The Project 15 Pan: Product 1!

So I finally finished one product out of my Project 15 Pan (P15P) and it turned out to be my Nivea Soft which is now in 3 pieces..

I know it's not 'make-up' but since I want to start using up all my beauty products as well, I've allowed myself 5 beauty products out of my 15. As promised, I intend to do a mini-review for each product I finish, so here goes :)

Packaging: I'll stick with the tubs from now on. It was nice to carry around when I was travelling and whatnot, but I would only ever get a tiny tube for travelling after this because this was a b*tch to get the last drops out of (hence the multi-decapitation).

Formula: Amazing. It's a middle-ground product, which I am always a fan of. The smell is never offensive, it's quite neutral and is a good change from the other fruity or floral smells that I have. It's also good because you can use it on your face and you don't have a strong smell. I love how it's not too thick or not too thin, so you feel at ease when you use it on your body or on your face. It's multi-functional in terms of you can apply it on your face, body and hands and appropriate for any situation in terms of the smell.

Rebuy: I already have a back-up! :)

14 more to go!



  1. in 3 pieces now, daang lol

    i love nivea products, always reminds me of my childhood. :)

  2. congrats on finishing your first one! sounds like it was a great product :)

  3. @Lena - Haha I know, I was so desperate to use it all!

    @BeautyxPrincess - Thanks love :) It is! I will probs keep rebuying foreverrrrr!

  4. wahoo well dont on actually using the lot of it and even cutting it up!!

    Goodluck with the rest!!

  5. Wow when you finish something you really scrape every last bit out of it :)

  6. loveloveloving the word multi-decapitation! :D i need to use that word one of these days. great post! :)

  7. @Steph xox - Lol I might've went a bit far but I didn't wanna feel like a cheat lol!

    @Tracy - Hahaha yeah I do.. Don't wanna give anyone excuses to say I didn't finish it! :P

    @miss savealittle - Hahaha thanks, I really like your GFC name lol it's cute!


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