Finally! The Start of My MAC Palette :)

I have been waiting SO long for this guys! I've finally got myself a MAC Eyeshadow Palette to fill with all my babies *obsessed*.

What is with the white dot near the bottom? Does everyone else have that? Why is it there?!
I picked it up from the MAC store at Neal Street yesterday when I was down in London for an Open Day. I was meant to pick up Naked Lunch with it until I swatched it in store and didn't quite like it. So I walked out with this, kind of disappointed that the infamous eyeshadow wasn't to my taste.

Then I looked at my hand - ugh the swatch looked gorgeous in natural light! Instantly regretting it, but knowing I'll have another chance to go to MAC soon, I came home to fill it with my 5 eyeshadows I already have (obviously after attending the Open Day :P). And here they are!

Top Row: Honesty, Middle Row: Patina, Tempting, Satin Taupe, Bottom Row: Beauty Marked
My boyfriend asked quizzically as to why I had them in random places. All you beauty lovers know why - I've got my whole palette planned out already (*obsessed x2*). I'm planning on getting 6 browns/neutrals and 4 colours :).

Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated on how the filling goes! It's also quite exciting that out of the 5 products I mentioned in my 2011 Wishlist, I've already got 3 :)

Have you guys got a MAC palette? Are/were you obsessed as I am? :)



  1. lol! you're so organized! I'd just put them all randomly. ^_^''

  2. Aw glad you got one! Can't wait to see the finished product! hehe xxx

  3. I love the thought of owning a full palette filled with colours of my choice but I would hate not being able to take them out with me! Yours is looking good though!
    Zoe x

  4. Yeah the dot is there on mine too, lol I never noticed before, maybe it's to mark where the opening is? I dunno. I was so excited when I got my palette too! It's full now and I'm tempted to start another but it's just the cost, plus I think I have all the shades I really need. I love the MAC on Neal Street too, it's my favourite, the staff are really helpful in that one. I made the same mistake as you though, I bought an eyeshadow that was NOT what it looked like when I swatched in store. They need to sort the lighting out coz I'm sure it's just that branch! xXx

  5. Yippie! Mine needs filling as I've only got the two, great colours.


  6. Its so exciting filling your first palette! well it was to me anyway haha. Great choices so far babe. Love Patina and Satin Taupe. I want to love Beauty Marked, but I just can't work with it :(

  7. Congrats on your Mac Palette! I dont have a MAC palette yet :(

  8. i dont have a MAC palette, but i really want one. I have single eyeshadows :)

  9. I don't have one but congrats on your purchase! Looking forward to your updates on how you fill it :)

  10. Oh congrats! I haven't started a palette yet but I dream of the day! *_* haha.
    Have a great one! x

  11. Yay for MAC palettes! lol I love mine, I only have 2 more slots to fill...I am so addicted I might just have to get another one =)

  12. @London's-beauty Hahaha I do have a tendency to be OCD! :P

    @jessica - Hehe yeah it was about time! :) I don't remember, did you have one?

    @*Zoe* - Well I have the ELF palette so I can carry them around with me, but hoping to upgrade to a MAC one because it does look nicer :) Thank you!

    @Onyx - Yeah, I can see how it would be tempting! I'm going to try and take this slow and not get like 3 eyeshadows at a time :P I was amazed at Neal Street how it's so small but there's loads in there! Like the Benefit store?! Definitely going back there, but yeah you're right about the lighting, AND one staff tried to tell me that I was wrong that the Viva Glam Cyndi was done after Feb.. lol!

    @illustriousloves - Haha yeah you need to get on it girl! :)

    @Jo - Your comment on my wishlist post definitely got me to get this in the end hehe. Yeah I just use Beauty Marked as a black, or when it's wet it has a nice purple sheen :)

    @PopBlush - Thanks! Hehe I reckon it's worth it, it's fun!

    @Christine - Haha well with single eyeshadows if you ever feel like getting a palette you can depot them and trade 6 containers in for a lipstick :)

    @Tracy D - Thanks love! :)

    @xNTA - Hahaha yeah I was like that before! Thanks!

    @Vida - Woo! Hahaha have you thought of which colours?

  13. Aaah SO jealous -I want one so badly. I was on the MAC site the other day and I put one my basket but then I just started adding every single eyshadow colour that I wanted to fill it with and had to get myself off the site quick before I spent a ridiculous amount of money. I don't think I'd have the patience to fill it bit by bit...

    Can't wait to see how yours goes though! Maybe when I get a job in the summer I'll just do mine in one massive splurge!

  14. Aww having a MAC palette is a dream come true to me, I don´t own one yet :(
    I´m happy for you though and I will follow up on
    next shadows.


  15. @Rachel - I'm the opposite, I want to fill it slowly haha! I think your taste changes with time and the more you learn about make-up the more you feel comfortable with colours that you thought you would never pull off in the past :) Yeah, summertime sounds like a good time to splurge! :)

    @Dyna - Thanks!

    @Advogada Tatiana - Aww they're not that expensive, you should give it a go :) Thanks love!

  16. lol Men and their non-understanding of a make-up layout system! Lovely post - I have yet to get myself a mac palette but really want one! Feeling inspired to just go for it thanks to this post x x

  17. I'm excited to see the final palette Yu! ^_^

    Kisses, Melanie

  18. Oh this palette is huge!! But I think it's a good investment because as a girl you need loads of mac eyeshadows in your life hehe can't wait to see it filled :) xx

  19. your palette looks lovely too!, just watched your youtube video, but thought i would comment on here instead!. I really want to try tempting and patina, they look like such pretty colours :)
    Carnt wait to find out what other colours you will be picking to fill it :D


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