Duped? Illamasqua Trilliant & Orly Colorblast Rose 3D Glitter

Left: Illamasqua; Right: Orly

This is the kind of post where the non-beauty-addicted are like "..what is the point", and us beauty psychos are like, ARE YOU JOKING THEY'RE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Love it.

Anyway, had one of those de javu moments and thought - hah, dupe. This time, it's the Illamasqua's Trilliant from their Glamore collection (post here) and Orly's new Colorblast Rose 3D Glitter. Here's how I think they compare.

Orly wins in my books. Not only do my OCD tendencies go apeshit when Illamasqua's lid doesn't screw on completely square, the ergonomic shape and the rubber grip on Orly's handle is absolutely fantastic.

They tie when it comes to brushes though - they're pretty much identical. Illamasqua's might be a touch flatter, which is that little bit easier to use.. if we're picking at straws here.

This is the fun bit right? Well. I'd say Illamasqua is slightly warmer with an almost coppery rose tone, whereas Orly is very much silver-based. On my warm skintone, I do prefer the pink-leaning Trilliant, and there is a noticeable difference in which one looks better when I put the swatches against my finger. It's weird though because on looking at the swatches, I actually prefer Orly! (and this is how you justify dupes, everyone) But let's face it - if you've already got one, you're not going to need the other (different story when you've already got both ..right?). That being said, if you're choosing between the two, this is what I'd decide it on!

I'm going to be super boring here and say that both Illamasqua and Orly nailpolishes across the board, are some of the best nailpolishes I've tried. They're pigmented, easy to apply and dry in a decent time. So naturally, these are both neck and neck. I also noticed that these both last quite well before they start shrinking/fading. If I absolutely HAD to say a difference, I'd say this particular Illamasqua shade dries a bit faster, and has the more textured surface. But again - picking at straws.

Illamasqua Trilliant is £15 from their website here, and you can get Orly Colorblast Rose 3D Glitter for  £9.50 from Boots, here.



  1. They look exactly the same to me, or at least very, very close :) I believe that Rimmel's Star Dust in Aurora is probably the same shade as well and the cheapest out of the three.


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