Review - Sigma F80 :)

A week or.. probably even more ago, I received the Sigma F80 from Sigma Beauty's Sigmax HD Brushes range from the Sigma Affiliate scheme. I know I have a lot of UK readers, and for us it's quite a big decision to order from Sigma because sometimes the shipping can add up. So I wanted to make a quick video to tell you what I think to help you decide if you should invest or not :) Enjoy!

You can get these brushes from Sigma Beauty, where if you spend more than $30 you will also receive a free gift! I also have a review on the E35 and E50 here if you are interested :)

Hope that helped!


P.S. The items were sent to me for free, but this did not affect my opinion expressed in the video :)


  1. This was really helpful thaaanks. Been thinking about getting one of their HD brushes! It sounds so good for blending concealer, like you I always feel like I'm taking product away when I'm applying mine and end up putting it on a few times before I get it right!

  2. Hello lovely!

    Fabulous video sweetie, I absolutely love the sigma F80 brush! Its perfect for foundation application!

    I have the sigma make me classy kit coming from the sigma affiliate program! So good!

    The scrabble necklace looks absolutely gorgeous on you lovely!


  3. Great review, you look adorable! You definitely covered the information well, I haven't tried it with my concealer but I'm going to give it a go :)

  4. You look so beautiful! Love your post and blog! Following :)

  5. @Rachel - Aww no problem, thanks for always commenting hehe. I'd definitely recommend it for concealer, it's probs my favourite way of using it! :)

    @Sinead - Thanks lovely! I'm so jealous, it looks like such a nice set :) And yes I've been loving my scrabble necklace hehe thanks! <3

    @Tracy D - Thank youuu! Definitely do, I love using it for it! :)

    @Vanessa - Thanks so much :)

  6. I love the Sigma brushes! Sorry shipping is so much to yall over there! :/

  7. Awesome video!



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