Review - Soap&Glory Hand Food & Heel Genius

I know the Soap & Glory Hand Food is an incredibly popular hand cream, and there's loads of reviews on it but I wanted to do a review on it anyway because I feel quite differently about it from most people, and also cuz I don't think Heel Genius gets much attention next to Hand Food! :)

HAND FOOD.. (£4.85 @ Boots)

First of all it smells divine. However, I am not its biggest fan because 1) I think it leaves a greasy residue on your hands and 2) I usually apply hand cream outside of the house and would not take this massive tube in my handbag.

That being said, I happily use this right before bed if I feel the need, as well as carry around a small tube in my handbag - sometimes, a greasy residue is the hydration you need, especially with the dryness these days.

Rebuy? Maybe the small tube. But with the greasy residue, it's nothing special and I have other lotions I could turn to that doesn't leave this greasiness. However, I like that it's not creamy because atleast that makes it lighter than most hand lotions. You can see the consistency in this picture:

Top: Heel Genius, Bottom: Hand Food - as you can see, neither are the thickest of creams!

HEEL GENIUS.. (£5.11 @ Boots)

I love this one more :) It smells divine as well, but what I love most is the greasy residue (lol) as opposed to the creamy kind of thickness that you get from body butter (as you can see above) - I don't like that on my feet. It's more watery than lotion, but it doesn't compensate in the hydration of your feet.

I usually put this on before bed and wear socks to sleep. In the morning, my feet feel a lot softer. That being said, it doesn't seem to be a long-term cure for dry feet, nor does it absorb completely during the night - I always want to wash my feet in the morning.

Rebuy? Maybe. But there are other foot lotions out there that I want to try before I set myself on this one :)

Have you used either of these? What do you think about them? :)


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  1. I love Soap and Glory! I can't resist checking out their products everytime I'm in Boots. I've never tried Heel Genius, but it looks lovely! I personally love Hand Food though
    Have you tried Slimwear? That's next on my list :)

  2. Love Heel Genius but I have it in a blue tube? Are they changing everything to pink? I like the blue. :(
    Agree with you on Hand Food, I'll only wear it in bed too.

    Sarah x

  3. I love Hand Food, I have really dry skin on my hands and wash them, constantly so I think maybe my hands just soak up the grease more?

    I carry the small tube with me in my bag and keep the larger one at home or at my desk in class.

    Heel Genius is also a fav of mine!


  4. I wish that brand was available here in my country! They look like such great products (:

  5. I've never tried the heel one actually but have been through numerous tubes of Hand Food, smells gorgeous xx

  6. @Steph1990 - Yeah I always look at it too lol! I've heard of it, what exactly does it do?

    @Sarah - I know some of their stuff are in blue tropically packaging, Idk the difference though.. Although I did see on the Boots website a section for "Original Pink" so the blue may be the "new" packaging :)

    @Maggie - Possibly! :)

    @Marisa - Aww yeah they're really popular, I'm not the biggest fan but a lot of people are :)

    @Girl With The Golden Touch - Yeah I'm not even going to pretend the smell isn't gorgeous! :) Def recommend Heel Genius though!

  7. I have smelled these in the store but not tried them. The grease factor is kind of putting me off because as you said there are so many other great lotions out there that don't do that :)

  8. I don't particularly like Hand Food either. I agree that it smells really nice although a little strong in my opinion, and is far too greasy. I don't feel like it aborbs into my skin as well as some other brands do. Heel Genius sounds cool though!


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