Picking Up Some Essentials..

I've been running out on many things - moisturizers, deodorants etc., so it was about time I plopped myself on a bus to town to pick up some necessities.

L to R: BOTANICS Instant Glow Tinted Moisturizer, Night Shift Moisture Cream, Day Shift Moisture Cream
I was in dire need of a day and night moisturizer so I went to Boots to take a look. Botanics won me over with their good reputation for the make-up remover and the 3 for 2 offer. So I picked up these 3. I LOVE the jars, they are visually pleasing, sturdy, and I wont have to cut up tubes to use up every last drop! They all smell very light, subtle and fresh so I'm very excited to try them out :)

I picked the tinted moisturizer just because it's something I've never had and the rest of the Botanics range were things I have from another brand :)

Tinted moisturizer: £4.59, both creams: £5.10 = £10.20 for the 3 :) Available at Boots.

I also went in wanting to try a new Aussie product, because I have fallen in LOVE with their shampoo & conditioner. Again on offer in Boots, you can get 2 Aussie products (from shampoo, conditioner or 2-in-1 products) for £6. I didn't have anything else I needed so I got this for £4.69. However, if you are wanting a shampoo & conditioner, pop over to Superdrug instead cuz they have a £1 off each which actually works out cheaper :)

On the right is Sally Hansen's Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot Oil. This was £4.07, and hopefully will cure me of my eternally dry cuticles and nail beds. They are a nightmare, and I often have bandaids on my fingers because they hurt :( So hopefully this will work, because Sally Hansen has an amaaaazing reputation!

This is my HG deodorant, if there is such a thing. These are from Bodyshop, and the one on the left is the actual casing that you can get for £4 - obvs comes with 1 cartridge. The one pictured is the roll-on one, but there is also a stick one too. I'll do a more in-depth review on these, but I bought myself the cartridge that's on the right today for £3 - very eco-friendly and cost-effective. Amazing quality, let's put it that way for now :).

Other than that, I was VERY disappointed by the local H&M, as everything I had hoped to buy online was not in the store. I walked out with yoga pants, a V-neck white t-shirt, and a dust roller. Not too exciting, but these yoga pants are so comfortable.. *wiggles in seat*.



  1. ahahah I love how much you love your yoga pants. I've also got the Body Shop deodorant and thinks its good too - I got mine for the reason that you can buy refills. I'm turning in an Eco Warrior.

  2. H&M have some gorgeous stuff in at the moment.. tempted to go in tomorrow and pick some vest tops I saw earlier in the week :) xx

  3. Ooh I didn't know the body shop made deodorants! I'm intrigued. lol

  4. I have so many great things about the Botanics collection my next purchase is there mask that I heard is amazing
    This helps me for more purchases from that brand

    -Sydney xo

  5. @Rachel - You have no idea how long I've been looking for affordable nice ones :) Hahaha my mom's a Eco Warrior it's crazy!

    @Dizzybrunette3 - Oh God I know! I can't wait to go Trafford Centre :) Hope you do a haul if you go tomorrow!

    @Vida - They're really good, I definitely recommend. The lack of aluminium salts gets rid of the white stains completely! :)

    @Sydney H. - Ahh yeah they looked nice too! Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  6. Glad you like the yoga pants :P I didn't even know you could get deodorant at the Body Shop, I'm usually too busy sniffing the body butters!

  7. Great haul! The boots products look really cool(=

  8. It's really nice that you did a review on this :) I was at the Body Shop a few days ago, and saw something like this and told myself I'd google it :)

  9. Bel blog! mi piace proprio!
    se vuoi passa da me :)

  10. Your blog is cute :) New follower :) xx

  11. @Tracy D - Haha I've been looking for a pair for ages! Lol they are lovely aren't they :)

    @makeupbykatie - Thanks sweetie, just tried the tinted moisturizer today, was good except the smell was quite strong for the first 30min or so!

    @Rainy Days & Lattes - First of all I love your GFC name ;) Thank you for your comment, I definitely recommend them!

    @BabyLux - Oh dear, I don't speak your language! Thanks for the comment though! :)

    @Sarah's Vanity - Thank you sweetheart! :)


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