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I'm not sure about you, but I love deliberating over which MAC eyeshadow to get next, and because of this I wanna do focused posts on specific colours that I have, to give suggestions to people looking for a new MAC eyeshadow. I know when I first gained interest in them, I wanted in depth stuff about specific colours to make sure I got the perfect ones, because these babies aren't cheap!

So.. I'm going to start with my first ever MAC eyeshadow, which was Beauty Marked :)

This is a Velvet finish eyeshadow, and in the pan, it looks like a matte black with magenta glitter. However, when you apply it with a brush, you will find that it's just a hardly pigmented matte black and the glitter is unnoticeable when applied on the eye. It's also not the creamiest of consistencies.

For this reason, I usually use this as a black to deepen my outer-V, as it's really easy to control how much goes on, cuz it's semi-pigmented on the right brush - like a dense crease/pencil brush (shader brushes eat this stuff up for some reason!). It's weird cuz when you take it on your finger, it's crazy pigmented, but it won't transfer onto anything else..

BUT BUT BUT BUT! The best part about Beauty Marked is that it has an AMAZING effect when foiled. Foiling means to use the eyeshadow wet, and to do this, you take some product on your brush and spray your brush with either water or a setting spray (view a post about those here), and then apply them to your eyes. Here is the difference:

(L - Dry; R - Wet)
The picture doesn't do it justice as it looks a bit brown here, but it's actually a magenta metallic sheen over black.

As you can see, while you can use it dry either in the daytime to deepen your crease and in the nighttime you can totally transform this into a metallic and very unique colour. It works really well as an eyeliner when it's wet, and it will add that extra bit of special-ness you can't get with just a plain black liner. But you wont get an eyeliner of this colour dry.. it's way too sheer!

This is great if you want a multi-functional version of a plain black, if you don't mind it being not very pigmented. The only thing I don't like about it, is how difficult it is to get the colour on the brush to apply onto a surface.. the product seems to disappear, unless it's a dense crease brush.

Do any of you guys have Beauty Marked? :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and lemme know if you would be interested in more posts like these on specific colours! :)



  1. It does look brown in the swatch but in the pan it looks so pretty!!!

  2. This is such an amazing color, I really like the eyeliner idea!

  3. I am definitely interested in more posts like these. I'd like to get some MAC eyeshadows this year & as you said, they aren't cheap so I don't want to buy something I'll be disappointed in later :)

  4. I like this post :) Beauty Marked looks great when used wet.

    Kisses, Melanie

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  6. i have beauty marked...never used it wet though....but i love

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  8. I haven't seen Beauty Marked before but it looks gorgeous, especially foiled! x

  9. I dont remember ever seeing this color. Sooo beautiful! Thanks for swatching

  10. I don't really like wearing shimmering eyeshadows because they never show up on my photos >.> but this colour is really gorgeous :)

  11. I have that color.. But I was very disappointed with it as it just doesnt look as beautiful on the lids as it is in the pan.. But with your wet swatch I think u just might have provided me with a way to make it work for me =D

    Thanks heaps

  12. i just bought beauty marked today and cant wait to use it wet!

  13. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! :)

    Mai and Adrienne, I'm glad I could be of help, I was quite confused with it for a while as well until I learnt about foiling :)

  14. I love Beauty Marked... my first MAC eye shadow way back when was Electric Eel! My eye shadow tastes have definitely changed since then :p


  15. I have a very large makeup collection which includes a lot of MAC eyeshadows.

    Although MAC have an occasional "great" eyeshadow or pigment, IMO they are grossly over-rated. There are so many companies out there that have consistently better eyeshadows than MAC.

    MAC's eyeshadow "Beautymarked" is also in my collection. I keep it in my collection to remind me how dry & patchy an eyeshadow can be.

    Beautymarked is without a doubt, the W O R S T eyeshadow of all time made by any cosmetic company (followed closely by Carbon).


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