Launch: L'Occitane Au Brazil Collection

Yes this collection is from Brazil, but not to worry football-haters, it's not World Cup-related. In fact, the story behind L'Occitane's newest Au Brazil Collection starts when L'Occitane decided to expand to Brazil.

This was when they discovered that the local import tax laws meant the prices would have to go up massively - almost to the point where L'Occitane would simply be inaccessible to most consumers. So, they decided to create a brand new lines just for Brazil which sourced ingredients directly from local producers in Brazil.

Now, they've brought some products from two (or three-ish) of the lines here to the UK as a limited edition collection. One of these is the Mandacaru line, which is available online only (link here). The rest, which I'll be reviewing here, are the Jenipapo line and the Vitoria Regia line, which consists of Day Flower and the Night Flower lines.

The products are also decorated with illustrations from local artists, Andres Sandoval (Jenipapo) and Joana Lira (Vitoria Regia). You can see more about the source of ingredients and the artists in these videos here (Vitoria Regia) and here (Jenipapo).

Jenipapo (link here)
The Jenipapo range are the orangey coloured products you see above. These, smell, FANTASTIC. The Jenipapo flowers grow on top of super tall trees, so they can make the most of the glorious Latin sunshine. The products in this line smell a lot like a classier, more natural version of those Escada perfumes - so you're talking super summery and floral at the same time.

My Top Pick: I especially love the Shower Oil. If you've never tried the renowned Almond Shower Oil, or you want something slightly fresher than that, you MUST try this one. It's got the same nourishing qualities as the Almond one, but with a different scent.

I was also quite impressed with the Face Protecting Veil SPF 30. Buried in a predominantly bodycare line, I was worried about using this on my face but it's great, and doesn't make me oily or dry and doubles as a primer. It's similar to one of my favourites, the Maquillage primer, which I can only get in Japan. If you're keen on more SPF, the Protecting Body Oil from this range also has SPF 15, and a Body Jelly Milk with SPF 20.

For those of you who can't get enough of the scent, build the layers of scent even more with the Perfume Oil Roll-On.

Vitoria Regia (link here)
Vitoria Regia, to the less green-thumbed of us (hello!), are HUGE water lillies named after Queen Victoria, whose reign it was when they were discovered. The beautiful story behind the Vitoria Regia is that they only bloom at night - and for one night only. During the day, the Vitoria Regia is shut to protect its delicate petals from the harsh sun rays. *Sigh*. SO. ROMANTIC.

My Top Pick: I've been smothering - and when I say smothering, I mean, SMOTHERING myself in the Day Flower Eau de Cologne. It seems like L'Occitane just hits the nail on the head for me when it comes to fragrances, because I feel like everytime they launch something, I'm going on about how it's my favourite scent yet. But seriously - favourite scent yet.

It's a SUPER fresh, light and greeny scent with a hint of delicate flower - nothing sweet about it. Because of this light nature, and the fact it's an Eau de Cologne makes this perfect for the summer heat.

Now the Night Flower scent doesn't draw me quite as much - it has a more musky, powdery and sweet tone to it, which is meant to be more for the nighttime. Before I sign off, can I PLEAAASE draw your attention to the beautifully carved Night Flower Flower Soap? BEAUTIFUL.

You can find the full collection on the L'Occitane website.



  1. i just want them because the packaging would really brighten up my bathroom! haha

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x x

  2. Nice products. Thanks for sharing.


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