The Project 15 Pan: Product 2!

I've finished my second product today, and it is the BodyShop Seaweed Series Mattifying Day Cream:

I know it's the tester tub, but I'm not going to bother with sizes as I just want to be able to decrease the number of stuff I have :) That being said, I'm starting to realise how hard this project is going to be, as I still haven't finished a single make-up product. Urgh! Anyway, on to the mini-review.

A lot of sources seem to imply that this product is the most popular out of the Seaweed Series, but I couldn't tell you why. It's not that I don't like it, but it is incredibly average in my eyes and overpriced for what you get.

The consistency is unique, first for the purpose and generally lovely, as it's somewhere between a gel and a cream, which is perfect for people with oily/combination skin. However, I didn't see this to be suitable for me for several reasons, despite having combination skin.

First, it's not moisturizing enough for these winter months. But more importantly, I feel like it kinda sits on my face and I'm waiting for it to 'dry' rather than waiting for it to 'absorb'. I felt like I was smearing a layer of defensive barrier or something lol! Because of this, I also didn't feel comfortable using this as a base for my foundation because I felt like I was using my face as a mixing surface.. lol. Not cool.

Obviously by the name, it's supposed to be a mattifying cream. It's not. It does a good job of controlling the oil but I wouldn't go as far to say it's a mattifying cream.

For £9, Idk if this is the result I would want. In fact, it's not. I'd much rather invest in Nivea, or something more cream-based. As you can tell it's possibly party my personal choice, as I've never really liked putting gel on my face, but I think my argument still stands that it's not the best of moisturizers, unless you just want something that controls the oil to a moderate level.

I love this range, and I use their face wash and toner everyday, they smell so fresh and lovely but this product - it just wasn't rebuy material for me! :)



  1. Good for you for sticking to the project 15 pan! I am really trying to get stuff used up too and it is HARD!!! Thanks for the review too! :)

  2. Great review and yeah to a new picture of the day...very cute!

  3. I used this line before and did nothing for my skin actually, was really disappointed |:

  4. @Pammy - Haha thanks, tell me about it! Lemme know how you go :)

    @Tracy - Lol thanks! It was taken more than a year ago but I still love it!

    @Marisa - Aww that's a shame! I do like the face wash and toner, but wasn't a fan of the night treatment gel either!

  5. I definitely need to start using up my products - before I'm buried alive by them! You are very inspiring!

    Kisses, Melanie

  6. i have never heard of this brand before xxx

  7. will definitely try this one! :) thanks for the review! great post! :)

    your new follower,

  8. I hate how these products just sit on your face and get greasy. BodyShop has good lip balms though.


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