O.P.I Katy Perry - Teenage Dream :)

When Katy Perry's OPI collection first came out I'd never tried OPI and had no interest in doing so (silly me). So a week ago when I was looking for a break from all the matte OPI's I've been trying, I was surprised to see that the swatch I quite liked was 'Teenage Dream' from Katy Perry's collection - how ironic.

Anyway, after a few days of deliberation, I got it. And I haven't looked back, even if this is the only OPI I've paid full price for! :P This is why:

Pink + Bling? What more could I want?!

The photograph does not do justice to the amount of bling that is in this baby. It's a magenta-ey pink liquid with lots of and lots of glitters, both tiny and chunky. The tiny glitters almost create a pearlescent/shimmer effect, while the chunky glitters catch the light like crazy and add that multi-colored bling to your nails. 

I think my biggest fear was how sheer it was going to be, but it's not as sheer as some polishes, and incredibly buildable, because believe it or not that picture has 4 layers on it and it does not feel heavy or clumpy. You can't see it but with 4 layers it's pretty much packed with shimmer, and so you do have the choice of how you want it to look :) Even with 2 layers on, it's nice - just more baby pink than it is magenta, and the shimmer effect is slightly less, and suitable for non-party occasions :).

My way to use this in the future will probably be on the tips of my nails after I've put pale nude colour all over the nail. I think that'll create a very feminine and pretty effect :)
Have you gotten anything from Katy Perry's collection? :)


P.S. This is only the start of my nail varnish posts.. hope you don't mind :P


  1. This is super cute, I like the idea of using it just on the tips with a nude colour for the base, that would look so pretty!

    Nail varnish posts are the way to go lol they're pretty much all I'm doing right now!

  2. That is such a pretty colour! ^_^ wow 4 layers? It must be super thin then.

  3. Pretty!

    Your post on Barefoot in Barcelona has inspired me to go on a hunt to find OPI in my local city.

    Do you have any tips for taking photos of your nails? I can't seem to get the hang of it.

    Thanks, Dee xx

  4. Oooh so pretty! I bet it would be stunning over a black nail polish!

  5. I imagine wearing this on the tips will look really nice. 4 layers sounds a bit much but I would like it to be more pink and intense too.

  6. I love this colour, looks so gorgeous & shimmery!

  7. so pretty! i've been dying to get my hands on the katy perry line of OPI! too bad i'm on a makeup/polish/clothes ban! haha

  8. i have ordered this, cant wait to get it. Looks so pretty :)

  9. i love that one form the katy perry collection i want the blue one too.

  10. That is a very pretty color. I love OPI nail polishes!


  11. Hi Yu! That is one of the prettiest polishes I have ever seen!!

    Kisses, Melanie

  12. @Rachel - Haha tell me about it, we are going on a nailpolish craze us!

    @London's-Beauty - It's sheer but not like tedious sheer. I wanted to see how many layers it would take to literally cover my whole fingernail with the glitter, so that's why I did this :)

    @FaceFixers - Aww thank you :) Uhm I just try to find some natural lighting, and use the macro setting hehe. Also, try and find the White Balance setting, and set it to one that shows the truest colour :) Otherwise I'm no pro hahaha!

    @GABY - Ooo that's true! Idk if the pink will go away though :(

    @Fannie - Yeah I agree, it was a bit tedious, but it is wearable in the sense that it doesn't get gloopy and thick like matte opaque nail polishes.

    @Cat - It most definitely is! :) Hehe.

    @Kaitlyn - Haha no way! I'm on a Project Pan, hence the surge of nailpolishes haha :) Good luck with your ban!

    @Christine - Good choice I think! :)

    @Mellmay - Do you have it as well? Yeah the blue one was really pretty too, I heard it's a bit sheerer than the pink.. it's such a nice quirky blue though love it :)

    @Tina - Me too! :)

    @Beauty meets Kawaii - Hahaha it is gorgeous! :)

  13. Ah so pretty! I have recently been dabbling in glitter nailpolishes and this one looks right up my alley =)

  14. Wow! I love this color. It looks so pretty!!!

  15. I bought the entire collection minus the blue glitter one. But I may go back and pick that one up tomorrow if they still have it. It's driving me crazy that I don't have it. LoL.
    I have Teenage Dream on my nails right now. I love how shimmery it is and the variations in the sizes of glitter. It needed a couple of coats of topcoat to smooth it out, but it was worth it.

  16. This is amazing! I will definitely be buying this - no doubt whatsoever!

  17. Yes this color is super cute...so cute gonna get it and possibly a couple more

  18. @Vida - I actually haven't bought a glittery one in ages so it was a good breather! Glad you like :)

    @*~JuLiAnnE~* - Haha thanks! :)

    @Jeni - Most definitely hehe the blue one is quite pretty I just never wear blue on my nails and I've heard it's quite sheer.. it does look very pretty though! :D

    @sim only deals - Lol.. no prob.

    @Georgina - Haha yessss I feel an accomplished enabler ;P

    @kirstyb - Same! Haha thanks :)

    @Lil Lina - Can never have too many OPIs :)

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  20. Ahh, I think I'll have to splurge on this OPI as well. It's going to be one of those ones that If you didn't grab it, you'll regret it.

    Sadly, It's sold out online and it is so expensive here in Sallys. But your NOTD is too pretty to pass up haha! ^^

  21. It's so cute!.
    It's a sakura's pink, I've a similar color by ChinaGlaze.
    If u want visit my site http://www.mademoisellecc.blogspot.com/

  22. @Eri - Thanks :)

    @Anna - Hahaha I hate those and the feeling of "What if"! May be worth trying in stores?

    @Mademoiselle Chanel - I've never tried ChinaGlaze, but I should! :)

  23. Love it!
    Totally need to try it :)


  24. it's sooo pretty! but it's sold out everywhere! =(

  25. this colour is fantastic!


  26. such a pretty colour!


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