlist then ladies? :)

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22 November 2010

FOTD: 11.22.10 - GOSH Golden Moss Eyeliner

I am so excited that so many people are following my blog.. Thank you so much, I'm having a blast blogging! :)

Anyway, I didn't REALLY know what to review and I haven't hauled, plus I quite like doing reviews on videos.. So I thought I'd do another FOTD, but then follow it up with a tutorial in the next week or so.. because a lot of people have difficulties in wearing coloured liners - which is what I tried out today! :)

This is the coloured liner I used today - GOSH's Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliner in Golden Moss. Bought after suggestion by aforementioned "not so friend" Lisa :) As far as I can tell, it's quite long-lasting for a pencil liner, it's very soft and great pigmentation. However, I do remember swatching some other colours and not finding them as creamy or pigmented.. anyway! On to the FOTD:

 I really like the subtlety of the mossy green, and the earthyness that it brings to the look. That being said, it isn't completely noticeable unless you zoom as seen above.. but you can notice the lack of definition of a black liner. The lipstick colour NEVER shows perfectly with flash - it's a bit more fuschia and darker than the zoom picture (Sorry :( ).

The other items used are as follows:
Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette
ELF Lipstick in Seductive
ELF Super Glossy Lipshine in Juiced Berry
MAC Blush in Style (haha yes, it needs some de-powdering..)
And of course the mascara, black liner blah blah blah.

I hope you guys like it! :) I think if the tutorial idea goes through, I will be using a liquid liner - specifically, the MAC Liquidlast in ElectroLady - an 18th birthday present from dearest friends, Abbey, Anna and Lindsay.

- Sent off a swap package to Mandy @ DazzleLikeGlitter!
- Made my first blog-sale purchase off Vivianna @ ViviannaDoesMakeUp
- Bought a beautiful bracelet for my friend's 21st - I hope she likes it! :)

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21 November 2010

Nailpolish Collection!

Omgggg 20 followers?! I love you all :)

So since I've ventured into the world of blogs, I've noticed a massive increase in nailpolish content compared to YouTube, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I'm not a massive nailpolish fan, I used to be when that was the only 'makeup' my mom let me wear, so why not go back to my roots? :P
This is my usual storage.. really not that many! My favourites of the season go on top of my storage box..

So there's the gang! Really not that many in comparison to other gurus, and I know, a very limited range of colours - but that's what I like :) Let's get started..

The Clear&Neutrals:
(L to R: Beauty Nation Top Coat, CANMAKE Top Coat, 2True Top Coat, French BonBon No. 6, Nails Inc., Elizabeth Street, No7 Speed Dry in Coconut Ice 05 - definitely my fave out of the lot)

The Pinks&Reds:
(L to R: Yves Rocher Luminelle in Rose Reflets 03, Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in 053 Apricot Punch - fave of the lot, Barry M Nail Paint 279 Bright Pink, Barry M Nail Paint 262 Bright Red)

The Purple&Plums (my favourites!):
(L to R: CANMAKE Colorful Nails No. 38, CANMAKE Colorful Nails No. 30, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry No. 12 Minx, GOSH Nail Lacquer No. 064 Frou Frou, No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in No.50 Oyster, Nails Inc., in Jermyn Street - they're all faves!)

I'm currently wearing GOSH's Frou Frou and it's so.. so.. pretty! (Sorry for the chipped nails lol washing up SUCKS!)

The Blacks:
 (L to R: Missguided in Misfit - SO PRETTY, MUA in black..?)
A tip on Missguided's nailpolish - run a layer of nail polish remover over it to get the gold to come out more! :)

The Blue:
(Rimmel 60 Seconds in 825 Sky High - the only blue worthy of my nail collection ;P Wore it a lot springtime!)

This season's favourites is definitely my GOSH Frou Frou, Nails Inc Jermyn Street and Missguided's Misfit. The latter 2 I got for free from Glamour & Cosmo respectively so.. pretty good ey? :P

I do get quite picky with nail colours, and often do stick to what I like - I don't venture very much. My favourite way to have my nails is getting acrylic French Nails but I don't have £20 to spare all the time to get them done and they take ages to take off!

The main reason being, I don't like fussing around with nails! Unless the brushes are wide, the colour settles evenly, and it dries quickly, I don't like it. Which is why the Rimmel 60 Seconds, Missguided, and Gosh's Nail Lacquers are my favourites. Nails Inc. are alright when you keep it to 2 coats but anymore than that (which I am tempted to apply with the Elizabeth Street) and you're setting yourself up for being a living statue for hours! The Barry M Nail Paints are good.. but I got 2 completely wrong colours, and do not like either of them anymore.

Actually, a lot of these nail polishes I never wear anymore, and once I get more followers I will consider selling them off.

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting, I always like to look at people's collections to see if there's anything I wanna get or if there is a colour I've never seen before and would like to try out :)

So, ladies. What is your go-to nail polish this season? :)


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19 November 2010

Review - E.L.F Luscious Liquid Lipstick

Hi guys!

I can't believe I've suddenly got 13 followers - brilliant, thank you all so much :)

Anyway, if you haven't noticed (as apparently many of you haven't lol) there's a poll on the right-hand side that asks you what kinda posts you'd like to see, and a gracious person has left me with the information that he/she would like a tutorial or a review.. so I decided to do a review on E.L.F's Luscious Liquid Lipstick :)

Basically what I'll do on my review blogs is to put up photos and swatches that I can't do on my YouTube, and summarize what I said in the video. Hopefully that adds a bit more strength to my videos, and help those who prefer to read over watch :) I'll put the video at the end of the post incase people would like more detail at the end.

I took some pictures and I tried to make them as representative as possible. Just as a reminder, my colour is in Bark :)

Formula: My lips are quite pigmented so it's quite a good job that this product got them as light as they are in the picture, but like I said in the video it's not pigmented enough to call it a lipstick. I do understand that it IS a "Liquid Lipstick" but I personally think they just called it that as a marketing strategy instead of calling it a lipgloss. The formula is lovely - I like it because it's not too watery, it's really smooth and it stays. It has a nice, soft, sweet minty smell that isn't too strong and it gives you a cool feeling on your lips.

Packaging: But it is HUH-YOOOOGE (huge) and SO tedious to put on! You'll know if you own one or if you watched the video that the directions on the side of the tube is way optimistic, you're looking at more like 30 or 40 times of twisting before your first use. And on top of that, everytime you apply it, you need to twist it and wait for the colour to come out about 3 times before you cover all your lips. But the sponge is comfy, good size and soft.

Price: Brilliant. £1.50/$1 - you can't ask for more. You do get a lot less than you think because of the aforementioned twisting episode before you start using it, but it's still.. £1.50.

Conclusion: I honestly think they shot themselves in the foot when they designed the packaging to make it look like you get loads, and relied on the title of a "Liquid Lipstick" to sell. I think they could make more profit with this if they just fixed the packaging, and called it a lipgloss! Because when I read reviews, they always talk about the crap packaging and the good, pigmented formula. Less people may be willing to try it out, but more people would rebuy.

Rebuy?: It's a shame really because if they had a different packaging, I'd rebuy it.. but until then, no rebuy for me!


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17 November 2010

Shopping Adventures & Finally - New Make Up Storage!

Helloooooo everyone! (again, TLC to the 9 followers.. <3)

Today was like major, major, MAJOR shopping day with my "so-not-a-friend", Lisa (it's an inside joke.. we said it once on a bus and a guy gave us the most disgusted look.. lol good times) after an hour of seminar and a little visit to the Postgraduate Open Day.

I went with the intention of buying 2 things: Benefit's Her Name Was Glowla and Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick. I got neither. The first one is quite pricey, at £28.50, and while I was willing to pay that when I was looking at it online, my initial reaction when I saw it was like, "Hm. Cool.", not "EEEEEEEE!!!!" and we thought that was an indication.

I think I love the fact that I can try so many Benefit products which I wouldn't pay to try if it weren't in a kit/mini-sized.. but I don't use highlighters very much, the eyeshadow colours are dupable, and the blush was kinda chalky. So.. maybe I should just consider the Sha-La Lovely kit or the Confessions of a Concealaholic because those two looked GORGE! But then I feel like I missed out on their blush which seems to be their popular product.. Any opinions guys? I did consider getting Boots' mini Butterfly chest of drawers with face/lips/eyes drawers.. so adorable. £14, if they're good quality, bargain! They also had eyeshadow kits, and lip kits, and all inclusive kits.. so pretty. Okay there we go, I'm getting them instead! 3 for 2, here we go.

Anyway, while I would LOOOOVE to show you my actual (not mental/wishful) loot, most of it will give away items on an on-going swap with my fellow Youtube/Blogger Mandy, so that isn't going to happen for a while.. sorry guys! When I give make-up gifts, I like to give things that I've already tried or Lisa has tried (lol), and obviously.. I wanted some more for myself! :P

But I did get a new make up storage (as you can probably guess from the title really.. lol.)

It's just a drawer set that I got for 50% at WHSmith for £9.99 - how cute is it? I was totally torn between this one and a baby pink/baby blue set with cupcakes on them! (Lisa likes cupcakes.. it was hard to resist her cupcake-waves). One piece of advice.. if you do decide to get something like this on a shopping trip.. get it at the end to save your hands, because WHSmith don't like giving you bags that you can hold properly by the handles! (Fairy lights have not been fixed..)

In addition to that, I bought a new pair of jeans after elegantly ripping my old pair. Got a light blue one from H&M for a whopping £30.. a bit expensive, but I loved the fit of my last one, and the colour of this one. I think the last ones were exactly the same, but like.. £20, because of the normal dark blue colour. Lame! So yes, my total spending of the day totalled way.. way.. over £70. Sad.. this has been upsetting me tonight, even if everything was actually a relatively necessary buy!

I got a lipgloss in H&M, and we also were invited to BodyShop's V.I.P event (which wasn't a V.I.P event AT ALL.. they ended up not taking the 20% off of my bill because I didn't show my membership card. And uh, the email said the event was just for members. They DID give me £5 off my next purchase though.. which actually turned out to be a better deal.. But still made me spend more today!), and I got like 2 things there: White Musk gift set for Christmas for my cousin, and a mango soap for meeeee <3:

 The lipgloss was £0.99 - bargain! Haven't tried it though but the shade name is adorable: "Aruba". Been there, done that, loved it. It smells REALLY sweet though, so we'll have to see if I can handle it. Mango smells adorable, and considering my cousin spent the summer smelling White Musk everytime we went there, I'm guessing she'll like it!

I concluded the night by meeting my boyfriend at the bus stop after his return from London. Then we ordered in take-away and pigged out to watch Hot Fuzz :)

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How to Apply Flawless Foundation

Hellooooo, (especially to the 8 of you - love and respect for having faith in a blog with.. well, 7 followers without you!)

So. After trial and error, I've finally found a foundation routine that I love (I actually look forward to doing it.. lol, sad?), and I've learnt a lot through YouTube and the aforementioned trial and error so I thought I'd share with you guys! :)

(Remember to check out the rest of my videos @ http://www.youtube.com/MakeYuUp :))
And to refer to what it looks like properly - go to my post from 11.15 FOTD! And trust me my skin is far from clear!

Key things to think about when choosing your foundation is basically..
* Am I cool (yellow) or warm (pink) toned? (This is in MAC terms.. most other companies use cool = pink, warm = yellow!)
* Is this shade matching my neck? (ALWAYS go with a trusted friend!)
* Is it the right darkness/lightness?
* Do I want a dewy or a matte finish?

The products that I used can be found on the left-hand side bar - I list my current faves there :)

Just remember that there are many ways to apply your foundation, and the 'best way' to apply your foundation depends mostly on what you like, but also the foundation. For example, is this particular foundation not good with a sponge because the sponge soaks it all up (this actually does depend on consistency etc.,!)? Or is this foundation too thick to be applying with a orthodox, flat, foundation brush?

I'm not a pro. So I may be chatting absolute bollocks but this is what I've learnt and what I've found to be the simplest way to explain foundations :) Hope you found it helpful, and leave any questions that you'd like. Here's mine to you:

What's your go-to/holy grail foundation?

TLC guys, TLC.
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15 November 2010

FOTD: 11.15.10 - 'Day' look from E.L.F's Day2Night Quad

Hey guys (especially to the 6 of you following me - yay!),
So I haven't really bought anything over the past 2 days, so I thought I'd do something I've never done before - a Face of the Day.
 Products used:

- E.L.F Brightening Eye Color in Day2Night
- MAC Blush in Style
- Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 077 Asia


(It's a bit darker in real life.. See first picture!)
I really like this look because it's really subtle, but because it's shimmery and it has that tint of cool-brown/taupe in it,  it's not too boring and has a wintery feel. I used the three lightest colours in the quad - the cream in the inner 2/3, the shimmery brown in the crease and the dark plum in the outer corner. The lipstick is one of my favourites at the moment, because it ties in with the cool-ness of my eyes, and it's quite close to my natural lip colour so it doesn't look overdone. I think natural/dark lips are go-to for winter - I've ditched my nude lipstick this season, which has never happened before! EVER!

I'm hoping to make another post tonight with my 'Night' look as I am off out to a pub for a social! I'm quite curious about the dark grey, thinking of putting that along my lash line to smoke out my liner :)

Do you have an E.L.F Brightening Eye Color, and which ones your favourite?


P.S. Check the left-hand side for the Picture of the Day - HOW GOOD DOES THAT DONUT LOOK? (Bf shot me a death stare when he realised I was taking pictures.. he thinks I'm submitting to my racial stereotype.. lol.)
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13 November 2010

Welcome - Let's start with an E.L.F Haul :)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming by my blog. It's my first ever post (duh), and it's always the awkward post because I dunno if I'm supposed to introduce myself or get on with it! I'll go with both and first start off by showing you my make-shift vanity - pictures speak louder than words sometimes!

As you can see, I'm an absolute make-up junkie (and apparently have a tilted head.. those fairy lights are wonky!) There's more in the first drawer, but that's for another time :)..

On to the November E.L.F Haul!
(I don't do a haul every month, the title's just an incentive not to do another one in Nov..)

The things that I got are..
E.L.F Elements Compact
E.L.F Elements Lips in Peach (left)
E.L.F Elements Cheek in Flushed (right)
E.L.F Super Glossy Lipshine SPF15 in Juiced Berry
E.L.F Brightening Eye Colour in Day2Night (top) & Rocker (bottom)
E.L.F All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach
E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Toffee
E.L.F. Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Black Licorice
E.L.F Lipstick in Seductive

All of these were £1.50, and with the £1 shipping code, I spent the whopping amount of: £16. AND I got it in 2 days. Brilliant haul all in all, so far the only things I seem to not be able to use is the Elements Lip in Peach, because it gives me hypothermia lips.. lame.

I think my favourite so far has been the lipgloss (as you'll discover, Super Glossy Lipshines are my favourite lipglosses of all time, so not surprising really). The lipstick has been a pleasant surprise, as I usually don't like dark lipsticks, and I also thought this one was going to be a corally pink (thanks to someone's swatch!). But as it turns out, it actually suits me! Finally, I've very much adored the compact primarily for this reason..
(From top left clockwise: MAC Honesty, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Tempting, MAC Beauty Marked)
 I know! It's so cheeky! I've depotted (after lots of trouble.. let's just say Beauty Marked now has 2 homes) and magnetized my MAC eyeshadows and put them in my compact. I have to say the size of the slots are a tad bigger than the MAC e/s but, who cares! You save £4. Also, the MAC compact doesn't have a mirror nor a space for an applicator.

I was also mega-cheeky, and took the magnets off the E.L.F Elements and stuck them on the back of these, and took the labels off the back of the MAC e/s pots and stuck them on the back of the compact. I plan on replacing the blush in Flushed if I go travelling etc., and hopefully get an unhypothermia-ic lip element by then as well!

Anyway, how did I do for my first post? Let me know :) Until then!


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