Mini-Haul/Mini-Review: SIGMA! :)

I was so excited yesterday when I picked up my Sigma package because this is my brand new start to main-stream brush collecting. I have one Ben Nye, a few E.L.F, and random drugstore/ebay ones.

These are from the Black Friday sale that Sigma had, where they offered free world-wide shipping which is an absolute bargain for people outside of the US. The last time I tried to order from Sigma (didn't go through with it for this reason), they had pretty crazy shipping prices and it wasn't worth it to order anything less than 2 or 3 brushes (it makes sense now because they sent 2 brushes in an almost A3 sized envelope.. just, why?). And I know that has Sigma brushes but they are also pricier than the US site and I just never really feel like being so blatantly ripped off :P.

Anyway.. here are the beauties :)
(Top: Tapered Blending Brush E35/SS222 & Bottom: Large Fluff Brush E50/SS227)

This is your average tapered blending brush, and this is what I really really wanted from Sigma. However, I was expecting it to be extremely fluffy and more like what I imagine the SS224 to be. But it's actually rather stiff, and I find it better to apply crease colour than it is to blend.

This was supposed to be my additional 'goodie' and not the real reason why I ordered from Sigma. I just thought it was really cute and just something different that you can't really find in drugstores. It is SOOOO much more than that. In the 24 hours (even less!) that I've had this brush, I've found multiple ways to use it. Highlighting brow bones, all over lid colour, face highlight, blending eyeshadow, but my favourite way to use this is to powder areas where I'd applied concealer with my MAC MSFN. I've stopped powdering my whole face and was finding it difficult to get the precision and coverage I need with my other brushes (powder brush, Sigmax-ey brush, kabuki etc.,). This provides excellent coverage, and can get right under your eyes, and around the nose, as well as general surfaces. This is probably a brush I cannot live without anymore :)

I know I've had ridiculous amounts of hauls but the best is yet to come.. MAC Birmingham tomorrow :)

Have any of you guys tried Sigma before?  If you live in the UK, what do you find to be the best alternative to MAC?



  1. I am a new follower lovely. :) Lush review, once you have a good brush you have practically got it for life! x

  2. Aww thank you! Yeah I'm excited about these two babies.. just checked out your blog and was surprised to meet your bum before I knew what you looked like LOL! Followed you back sweetheart :)

  3. i just started to expand my brush collection to include nicer brushes too :)

  4. Hehe yeah it's good fun especially now that I've got a wide range of other things! :)

  5. thanks for the post! :)

    visit my blog when you get a chance! :)


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