Mentions of the Week #1

I've decided to start a series every Sunday called "Mentions of the Week" where I list certain things that I feel deserves a mention that week :) Here goes the first one, so I hope you like it! :)

Primark - £1
Cute simple earrings that I've been wearing a lot :)

MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow - £9.50
A new buy from DitzyMakeUp's blogsale that I've been experimenting with :)

Lip Product
NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Paris
My little buddy that's helping me learn how to wear bright lips -> my obsession/challenge atm!

MAC Style Blush - £16.50
Creeping its way back into being my go-to blush alongside the change in weather :)

LUSH Porridge Hand & Body Soap - £2.79/100g
Showers are so much more fun, easy and good-smelling with this baby, I love it! :)

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick - £13.50
I tried this on in London - amazing. So different from what I have, and totally in accord with my obsession with learning how to wear bright lips :)

What have you been using that you feel deserves a special mention?
Let me know what you think about starting this series, hope you enjoyed! :)



  1. Loving this post! I adore Lush's Porridge Soap (i wish there was a shower gel version). Also love MAC's Woodwinked! x

  2. Just realised how many times the word 'Love/Loving was used in that comment.. your earrings are influencing me ;) haha! x

  3. The earrings are super cute :) I'm really getting into Primark now. I've got Girl About Town and its such a nice pink, really classy and smells delish! The Lush soap sounds yum, I went into my local one for the first time ever the other day and I had no idea what to get. I'm gonna go on recommendations cos there is far too much to choose from!
    Hope you feel better soon! At least the bf is looking after you!

  4. i have those earrings too :) so cute xx

  5. love the shade of your nyx lip product :D and cute earrings <3

  6. Great post, I think it's a fun series! Haven't tried the porridge soap but am curious about the name :)

  7. I like porridge soap too but after it gets used up for a bit it gets too scrubby and I have to pick out some of the oats XD

  8. I've worked at lush, and you have choice a good soap :P its nourishing the skin :P

  9. @Christina Marie - Hahaha! I love the oaty bits too much, I think I'll keep buying the soap even if they had a gel one!

    @Rachel - Yeah I saw you had it once, did you buy it from Brittany's blogsale? I 100% recommend Porridge and the lipscrub, otherwise I haven't tried much cuz I'm a noob hehe. Aww thank you love, haha yeah I'm a lucky girl!

    @Rachel - I love them! :)

    @Hazel - Thank you lovely :)

    @Tracy D - Thanks for the feedback, yeah I recommend it and it looks like it's quite popular too so you might like it as well :)

    @Fannie - I actually like the scrubbiness haha but the smell is just divine!

    @Maggy Vaugeois - That must've been so much fun haha thank you!

    @che - Thanks! :)

  10. Love woodwinked! Really want to get Girl About Town...looks like such a great shade!

  11. Great post! I lovee woodwinked, which reminds me I need to start wearing it again.

  12. @Marilou - Hahaha! Thanks!

    @Makeup Fashion Love - I knowwww, I cant wait to get it :)

    @Vida - Hahaha yeah, I was afraid it'd look really orange on me but surprisingly didn't! :)

  13. I keep hearing things about that Lush soap! I may have to give it a sniff next time I'm in a store, lol.

    I also own that NYX lipstick. It was a little brighter / bolder than I had hoped, but it's deffo a pretty color!

  14. yeah I did buy it from Brittany, blog sales are soo addictive! Haven't got round to wearing it much yet so I'll have to make it a March resolution lol

  15. omg I LOVE girl about town! one of my fave lipsticks!!

  16. Great Post! I like the nyx lipstick colour <3



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