O.P.I Barefoot in Barcelona!... I wish!

I wish I was friggin' barefoot in Barcelona, it's miserable weather today!

Anyway! I received this in the post yesterday from the lovely Marilou's blogsale (alongside another nailpolish that I bought from her - shall be a surprise for another day), and it has been a colour that I've been eye-ing up since my first encounter with O.P.I. It's called Barefoot in Barcelona and this is what it looks like..

(Idk if it's just me but please click on it, as the colour seems to change when I do.. and it's more accurate in the real size!)
Yes, I know, very similar to my other 2 O.P.I's but they are quite different when swatched and I cannot have enough nudes - I love them! Check out the tag on OPI's to see the other posts :)

Barefoot in Barcelona is a brick-reddish nude, that can look a bit pink-ish in certain lighting. It's something that I think only middle-dark skintone people would call a true nude. On fair people, I have a feeling it may even have a bit of an ageing effect - but I wouldn't know! However, on mid-toned people like me, it's just a bit darker than your typical nude and gives a very sophisticated look.

Do any of you guys have this colour? What are your favourite OPI nudes? :)

I have loads of nailpolishes waiting to be blogged about, so brace yourselves for a nailpolish-infested week from me!



  1. yeah it's miserable where I'm at too. Oh well :) Normally I don't go for nudes but I do love this color. Can't wait for you to post up the rest of your nail polishes. <3

  2. I'm definitely going to get that color! It's such a gorgeous nude. Great post!

  3. Oh!!! it looks gorgeous on you :) Glad the varnish is used now hehe

  4. That is a gorgeous colour on you :)
    I love OPI Have a Tempura Tan-trum, it's the closest nude I have to my skin colour. I quite like nude polishes for a change to my usual bright ones :)

  5. Oooh this is nice! Nude varnishes don't really look that good one me, I'm too pale! I'm def gonna have to get some more OPI's soon though. Also really want to try some ButterLondon...

  6. @o0SerenityAngel0o - I love nudes, they are incredibly easy to work with :) Hehe thanks!

    @MassachusettsMask - Hahaha thanks!

    @Marilou - It will definitely be used, I really like it! :) Thank you!

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece - Of course :)

    @FaceFixers - Haha I'm glad!

    @Gemx - Thanks! Ooo I've never heard of it but I love Tempura so I'm attracted! LOL. I'm the opposite, bright colours are usually my 'change' :)

    @Rachel - OPI is lovely, def recommend it and they have so many colours I'm sure you'll find one that suits you! :) I've never heard of ButterLondon, hope you do a post on them :)

    @Lena - Hehe thanks :)

  7. It looks so pretty T_T
    I remember standing in a store last summer going ''Should I...shouldn't I...''

    I really need to get it now though!


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