What's In My Make Up Bag?

As a student who lives on campus, I'm not often properly out of the house for that long, but I still keep my make-up bag ready to go by my make-shift vanity.

This is my make-up bag from Laura Ashely and I fell in LOVE with it when I saw it. It's the perfect size, pretty pattern, the zipper charms are flowers, and the bottom 2 zippers actually open a place for brushes, including a plastic flap that protects the bristles (to a certain extent). It came with a small round mirror trimmed with the same fabric.

I like to keep products in there that I can use no matter what I'm wearing that day. So here are the contents:

- ELF Complexion Perfection Powder
- CANMAKE Eyebrow Kit
- Eyeko Magic Bronzer in Miami (I think)
- Eyeko Cheeky Colour in Glow Getter
- Eyeko London Lips in Knightsbridge
- Hard Candy Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Peace
- Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in Black
- Bodyshop Hemp Hand Cream sample
- MUJI Toner in an atomizer
- Versace perfume
- Eyelash curlers
- Some blotting sheets

And I usually stuff in a Denman's portable brush - the ones that are round, and you kinda squeeze the brush out :P Love them. I think out of the list I usually only use the eyeliner, blotting sheets and lip product. And usually I stuff my lip product that I used that day in my pocket so not really out of this make-up bag! :P I enjoy filling my make-up bag though lol..

What do you think is your make-up bag essentials? :)



  1. mascara and concealer are my essentials :)

  2. Love the bag , its so pretty!!

  3. such a fun post sweetie. i love your makeup bag, its so cute :)
    Im a new follower :)

    Xo Christine

  4. Love the bag! I always get annoyed when I try and fill a make up bag because I can never fit in enough lol

    I'm gonna do a blog post soon about my MUJI drawers - I was so stupid not to check the dimensions and its way too small! oops.

  5. I always bring a mascara, a corrector and a black eyeliner.

  6. The bag is so cute! ELF complexion perfection is great isn't it? I have to use it as a base everyday!
    Zoe x
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  7. I've always been curious about that ELF complexion perfection! Fun post :)

  8. Great post! I just did one about whats in my purse! hehe =)

  9. your makeup bag is really pretty! love the design.. and wow it's overflowing with content :D haha but like you, i also use minimal products from my makeup bag as well :)) how ironic LOL! :) following your blog now, follow me too :D

  10. You have a really cute makeup bag and products to match! :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  11. i lose seeing these posts/videos =)
    thx for sharing ,,
    and cuteee makeup bag

  12. Heyya :)
    Izzy here :)
    Slight probz, I logged out of my blog 'thedreamsofalittleizzyinabigwildworld' and when I logged bakk on, my blogg was deleted from my account :(
    I was sooo anoyed!
    But, please follow me on my new blogg :)
    :) <3 xxxx


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