MAC Fix + Alternatives - BodyShop & MUJI

I was completely set on getting the MAC Fix+, as I've been suffering from 2 things - 1) a dry flakey patch between my eyebrows and 2) a hate for the powdery finish no matter how much I buff powder in.

I was all for paying the £11 (for 100mL), as it doesn't feel much for what it claims to do. It's basically used to set your make up, get rid of that powdery finish, and it can also be used to 'foil' eyeshadows. But then I read that the main ingredient that did all the fabulous things that the MAC Fix + does, is Glycerin.

Keeping this in mind, I went on a search for alternatives that could suit other budgets and lifestyles.

My first alternative is the BodyShop Vitamin E Face Mist (£7 for 100mL)

Glycerin is listed third in the ingredients list (these always go in descending order of amount), and has received some good reviews on YouTube. It apparently smells like rose, and is also good for just a refreshing touch up, like on the plane. The size is exactly the same as the MAC Fix +, just £4 cheaper.

My second alternative, and the one I decided to go for, is the MUJI Sensitive Skin Light Toning Water Moist (£8 for 200mL).

The bottle doesn't have a spray so you need your own atomizer for this product. However, lemme tell you it's 100% worth it. Glycerin is the second ingredient after water, and I jumped at it for the price as well (especially because it's half the price in Japan). It has definitely gotten rid of that powdery feel and my face has such a natural finish. And my make up stays on for longer. My dry patch isn't gone but it's a lot less noticeable.

The biggest plus about getting it in this massive bottle, is that you can pop off the little sifter at the top, and refill into different sized atomizers to have on the go. And you can use the rest as a toner (like it's supposed to be used!). Here are mine:

And I still have 100mL left in the bottle. The one on the top sits on my vanity so I can spray it either directly on my face or on a stippling brush, and the likkle one is in my make-up bag for refreshing during the day.

I am in no position to say that the MAC Fix + is not worth the money or anything like that because I have never tried it. However, there are advantages to the alternatives I've listed. Obviously, the price on both products, and for the BodyShop Vitamin E Face Mist, it is more accessible as there are more BodyShops than there are MAC counters. While MUJI isn't all that widely available, you can always order online, and the money value is so much better. Even better than that, you can make it portable and in a sense, 'multiply' by making it accessible in different places (vanity, on-the-go, bathroom, etc.,). However, the only downside is that you will need your own atomizers, as the bottle doesn't come as a spray (it is a toner after all). These are quite cheap in the likes of Superdrug :)

So yes. The MAC Fix + isn't the only item on the market for this kind of thing. Take a look around and you may find alternatives, but here is my 2 cents, hope you enjoyed :)



  1. Great recommendations, I'm gonna try MUJI - also cos it has a cool name and even better that its a cheaper option than MAC. Also, they sell EVERYTHING.

    Have a great New Year!


  2. I am a sucker for packaging and I love the look of MUJI, I just don't think it's sold here in Canada unfortunately. I am fairly new to Fix+ but I really really do love it. I have used the Body Shop spray in the past and it feels a bit heavier on my face..if that is even possible. Happy New Year :)

  3. I was thinking to buy the mac one but now you changed my mind :) but where I can get the Muji one in the UK?? Never heard of that brand.

  4. I use the body shop vitamin E face mist to set my make up and I love it. I used to use hairspray before (naughty) and I haven't touched the hairspray since! xx

  5. I do love fix plus, even though it's on the pricey side. I use it to make my makeup look less powdery, rather than to set it though. x

  6. @Rachel - I know I love them! I always go to the one in Japan cuz it's cheaper but most of the things I couldn't bring back to the UK.. do you have their acrylic storage things for make up? I really want those!

    @Tracy - Nope I don't think it's in Canada :( Yeah I've heard so many good things about the Fix+ :)

    @Tugba - I know there's a few in London, but outside that, there is one in Birmingham, Leeds, The Trafford Centre and Kingston :)

    @Dizzybrunette3 - GASP! Lol didn't that make your face sticky?!

    @miss_ellie_uk - I've heard great things about it and I really wanna try it! :)

  7. OOOO thanks for some good alternatives, I've used MAC's Fix + but it didnt really seem to be worth the money to me. I will definitely be researching these now!

  8. I've only just seen your reply to my post, I couldn't afford to place my order last time - oops! But now the student loans in I'm gonna get a whole bunch of stuff from MUJI. The acrylic storage for make up is a must, I had a lovely Lancome make up box but my boyfriend broke it one night when he accidentally stepped on it lol I'll have to make sure I keep this new one out of harms way!


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