London Haul - 02.22.11 :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spent the day down in London yesterday to take a look at some unis. Obviously, wasn't leaving without a trip down Oxford Street so I covered the whole area from Marble Arch to Oxford Circus and these are what I ended up with..

Got myself a comforter and a Porridge soap, the latter of which I used this morning and if there is such a thing as HG soap - this is it. Went to the South Moulton St. one, the staff was absolutely amazing as usual! They have a great newspaper as well :)

I've only used this once, so I can't say I've been blown away.. yet. The service at John Lewis wasn't amazing - disappointment, cuz I've heard so many good things about their staff. That being said, I'm really excited to keep using this after hearing so much about it :)

Okay a bit of a lie, the blue and pink shirt is from Bury's Primark but I loved them so much I went to get some more in London. The texture is nice and not cheap-looking, design is pretty (I usually go for solids cuz I usually don't like most designs but these, I like) and each for £3. Get. Innnnn.

This one's completely Corrie's fault btw, she's got so many nice bikinis from Primark and this one was my favourite - was £7, so I couldn't get millions but there were about 3 that I would've bought - they're all real nice!

I love the jewelry in there atm, the ring was £2 and earrings were £1 (again, from Bury not London). I also got a slim taupe/grey belt but it didn't photograph well.. lol.

I stopped at Selfridges and got an idea of what I'd like from MAC, but I think I will order it from Debenham's as I've got my Beauty Card now - wheyyyy! :)

I also sat next to an MUA on the bus ride back and we literally chatted for the whole 2 hours about make-up, beauty tips, everything and it was so, so, so much fun! What a coinkidink? :)


P.S. Don't forget to check out my blogsale - lots of cheap bits and bobs :)


  1. eeee, love those earrings! Really like the necklace they have in that range too :)


  2. Ooh such a good haul. It's a shame the JL staff weren't that good, maybe it was different cos it was a London store? The Norwich one was really quiet so I guess they had more time for me. I hope you like it though :)

  3. good haul. i love shopping in oxford circus. and i LOOVE lush. always stuck up on their products.
    Click ♡

  4. Good buys, you've made me want to go to Lush now :D xx

  5. Thank you for the link lovely :) you've got some nice things :) love the teees xx

  6. that bikini. *runs to primark! lol in otherwise i like it :)

  7. Porridge soap is my fave <3 I have The Comforter but have yet to use it! I also have that ring :D Great haul! x

  8. @ellieand - Yeah I saw that! :) I have way too many necklaces though.. bah!

    @communicatingbeauty - Thank you! :)

    @Rachel - Yeah Idk it was just me and a pair of women looking around and there were 2 staff just chatting to each other. I didn't mean JL staff, but Liz Earle staff.. poo :( Oh well! I got what I went for :)

    @Charlie - Haha I should! It was my last stop so I didn't get as much as I wanted to.. but there is always next time :)

    @Girl With The Golden Touch - Thanks haha, I ALWAYS want to go to LUSH! :)

    @GABY - Thanks love :)

    @Corrie - Of course hehe, thank you!

    @Cotton - Hahaha it is very pretty!

    @Christina Marie - Yeah I haven't used it either, I'm so excited! :) Thank youuu!

  9. Great haul! I love the earrings, they are really cute! :)

  10. @Gemx - Thanks! I do love them :)

    @Tara - Thank youuuu :)

    @C.C - Hehe thanks!


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