RMK Summer 2014 with Akgun Manisali

When I see a Japanese brand break into the UK market I'm always amazed and curious, because the two markets are completely different. Obviously Shiseido seems to have sussed it out to a certain extent, but it seems RMK is the next in line. Make up in Japan is super expensive, so I was actually pleasantly surprised to see RMK at the lower/middle part of the high end brands.

Last week I had the opportunity to check out the new Summer 2014 collection with their brand ambassador, Akgun Manisali. He was totally my kind of guy - brutally honest, super creative and very practical-thinking. I've looked up some of his work, and I was clearly in the presence of a genius!

So here are some of the products he introduced me to..

This Customise Case A is the centre piece of the new collection, and it's a magnetised palette that you can fit either 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushes or 2 eyeshadows and a blush. Not to fear - there is no depotting mess to be had here, because everything is already magnetised. Also, when you buy individual products, they come in their own case but have a pinhole at the back where you can lift the pan up and pop it directly into your palette. It also means you can fit 2 eyeshadows in your empty blush palette! Dear MAC - please take a leaf out of their book.

For the contents, Akgun picked these three out for me:

Ingenious Powder Cheeks (£19) in EX-03 Shiny Pink
Recently, I've been venturing into pinker blushes but this was brighter than most I've tried. However, Japanese make up are often relatively sheer as it's slightly looked down upon to really over-do make-up (you wouldn't guess with the historic geisha make-up..). Which means this turns into a gorgeous sheer pop of colour that blends beautifully and lasts the whole day.

Ingenious Powder Eyes (£15) in 07 Beige
Akgun and I both wanted 08 Pink Beige but unfortunately it was out of stock. But as luck would have it, Beige is GORGEOUS. It's a very warm beige, but with a sheer wash all over the lid it, it really makes your eyes pop. I think it looks great with a matte brown contour.

Ingenious Eye Shadow Base (£13.50)
In my opinion, Japanese eyeshadow bases aren't great and unfortunately, RMK's offering hasn't changed my opinion. They are usually powder-based, which means they're much lighter than my usual MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and much less messy. However, they don't do much for enhancing eyeshadow colours or prolonging the wear.

It's very lucky that Akgun is as creative as he is, because he offered me 2 alternative ways to use this product. One was in the morning after you wash your face, your eyelashes are often damp and don't hold curl as well. A dusting of this will dry them up, and read to hold the curls. The second, is to use it as a setting powder for undereye concealer - the yellow will counteract the purple. Like I said - genius.

Original Brush Set
The mini brush set you see above is also actually part of the Summer 2014 collection. The brushes aren't anything to write home about in terms of their selection, but they're really good quality, both in terms of the handles and the bristles.

I use the big brush for blush as well as for setting my undereye concealer with the Ingenious Eye Shadow Base. The smaller one is great for eyeshadow application, as is the sponge tip if you want a more concentrated application. Like I always say, most of the sponge tips that come in Japanese cosmetics are actually very good quality because people often have to pay extra for them and it's very common for people to expect to be able to use them with their purchases.

The thing that I adoooore about this case, is how you can slot in your Customise Case A in a compartment right behind the brushes like in the second photo. How cool! It also has a rubber band that keeps everything shut for your handbag. Perfect. That being said, I do think if the Customise Case was for travelling, they should've put a mirror in somewhere.. although the clear lid is actually really nice to look at and they couldn't have kept it so slim and compact with a mirror.

I also got a few samples of their skincare, and my goodness - this Cleansing Balm is delicious in every which way. It smells like a massive bouquet of roses, and the balm texture melts into oil as you apply it on your face. It does an amazing job of removing all traces of make up, including waterproof mascara. I always rave about oil cleansers being the best, and this is another example! I've never come across a solid oil cleanser before, but RMK makes it work, no question about it.

Totally forgot to photograph it, but I've also been trying RMK's SkinTuner Smoother Moist which is a liquid moisturiser. You heard me correctly - a liquid moisturiser. I'm so surprised at how moisturising it really is, it's almost too moisturising for my combination skin! It basically feels like water or a toner, but after applying it your skin itself feels like but very plump and moisturised. The concept actually isn't uncommon in Japan - my mom never understands how I can stand applying creams on my face!

Lastly, something I haven't tried but am itching to get my hands on in the future is RMK's new powder foundation, UV Powder Foundation, which has water infused in it. Being science-stupid, I cannot get my head around it, but apparently they've found a way to do it, which makes powder apply more smoothly and more hydrating. Mind blown.

Let's just say I'll be keeping a much closer eye on RMK in the future..

You can view the whole Summer 2014 collection on RMK's website here, and purchase most of the RMK products on the Selfridges website (link here).



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