January 2011 Favourites :)

Seriously, was it just me that felt like January was REALLY long? Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I've only bought 1 make-up item this month.. Ah!

* ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink - Never used to like this! But I'm a bit paler than when I bought it and it gives me a nice, natural, everyday flush :) Lovely! Makes me want to venture more into the world of pink blushes <3 Any suggestions ladies?

* MAC Patina Eyeshadow - You know I love this shadow. Amazing for all of the lid, a nice twist to a typical matte beige everyday look :) Has been a go-to for days where I have no idea what to wear. (See swatches here and FOTD here).

* MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - A month ago I was iffy about this, now I love it. My go-to lipstick this month for a natural pink lip, goes with absolutely anything! I've gone a shade darker than a month ago and it looks lush now :) (See swatches here).

* Charles Worthington Moisture-Seal Shampoo/Conditioner - I did not realise how much Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends was weighing my hair down until I tried this. My hair is so much lighter, softer, bouncier and moist-er (?) than it used to be. Only issue = you use a LOT of this product, and the full size isn't the cheapest of hair products! Eek.

* Aussie Dual Personality Volume & Gloss Hairspray - Such a good everyday lift to your hair, the right amount of oomph! Love that it doesn't get crackly or sticky. It has made me venture into Aussie this month with other products!

* St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackheads Control Apricot Scrub - No more scratching off skin, more like polishing skin! I feel like I have brand new skin everytime I use this, and it's gentle enough to use every other day. Don't feel the blackheads going, but still an amazing exfoliator :)

I know it's short and sweet, but we all get bombarded with favourites this time of the month so I thought that might be better! Hope you guys enjoyed, and lemme know if you want more in-depth review on anything :)

Have any of you tried any of these products? And what has been your monthly favourite? :)



  1. Ah, I love Creme Cup. I really want it xD

  2. Patina is top of my list for my next MAC splurge - heard so many good things about it!
    January has definitely dragged - Spring still feels a long way off! xx

  3. Aww gorgeous post!! I am so desperate to try MAC! The lipstick looks soo pretty! Well it does on you, I always think lipsticks look better on other people than me!!
    P.s thank you for including me in your favourite blogs :)

  4. i love the st. ives apricot scrub .. leaves my skin feline oh so soft haha. great january favorites list.

  5. I just bought creme cup too after your swatches =D I Looooove it! x

  6. Just about to post my favs, you have some great picks! I love that ELF in tickled pink, have you tried Candid Coral..it's great too :)

  7. I neeed patina, love creme cup! No its not just you, I also think January has been the longest month ever! x

  8. @Anna - Definitely recommend it! :)

    @Georgina - It really is a lovely colour! Tell me about it, I want to bust out the bright colours and t-shirts already!

    @Dizzybrunette3 - Of course sweetheart :) I can't believe you haven't yet, you've got to, you wont look back ;)

    @Mellmay - Thanks! I've just got a comment on my YouTube video saying it's really bad for your or something, but I can't imagine it being worse than exfoliating beads!

    @Christina T - No way! Haha I feel so influential <3 Lol I'm glad you like it!

    @Tracy D - That's another one I want to try, but I've heard it's similar to the one in the Blusher/bronzer duo so I might get that instead! :)

    @makeupbykatie - Isn't it lovely! I've just got a comment on my YouTube saying that apricot scrubs really scratch your skin though.. so I have no idea :/

    @Charlotte - Haha I think you said this in another one of my Patina raving posts! :) Oh God yeah I bet, esp with your toe and stuff.. hope you can get the stitches out tomorrow!

  9. Lovely post! Creme cup is on top of my want list atm, such a pretty everyday colour :)

  10. Like everyone else, I'm totally lemming Creme Cup at the moment!

    xo, alison-elle.com

  11. Great post. I bought the elf tickled pink blush this month.. haven't used it yet! x

  12. @Gemx - It definitely is, I love the fact it's so usable, it makes it worth the dosh :)

    @alison*elle - Hahaha go for it, it's lovely!

    @Nikkay - Thank you! It's really pretty, no rush though it seems like an all year blush! (unless you're like me and you get crazy skin-colour changes..)

  13. january felt so long to me too!!! i love that elf blush! i have it, and i would definitely recommend it also, especially because of the price!


  14. love your makeup vlog :)

    i'm hosting a gold birdcage bangle giveaway! please come and check it out :)



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