Review - Eyeko London Lips!

Without ever actually directly buying these babies, I've accumulated 3 of the Eyeko London Lips, and thought it was time to do a little review and swatch fest for you guys :) The idea of having 1 product in multiple colours is exciting haha.. for me, anyway.

Left - Portobello: A rosey pink with a golden sheen and shimmers.

Center - Shoreditch: Creamy red. Matte.

Right - Knightsbridge: Pale pink with very small silver shimmers.

Packaging: It's super cute. It has little icons of London stamped, but beneath that, it's just your standard tube - although, it does feel quite sturdy. The only complaint is that the hole that the product comes out of is way too small and it gets tedious to apply. This makes me always take some on my finger first, and then apply it, which defeats the whole purpose of the ease of a tube applicator.

Formula: Very thick and sticky, but not crazy gooey. Hard to smear, which becomes a problem with the tube formula, as it's even harder to smear with that plastic tip applicator. Also, I can't imagine wearing these over lipsticks - I feel like the application would wipe the lipstick off. However, I will give it to them that it creates a very smooth-looking and pretty finish!

Scent: Very sugar sweet! I could see how some people may not like this.

Staying Power: Average, at best.

Pigmentation: They're all quite sheer. I don't feel that the colours you expect by looking at the tube actually shows on your lips, especially if your lips are as pigmented as mine. Creates a temptation to put more gloss on in hopes of better pigmentation, but the formula makes you want to take it off because it's too much.

 Top to Bottom: Knightsbridge, Shoreditch, Portobello.

Price: £6.50. I personally think it is a bit expensive for what they are.

All in all, they are pretty average lipglosses which are more on the thick side. I think they are overpriced, but if you can get your hands on them for cheaper, and don't mind sheer lipglosses, I would give them a shot.

You can get these from Eyeko's Website, and if you fancy it, please enter my Ambassador Code E9977 with your purchase for a free gift if you spend £15 or more :)


*I purchased Knightsbridge through Eyeko's Surprise Gift Set with my own money (therefore not for the full price), received Shoreditch as a free gift from Eyeko, and received Portobello from a giveaway. None of this has influenced what I have said about the product.


  1. I wish it was more pigmented, but it looks nice. :)

  2. I really like these, I have two of them but I agree, I think they're expensive for what they are x

  3. The colors are real light. I too wish it was more pigmented. =(

  4. i really like how they look, very pretty colors :)

  5. I like these three colours, but the other glosses in this range aren't as good shade-wise. Also, I know what you mean about them being too thick and sticky - I don't really wear mine for that reason.

  6. I like Shoreditch the best but they do seem quite expensive for what they are.
    Great review.
    Zoe x
    Please take a look at my blog and giveaway, here

  7. Thank you for the review, I've been meaning to try some of these :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  8. These are so pretty! Looks like the perfect neutrals for me(=

  9. Oooh i love eyeko stuff. the lipglosses smell delicious (: Im loving the new background (:
    also, i gave you a blog award, check it ou on my blog <3 =]

  10. Good review! I think these are a bit sparkly for me, I usually stick to block matte colours

  11. I love all the different opinions here hehe! :) Thank you for all your lovely comments!

    @Christina T - Aww thank you so much, I will go check it out now :)

  12. Good review! I quite like the Eyeko lipglosses because if I'm wearing a gloss I tend to go for sheer and shiny :)
    You are totally right about the application tube though, I normally end up just using my finger! xxx

  13. I need to try out this brand
    awesome post this helps me with certain things to purchase from their line :)

  14. @Gemx - Yeah, it depends on my mood, sometimes I'm quite keen on Portobello :) I just wish it came out a bit more like it looks like in the tube!

    @Sydney H. - I haven't tried much from them but they have free shipping too so take a look :)


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