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For those of you who haven't been on YouTube lately, there is a tag going on for the 11 Most Reached For Products. I usually don't do tags, but I thought this one would actually benefit my viewers/readers in the sense that these 11 products are almost synonymous with products that you use when you don't know what to wear, or products that you know always looks good on you.

I left out concealers, foundation, powder etc., just because I usually only use one at a time anyway so it would kinda be pointless.. and also I feel like it's not the point of this tag! :)

So I jumped on the bandwagon and created a video that I'll attach below. But for those of you who don't take a fancy to videos, here is the condensed blog version :)


- Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm
I included this because despite my OCD on lipbalms that you can read about here, I can always turn to this and it wont let me down :)

- Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight
This is my perfect spring/summer nude, with its warm peachy undertones and it goes with absolutely everything. Again, you can read about them here :)

- CANMAKE Nudy Glow Lipgloss in 06
This is a great alternative to lipsticks for those days I don't want to look like I've put too much effort in. It's pigmented and creamy, and is a perfect winter nude that goes with any look.

- MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
This is a pink alternative to my perfect nude, for those days where I want a bit more colour than a true nude, but nothing too overpowering. Again, goes with pretty much anything! :)


- MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection
A gorgeous peachy taupe that I love as an all over lid colour. It's easy to use, just with a finger and I know it will always look good on me, with Satin Taupe in the crease.

- 28 Neutral Palette
You can read a review on this here, but I love this because you can be creative within the boundaries of wearable because of all the different colour and finish choices. I also have several 'standard' looks with this that I can always turn to as well.

- MAC Palette
This is kind of a given because you only put in shadows you like and know you look good in right? :) So far I have, Naked Lunch, Honesty, Patina, Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Satin Taupe and Beauty Marked.


- ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink
I love this because it's a really natural colour on me being a warmer pink, and a satin finish. It goes with anything! :)

- MAC Style Blush
This is my go-to blush in the summer when I want warmth on my face - always gives a sunkissed look a bit more colour than just bronzer. Also, it's handy to have when you have a really cool blush on and wish it was a tad bit warmer, I just dab a bit of this on top and voila! :)

- MAC MSF in Light Flush
Again, very subtle and natural pinky peach colour that goes with anything, except this one has a sheen and it doubles as a highlight/blush. Lovely paired with ELF Tickled Pink too :)

- NARS Blush in Sin
My go-to blush in colder weather, a natural cool-toned blush. It also doubles as a contour, which is good in the winter cuz I don't have that bronzey tone naturally in the winter! Doesn't go with absolutely everything, but it goes with a lot of colours that I wear in the winter, like taupes and bronzes :)

I hope you guys enjoyed that, and if you want to learn a bit more, then I babble on for a bit longer in the video so feel free to take a look :)

On blogside I taggggg:

and everyone else that wants to do it :)



  1. Ooh I got tagged! :) I really want to get Creme Cup because it seems like everyones staple lipstick. I'm also gonna get myself one of the 28 neutral palettes as soon as I have monies and once I have a job I'll be getting on the bandwagon and create my MAC palette. Very exciting things in my future! lol

  2. I love this type of tag! So interesting to see what other people have as their staple makeup!

  3. This is a great post! I love 'beauty marked' I wear it loads as an alternative to a plain black smokey eye! I might do this tag too :) xxx

  4. It is a fun tag!:D I did it too.

    I like that Rimmel lippie!It's a pity that the shade isn't available in my country. :(

  5. I love Vintage Selection too, & need to get Satin Taupe to use with it!

  6. OH MY GOD ! your MAC palette is insane lol I feel eyeshadow-less now.

  7. So going to have to get the 28 palette..for the taupe shade alone :) This was so much fun to watch..great job!

  8. Great post <3
    I haven't tried Mac yet but everyone's been recommending Creme Cup to me. Think i'll have to try it now :)xx

  9. @Rachel - You know me, I'll get excited everytime you get one of those things with you lol!

    @Lauren Rose - You should do it to, I tag you! :)

    @Pixielashes - Yeah it's good, I'm glad I picked it up instead of Carbon, but I still don't get too much use of it! Do ittttt :)

    @Evinde - Aww that sucks! You should do swaps :)

    @25FLONDON - It's a gorgeous look, highly recommend! Atleast you have the hard-to-get-a-hold-of one already :)

    @Marilou - Hahaha it's not even full! :)

    @Tracy D - It's the 2nd to last one on the top row and the last colour you can see on the bottom row that I was telling you about! :)

    @JustLikeJasper - You should! It's a lovely colour! :)


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