What do you do when you want a specific thing, say, a red purse? Most people go to one store's site, look for red purses there, then go to another site then look for red purses there, and so on. For people that find that incredibly tedious, I recommend ShopALike.

ShopALike is a company whose website is like a database of over 200 stores in the UK, and when looking for that red purse, it will show you every single red purse that is available in the 200+ stores that are signed up with them in just one search. AND you can list them with certain criterion like the price.

A bit over my head there in the price range, lol!

Basically how it works is that after you search, and find an item you like, ShopALike redirects you to the original retailer so you can purchase from their website directly. ShopALike is like the facilitator and middle-man for finding the best deal for you. 

A lot of the stores that are signed up with ShopALike are stores that I check very often when I'm looking for clothing, like NewLook, Debenham's, Dorothy Perkins, Superdry, and even eBay listings. It also includes other stores that I wish I could pay for if I checked (lol) like Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Fiorelli, Ted Baker, Dune and Mulberry. They also have search engines for shoes, jewelry and even furniture.

Some of the most useful functions of this website in addition to its general purpose is that:
1) It lists the shipping costs under the product picture on the search results
2) You can filter the brands that you want to see products from and
3) You can filter only items that are on sale! :)

Check it out for yourself, here's a link that searches Wedge Heel Ankle Boots, for example - click! :)

After using ShopALike for a few weeks, I think the only thing that is missing from the site is a size search function. I've found that sometimes I'll find something that I really like, but when directed to the store website, that the item is out of stock. Because you don't buy directly from ShopALike, stock information and whatnot are out of ShopALike's reach.

That being said, I have to say I have found this site incredibly useful, and also that the PR staff have been the best out of the few companies that have contacted me. They were more than willing to listen to my needs as a blogger, and we went through many negotiating stages and ended up with a deal that could benefit both of us. They offered to send me a scarf in exchange for experimenting with the site and an honest review. Here's the beauuuutiful scarf! (Poor model, who is that? :P)

Vero Moda Bird Jersey Scarf in Black/Snow White - £14

So what are you waiting for? See if you like ShopALike too! :)


FTC Disclaimer: The product shown was sent to me for free by the PR department of ShopALike. However, this has not influenced what I have said about the website, and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. You go girl! The scarf is super cute and the site sounds like an excellent way of finding everything you could ever need :)

  2. What a great find! Thanks!


  3. wow what a great way to find things, im deffinitly going to be using this more often save wasting time browsing every website!
    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. @Rachel - Hehe thanks! XD

    @Giovanna - Np love :)

    @Terri - Glad you liked it! :)

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    < Loved it!
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