You can hate face wipes..?

I always get random face wipes from wherever I am at the time I remember I need some, and I never really bother about where they are from or anything like that. I've used ASDA, NIVEA, BodyShop, Boots, Superdrug and they were all great. Not sure if it was pure naivety from always 'accidentally' getting good ones, but I'm surprised that for the first time, I've stumbled across one that is just.. disgraceful.

These are the Cucumber Fragrance Essential Face Wipes from Superdrug. I am 99% sure they redesigned the packaging, as I'm pretty sure I've used their Cucumber face wipes before.. I think it used to be all light green.

While I'll credit them for a prettier packaging, their wipes have gone way down in my books. They smell nice, but they're kinda sticky and drag, the wipe is scratchy and they just kinda move your make up more than they remove it. Eye make-up removal is impossible with these. Not only do you turn into Ms. Raccoon-eyes, you seriously feel like you're damaging the delicate skin around your eyes.

I've got a new pack from Boot's Vitamin E range, and have been using these to clean my fingers after I apply foundation/concealer/primer.

Has anyone else come across bad wipes? Lemme know before I randomly pick one up again, my naivety is done! :P



  1. I haven't really found one I hate, but my fav is the Neutrogena Night Calming, then Olay Daily Facials then the ones from Costco, their Kirkland brands (I am pretty sure you don't have ostco right?) . I use them pretty much only when travelling, or like you do when applying makeup.

  2. I used to really like Tesco's Skin Wisdom wipes, but I think they changed them because the last pack I bought were scratchy and also felt rough around the eye area. I haven't bought them again!

  3. i'm soo picky about face wipes! i don't really like the already moistened ones, but i do keep a pack of the biore ones at my boyfriends (which are actually okay for me). the ONLY face wipes i like to buy are olay's dry ones (that you wet yourself with faucet water) for combo/oily skin. but hey, that's just me, lol

  4. Hey... I started following u blog today! Just want to tell u know.... good job... keep what ur doing and when u have time pls stop by at my blog

  5. Oh that's disappointing. I personally don't use wipes to remove my makeup, only yo wash my face int he morning when I'm in a hurry before school, and I prefer baby wipes, they are cheaper (=

  6. @Tracy - I haven't tried any of those, but we do have Costco's but I don't go cuz there's all that faff about registering and we don't have a car lol!

    @FaceFixers - That's good to hear cuz I go to Tesco a lot! Thanks for that :)

    @Kaitlyn - I had no idea they had dry ones! Sounds like sth worth trying :)

    @H Ravi - Thanks :)

    @GABY - Yeah I've heard people use babywipes, I bet they are more gentle and soft as well :)


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