A Bedside Pampering Station..?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that has a few bits and bobs permanently lying around on my bedside table, separate from my usual "vanity", and slowly forming its own "bedside pampering station"?

It's not something we talk about but I thought it'd be fun to show what sort of pampering I get up to in the evenings! :)

L: Ted Baker Body Souffle, C: Sephora Body Butter in Pineapple, R: Dumbell (a glorious 1kg)

The Body Souffle and Body Butter serve the same purpose in 2 different ways for me. They both moisturize, but the souffle is lighter and has a zesty smell, whereas the body butter is heavier with a sweeter smell. I like having both of them around according to my mood :)

Sometimes Soap & Glory's Heel Genius occupies the pampering station, but today it decided to go back to its place next to Hand Food in the usual vanity.. he's still adjusting.

The dumbell.. well, is so I don't feel completely useless when I'm huddled up with a cuppa, millions of digestives and Bridget Jones.

The hair clip is for when my bangs (or fringe..) get in the way of films (I would say books, but I'm not very book-oriented. Yes I do a degree, but I've managed to do 3 years whilst despising books).

The Sephora body lotion is SO light and absorbs so well into your skin, so I use it for my hands :) This is in Blackberry and Red Currant - very yummy!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream has been the love of my vanity this month. It's solved my gross dry cuticle problems! It's afterall a lotion, so I like to put it on at night and have pretty fingers in the morning :)

Vaseline - usually don't like going bed with anything too scent-ey or heavy on my lips so Vaseline does the job for night time lip moisturization.

I like sleeping with my arms above my head, but I wont fall asleep if I've had a long day and my arm pits smell. My boyfriend thinks I'm strange but whatever gives me my beauty sleep! ;P This one is Impulse's City Collection in New York. Lovely cucumber smell, very fresh, neutral and perfect to fall asleep to (haha!)

Reveal, ladies, what's in your bedside pampering station? I know you have one! ;)



  1. Haha wow that's quite a lot to have on your bedside table. Not that I can judge...I have an empty fish tank full of water that I just use as a nightlight because I'm scared of the dark when my boyfriend isn't staying over lol

    I do have some normal stuff though! I've got my L'occitane hand cream, a pot of vaseline and my ThisWorks sleep solutions (pillow spray and roll on) and The Body Shop's Shea Body Butter cos my boyfriend has started making me give him foot massages! I'm not as weird as this makes me sound...

  2. I'm a vaselinhe at night girl too, I keep a tin under my pillow! I don't have a bedside table at home as - ashamedly - I still sleep in a cabin bed! I think it's the height that's comforting...

  3. @Rachel - Lol I have so much on my bedside table it's insane.. jewelry box, DVD's.. crazy. That fishtank think is crazy too though haha why no fish? HAHA totally opposite here, my bf uses my BodyShop Shea butter to give me a massage! :P

    @LoveInThecity - Lol I'm afraid of heights so I couldn't say I feel the same! :P

  4. Haha I did intend to get fish but I had no idea you had to make the make the water just right for the fish and the first time I went to get them they said my water was too toxic for them! Oops. I gave up after that. Reckon I'll do it properly when I've graduated lol

    I've tried to get my bf to give me a massage but he's soo bad at it! You're lucky!

  5. lovely blog!
    great stuff next to your bed ^^

    kisses frm germany

  6. Thanks for the lovely review there girl! :) i love Ted Baker Body Souffle! It's incredibly amazing as the scent smells gorgeous. :)

  7. great post! i have heard such great things about the ted baker souffle, i will have to try it out!


  8. haha nice post, the dumbell explanation made me laugh x


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