Let's Compare: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine vs. Dior Addict

Left: Dior, Right: Chanel

Left: Dior, Right: Chanel

This is a serious question guys. This sh*t blows Aniston vs Jolie, Edward vs. Whatever out the water. Summer is upon us, and we have to know.. Chanel or Dior?

The Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and the Dior Addict lipsticks are both relatively sheer lipsticks that would be perfect for the warm weather - they are both light, and add a perfect tinge of colour. Here, I'm comparing the shades 85 Secret from Chanel, and 343 Miss Dior from Dior.

If you were hoping to make the decision based on this, I'm sorry - I have to say they are probably about the same. They are both lighter than my natural lip colour (which is pretty bright) but still manage to add enough tint to change, and even lighten the shade. Miss Dior is more of a peach/apricot, while Secret is more of a peachy baby pink. If I REALLY had to pick though - I'd probably say Dior was that a touch more pigmented.

This is what really matters, and you'd be happy to know that they're really quite different. Chanel gives a lot more of a slip and almost a wet feeling, while the Dior one is more of a super pigmented lip balm. Personally, I prefer the Dior because I find it a bit more nourishing and easy to apply and wear - there are no fears of it getting everywhere. In fact, I believe Dior lasts longer on my lips for this reason.

I've had the Dior one for a few years so it might be that the scent has disappeared over time, but I never remember it being overpowering. To me, it's quite scentless - almost like a really mild NIVEA. Nothing  too specific, just quite a general, mild scent. Chanel, on the hand, is like having a bouquet of roses shoved in your face. I'm personally not the hugest fan of this, especially after it's on my lips (I can't get over the thought of eating rose/lavender etc.,) and would prefer Dior on this front as well.

Could the two be any different? Chanel opts for the classic shiny black with the gold band, while Dior goes for.. sci-fi futuristic? I'm not sure what it is, but it's friggin' huge too. I'm not bothered by the Dior one by any means, and it's super easy to use because of its size, but I suppose it comes down to taste.

Colour Range
It's hard to tell but using Boots as a reference point, it would appear that Dior has a handful more shades than Chanel, but they both seem to have quite a good spectrum of shades. As a nude-lover, however, I've found the Dior range to have nice nudes.

As you'd expect from two competitors, Dior comes in at £1 less at £24, and Chanel at £25. Although, half of £48 sounds a lot better than half of £50..

The Verdict
I suppose it's pretty obvious at this point that when it comes to sheer lipsticks, the winner in my books is Dior. The packaging doesn't bother me, the formula is more my preference and I really do love the colour range. As much as I love Chanel as a brand, Dior wins on this front!

You can buy the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and the Dior Addict at Debenham's and other department stores.



  1. They both look very pretty. I'm rooting for Chanel in that battle though!

  2. Love this post, I don't have any rouge coco shines but when I see swatches they always seem more shiny with more slip than dior addict. Depends on the shade but dior addict is just about split with half being sheer the other half being pigmented. I have about 10 of the pigmented ones cuz I have been able to get them at a discount...I'm sure id have more chanel if I could too. Love your blog!


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