O.P.I 'Tickle My France-y' :)

I am back in England now, and en route I did a shop at the Duty Free in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, and got myself my second O.P.I, which turned out to be Tickle My France-y :) (Was so slow to realise what the name was a twist to.. embarassing).

I know it's SO similar to Dulce de Leche in the bottle but it's actually quite different on the nails. While Dulce de Leche (see post here) is very warm and beige pink, Tickle My France-y is more lavender-grey, cool and a lot more paler.

I really like this polish, but again feel like I got it at the wrong time of year. I can't seem to find my perfect winter time dirty pink colour! Seasons aside though, I absolutely love this colour and can see myself reaching for this very often. As with my first O.P.I, not disappointed with the pigmentation, application or the drying process at all - I can't go back now! :)

Any of you guys have this colour? :)



  1. Ooh this is really nice, I've only ever used one colour from O.P.I which was My Private Jet and I really loved that for its subtle shimmer without looking tacky. I think the application process is a lot less messy than some other brands as well because the brush is just the right width and shape. I've been meaning to try some more!

  2. Thanks girls! :)

    @Rachel - I remember looking at that one actually! And I totally agree about the brush, I can't stand narrow or overly stiff brushes.. you should def try some others :)

  3. Very pretty color! :) For some reason I always thought it was a darker color. This is gorgeous though, I def. want to try it. :)

  4. I love those kinds of colors..another soft pink that is a little truer pink is OPI's bubble bath. I think you would like it!

  5. @Mandy - Yay you're back! I had an opposite thing with You Don't Know Jacques, I thought it'd be lighter but it was quite dark.. but yes this is a real pretty colour! :)

    @Tracy - Me too! Will check that colour out, thanks! :)

  6. This is such a pretty colour! Love it.. <3

  7. Thanks girls! :)

    Ahhh I love it, I can do anything like wash up and whatever and it wont chip <3

  8. lovely color. this is the color im going to paint my nails next. thanks =]


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