Accessories, accessories, accessories! :)

This weekend I accumulated quite a few accessories so I thought I'd do a bit of showing and telling :)

My scrabble necklace from Sinead - how cute is the bubbly heart?! I'm going to be honest, with a name like Yu, you can't choose if you want a 'Y' or a 'U'.. but 'Y' has hella points when it comes to scrabble.

Got 2 new charms from my boyfriend (and an Iron Man 2 DVD - YES!) - the 'LOVE' block one and the jewel one next to it after I lost a very similar one this week!

Got some tack rings from Primark - the one on the right is for a fancy dress party this Saturday. Will have pics - outrageous pics at that.
(L: £2.50, R: £2)

A tack bag to go with my tack outfit for Saturday. But can I admit something? I LOVE THIS BAG. Except for the blue fluffy thing, I dunno what's going on with that.. cutting that off.
(Primark, £8)

So yes :) Accessories weekend it was! Hope you like :)



  1. Tha bag is lovely !

    (\_ _/)♥
    (\_ _/) ♥
    Kisses from Honeÿ Bunny!

  2. Iron Man 2 - hello Robert Downey Jnr!
    I like the starfish, it's pretty cute!

    Sarah x

  3. that pink ring is so cute <3

    Xoxo Christine

  4. love you bag and bracelet!!! so pretty!!

  5. Such pretty things ♥ nice bag from good old primark! x

  6. Hi Yu! I love the starfish (I'm assuming it's a starfish) ring! ^_^

    Kisses, Melanie

  7. The scrabble necklace is my fav, looks so pretty. :)

    & the starfish is cute! Have fun at the party on Saturday. :)

  8. Hahaha looks like we all love some tack! And the scrabble necklace hasn't left my neck since I got it :)

    @Sarah - FINALLY another Robert Downey Jr. lover haha too bad he's old enough to be my dad LOL.

  9. Hahaha jokes at the 'tack' products, spesh the bag that you secretly love!

    I want a scrabble necklace! It looks so cute and it's such an original idea! I'm gonna get me one right now :)

  10. I love the scrabble necklace and the bag is awesome! :)

  11. @Rachel - I've seen them around but I think Sinead's the only one that does the little hearts.. I'd email her about the heart if you want it cuz her Big Cartel website doesn't have the hearts yet :)

    @Gemx - Hahaha thanks love! I do love the bag :)

  12. Ah thanks, you're right the big cartel website doesn't have the hearts one on there but she's got them on her blog :) Is yours the 24" or 18"? Thinking of getting one for my sis too!

  13. @Rachel - I've got the 18" one :) She puts them in the cutest bag with sequins too it'd be great for a present! :)

  14. I love the coral pink flower!! The color is so freakin' gorgeous!!! xoxo

  15. a) love that scrabble necklace - makes a refreshing change from the plastic one's floating around :)

    b) VERY intrigued by this fancy dress- am expecting lots of pics please!

    c) Saw that bag in primark earlier and immediately thought Paul's Boutique...only difference is the price!


  16. @Danni - The scrabble is plastic, is that what you meant haha? I don't like Paul's Boutique at all, I'd pick this bag over any PB bags any day! :) I just finished my Visual essay.. finally! It's a piece of shit though lol.

  17. i love ur photos

    xoxo merily


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