Tutorial: A Subtle Daytime Bronze Eyeshadow Look

Most days, I'll wing it and use whatever eyeshadow I feel like that day. But sometimes I'll find a combination that I love and I'll work on it, tweak it and start wearing it almost everyday. These past few weeks, it's been this daytime bronzey look, and seeing as I haven't done an eye-look tutorial in yonks, I thought it might be about time!

The thing I particularly love about this look is that it's so glowy and summery, without being so 'in your face' bronze, because the contrast between the 3 shades I use are so limited - they're really only subtley different in terms of their darkness.

I also want to caveat everything with the fact that I'm not a make up artist, and all the things I express in this video are from my experience only :) Enjoy!



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