My First O.P.I - Dulce de Leche (yummm) :)

So as I was en route to Japan, I stopped by Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. With a 4 hour lay over, what sane girl wouldn't head straight to Duty Free? Ok, bad question, shouldn't generalise.

After hearing all this hype in the blogging world about O.P.I, I decided to give it a shot (also - not enough dosh for the likes of Chanel, YSL, etc., even in Duty Free!), and had a hard time picking between Barefoot in Barcelona and this beauty:

Dulce de Leche is kind of a relatively dark neutral pink. Not too light, dark, or blue for my skin :) Apparently it's Lauren Conrad's favourite O.P.I. I'm going to be honest.. I can't really think of what she looks like, I'm a bit celebrity-ignorant.

After approximately 20hrs (due to liquid restrictions, all items bought must be in a sealed Duty Free bag and cannot be open until final destination - twats!) I put it on, and it reminded me of a nailpolish version of Rimmel London's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight.. strange.

Definitely impressed with the quality. I am very picky with nail varnishes, as I need them to be opaque, unsmelly, easy to apply, the right consistency, dry fast, and easy to take off. Checks all the boxes (especially the last one.. amazing!). Definitely grabbing another one on the way back to Birmingham.. :)

Any suggestions for my second colour, ladies?


P.S. Post definitely inspired by ViviannaDoesMakeUp's O.P.I post :)


  1. very pretty color! OPI is good, a little pricey for me. i really like china glaze :)

  2. wow this colour looks amazing ive never tried opi i think i might just have too!
    since my check list is the same as yours

  3. Haha sorry to enable your OPI lusting's hun!! This looks great, definitely going to have to add this to my long list of OPI wants :) xx

  4. @Sara H, Sara As. and Monica - Thank you! :)

    @Kaitlyn - I've never tried China Glaze.. I don't actually know where you can get them from.. I agree O.P.I is quite pricey, but I thought this was a colour I'd always wear so I'd use it up anyway and the quality is amazing :)

    @Terri - I think it's definitely worth a shot love :)

    @Vivianna - I've gotten use to it to be honest, LOL! :)

  5. Just stumbled onto your blog - I really like it! This was a great color choice, and now you've made me want to buy it lol! :)

    xoxo, Joann

  6. @Joann - Haha thank you! LOL I'm sorry.. but at the same time it is a great colour, so.. maybe I'm not ;P Hehehe.

  7. Hey I just picked up this color too! I love it! I got in at this discount salon store for $4.50! WHoohoo

  8. I just bought Dulce de leche last week! My first OPI nail polish and I loved it too! Another one I got after was a cute pink called Lucky Lucky Lavender! I think it applies very similar to Dulce de Leche :)


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