My First 2 Blog Awards.. EVER!

Last night was pretty eventful in my little blog world, as I got first two blog awards in one evening!

The "Rules":
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award.

The rules are the same for each blog award, so I will just have one..

"7 Things About Myself"
Hm, my name tag's upside down..
(No I don't usually wear name tags out LOL this was from one of my society's taster socials..
Had to properly educate the Freshers on a night out! :P)

1) I'm a Third Culture kid, which basically means I've grown up moving all over the world, attending international schools. I grew up in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Venezuela, the Philippines, Japan, and now the UK :)

2) I love to sing and write songs. I learnt the piano when I was 7, the guitar when I was 13, and to use synthesizers when I was 15, and I've taken singing classes in pop, classical and jazz. Result? Check it out here :)

3) I'm a bit strange in that I hate rom-coms.. except Love Actually & The Bridge Jones films. Otherwise, I don't watch a film unless it has some sort of an explosion, guns or a car chase. My favourite movies? Snatch, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Lucky Number Slevin, Red, you get the idea.

4) I'm in my last year at uni studying Sociology, and hoping to go on to postgraduate studies this fall. I haven't heard back from anywhere yet though.. ergh.

5) My favourite animals are pigs. They are pink, they snort and have swirly tails - what's not to love? And, they taste amazing.

6) I have an amazing other half, his name is Ben, and he is just lovely! (Even if he watches Glee.)

7) I'm probably one of the tallest Asian girls I know.. I'm 5'7.

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I'll start off with the award I got first, from the lovely Communicating Beauty! Thank you so much for this award, and it'll obviously mean a lot to me as the first award everrrr :)

10 Questions:

1. Why did you create this blog?
I'd been making YouTube videos since May, and at the time, it had appealed more to me than blogs. Getting bored of the abundance of horrible quality videos, realising I really only liked a few YouTubers, and my lack of time as a final year student made me decide to venture blogside. It is a much nicer environment than YouTube. I think I've had more fun and success with my blog in the past 2 months than I've ever had with YouTube! :)

2. What kind of blog do you follow?
Beauty blogs, and most of the time I look for UK ones, just because it's so much easier to relate to the writers and get stuff that they show you :)

3. Favorite Makeup Brand
MAC. This might be biased, as I am just coming down from a MAC hype lol.

4. Favorite Clothing Brand
H&M hands down :)

5. Your Indispensable Makeup Product

6. Your Favorite Color
Purple & pink, but this doesn't really apply to clothing or make-up.. LOL, am I the only one like that? I just like 'stuff' that are purple & pink.. (I say that, my shirt up there is purple.. lol life).

7. Your Favourite Perfume
Envy Me by Gucci at the moment. But some other favourites are Inspire by Christina Aguilera and Romance by Ralph Lauren.

8. Your Favorite Film
Named a few up there :)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Australia. Mainly because it's the only continent I've never been to besides Antarctica, but also because of all the crazy different animals, and I love scuba diving so the Great Barrier Reef would be AMAZING!

10. Are you a Cat or Dog person?
Dog :) I've mentally adopted Ben's Westies.

7 Blogs that I pass this award to:
1. Mandy @ DazzleLikeGlitter
2. Vida @ P.S. It's Vida
3. Stina @ Cheeky's Beauty Blog
4. Deborah @ Debdobdoornob
5. Emma @ EmmaLouiseHoworth
6. Laura @ Laura's Blog
7. Georgina @ Make Up Wishes

The Stylish Blogger Award!

The second blog award was from Brittany, who I've been getting to know recently and she is such a laugh! Thank you sweetheart! Definitely go follow her :)

7 Blogs that I pass this award to:
1. Jelena @ Make Up For Everyone
2. Corrie @ Dizzybrunette3
3. Danni & Maria @ Frills N Spills
4. Aoife @ Fashion Turn to the Right
5. Illustrious Love
6. Leanne Marie
7. Rachel @ Elsie & Clara

So there you have it! :) I know the rules say blogs that you've "recently discovered" but it's kinda difficult to figure out who I've started following when, and how long 'recently' really is! Anyway, I hope you take the time through click through some of these lovely ladies as they are all excellent!

Have a great day everyone :)



  1. Thank you for the award, nice blog BTW! :-)

  2. 'My favourite animal is a pig..they taste amazing' HAHA this made me laugh so much!

    Congratulations on the awards!


  3. Hahaha I'm glad, and thank you! Did you ever find out what happened to your Pink Friday?

  4. Aw thank you for the award! I'll be doing mine soon =)

    PS. You're a great singer!

  5. Aw thanks lovely on the award :) I will do my post soon :) xxx

  6. Aww thankyou :) thats so sweet.

  7. please check out my page! im new to blogging but youve inspired me to post daily :)

  8. congrats on the award :) have a great 2011!


    The Flower Girl


  9. hello! i just discovered your blog :) that's a cute pic of you and your mom! I saw you grew up in HK too! if you're back for visiting some day hit me up and lets have a bloggers meetup YAY!!

  10. You should definitely go to Australia! It's my dream to visit Bruny islands! <3

    I grew up in the Philippines as well. My dad lived in HK for a while. Pigs are the cleanest and they happen to be smart so I can't blame you on that one! :P

    Congratulations on the award, darling!

    Newest Follower <3

  11. Heey, I'm so sorry for the late response to this post. Thanks so much for the award hun, I'm just writing my post for it now so I'll make sure I link you!

    faaanks :)


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