MAC Eyeshadow Overview - Honesty

I received a lot of comments on my previous MAC Eyeshadow Overview post, so I've decided to do another one :) This one is on Honesty, which was my second MAC eyeshadow and it is a Lustre finish.

This is what Honesty looks like in the pan, and I would say it's like a very very light taupey beige with copper glitters.

As you can see below, when you take it on your finger it's still the same colour.

However, when you actually swatch it after this, or apply it on your eyelid with a brush, it suddenly has some kind of copper-ish bronze-ish tint to it which made my heart sink.. just a little bit.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a slight change in colour, which is a bit more dramatic in person. It looks a lot bronzier on my eye and it may partially be my skintone that changes it (NC30-35), but it definitely doesn't look like what it does when you swatch it on your finger or in the pan.

I'm wondering if it's something like Club, where the more you blend, the different the colour? Cuz you do see slight copperish glitters even in the pot. This is something I think should be noted when speaking about this eyeshadow!

The consistency is something that I quite like. I find it very soft, creamy and the fall out actually doesn't bother me cuz there's not a lot as far as I can tell.

However, being a Lustre it still is less cohesive than other eyeshadows, meaning a fluffy brush probably isn't the way to go with this as it would eat it up. It's more of a 'packing' eyeshadow than it is a 'sweeping' if that makes sense at all!

Lisasz09 did a video comparing Honesty to All That Glitters, but I don't think All That Glitters is very coppery? So maybe they aren't that comparable? But I don't think it's a must-have like ATG is said to be. I think it's more of a niche colour if you collect MAC, or if you just like 'special' or 'cool' eyeshadows.

I'm quite happy that I already have this, as if I were to go to MAC now, I would've completely ignored it, just because no one talks about it. Idk if that even makes sense, but I quite like the fact that it's a product of my naivety - like I gave it a chance because I didn't "know better" - but maybe I did, that I chose things because I thought they looked pretty, not because everyone talks about it.


50th post :)


  1. I totally see what you mean about it looking different once its swatched, I still like the colour though. I'll be doing a review of MAC's Pink Venus eyeshadow in the next day or two, I think that would also be a colour that people wouldn't tend to buy much but actually looks really good once its on :)

  2. This is so pretty! Another one added to my mac to buy list!

  3. Honesty is a pretty color! It was my first MAC eyeshadow, along with Bronze! I don't use it as much as I should!

    Andrée xx

  4. I did see the difference! You do have to consider that the texture of your finger is different from the rest of the body. The real color comes out when it's on a smoother part of the body, I guess. Nonetheless, it looks like a great shadow though. Still a great pick! <3

    P.S. I'm currently hosting an international Apothica giveaway. Come and join! <3

  5. Pretty color.
    I love how you pointed out the difference in the color depending on the part of your body you applied it.
    Followed :)
    Take care,
    Hannah Lebron

  6. oo i love this, so pretty and wearable xox

  7. I really like this colour! It's weird how it looks different, but it is still a lovely colour :) x

  8. @Rachel - I've never heard of it, I'm looking forward to it :)

    @isabella thordsen - Thank you! :)

    @Beauty meets Kawaii - Hehe it is! :)

    @makeupbykatie - Def. check it out first though cuz it's so diff in person :)

    @Straight Up Glam - Me neither, I should use it more often! It's easy to look over.. cuz it confuses me haha.

    @Toni Tralala - That's true, but I find that most eyeshadows aren't that delicate to surface differences :/ It's weird haha! :)

    @Hannah Lebron - Thank you lovely :)

    @Steph xox - It is! :)

    @Gemx - Hahaha yeah that's true, I do love it! :)

  9. My sister's got Honesty and I steal it from her sometimes =P

    Such a lovely colour.. Goes really well with Mulch


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